View Full Version : How much RAM can FM10 make use of on a Mac?

25-06-2010, 22:19
I see you can buy a Mac with 8GB RAM - would FM make use of all of that?
I'm not even sure if FM10 is 64bit

25-06-2010, 22:38
Fm10 is still a 32 bit software. 4GB is enough to run it well, but if you run other software at the same time 8GB can make a difference in overall computer performance.

25-06-2010, 23:48
I thought 32bit software could only make use of 3GB RAM at the most?

26-06-2010, 00:06
On a 32 bit system FM will use up to 2GB. On a 64 bit system (with patch 2 or higher) fm will use up to 4GB. I assume that's the same for both Mac and PC.

26-06-2010, 00:22
You can actually shove 32gb of RAM in a Mac Pro... What in hell's name will ever need that much?