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25-06-2010, 19:07
How badly do you tolerate a player's failings ?

One of my defenders made his 4th mistake of the season that directly resulted in a goal (that means I must deliberately say down in order to try for the longest undefeated streak next season as I had just tied it at 18 b4 the game where his 4th mistake resulted in a 2-1 loss to the bottom club).

As soon as the match finished, I sold him to an overseas club even tho attributes wise he was my best defender, but obviously 4 goal mistakes after 25 matches means he is either poor at concentration or consistency, and there's no place in anyone's team for such a liability at the back.

How much/little do you tolerate your players' failings ??

25-06-2010, 19:28
I tolerate it a lot.

Did he have a horrible average rating? He might have saved you from a goal many times.

25-06-2010, 19:31
Mistakes happen... as long as it's not an habit, I'm lenient.

On the other hand, I don't tolerate mediocrity, so when a player I had some expectations don't perform the way I thought he should, he'll get loaned out and possibly sold.

Same goes for players who are unhappy when I refuse to sell them to mid-table clubs in "fancier" leagues... If you really want to play EPL or La Liga football so much, to the point you're ready to sign for a career of battle for 10th place, then suit yourself... Moron :mad:

25-06-2010, 19:39
I tolerate it a lot.

Did he have a horrible average rating? He might have saved you from a goal many times.

Rating was somewhere just over 7, but 4 huge mistakes is a lot to make in just 25 games imo.

25-06-2010, 19:44
i usually drop them and sell them at the end of the season no matter who they are, sold on plenty of top players, i see it as they dont fit into my team so theyre gone.

i do keep giving them chances though until then, they just wont be a regular starter.

25-06-2010, 19:46
If he plays less that 7 for 3 games i drop them usually..

25-06-2010, 21:08
If he makes a mistake or has a huge slump in form, I drop him for a few games (or additionally tell them to rest for a while) and when I have a match against a smaller side (FA Cup for example), I'd use him to support his morale and form, otherwise if his morale is poor I'd leave him off if against a better team. As long as I spent time / money on the player, I'd have lots of thoughts first before selling him like that.

25-06-2010, 21:13
I've just had a tenacious defensive midfielder sent off five times before Christmas and booked in literally every other match...he even wounded two of my own players in training...fined him a week's wages after his fifth red card and he's upset!...time to get rid, surely...

25-06-2010, 21:36
I would drop him from the team for a while.

25-06-2010, 23:06
I've just had a tenacious defensive midfielder sent off five times before Christmas and booked in literally every other match...he even wounded two of my own players in training...fined him a week's wages after his fifth red card and he's upset!...time to get rid, surely...

If I were you I'd sell him unless he's a really really great player

25-06-2010, 23:22
I find playing the players with the best rating in the last 5 matches keeps the consistancy, changing everytime someones average rating drops.

26-06-2010, 01:24
Like others have said here, if he is a really good player, then I would simply drop him from first team for several matches as well as warn/fine him for any poor performances and criticize him in the media. It's usually worth it to be more patient with truly quality players, but if they're average, rotation type players, then perhaps sell them.

Personally, I also hate any kind of mediocrity from any of my first team and key players. However, when I buy players, I try, as much as possible, to sign players who are said to be at least fairly consistent. There are some quality players that are inconsistent, which I stay away from, no matter how good they are.

26-06-2010, 18:17
I'm not very tolerant at all, but I don't usually go as far as selling my players. It usually takes a special case (if a player comes out in the media and says something negative about me - ie. that my teamtalks are too agressive or whatever they don't usually stick around for long).

I get quite annoyed with players getting sent off - two yellows is a warning the first time, and a fine of 1 weeks wages every time it happens thereafter (in a season). A straight red is a 1 week fine first time, and 2 weeks every time after that. Sometimes the punishments will be more lenient or harsh depending on the result. if the sending off has led to us losing I may just hand out a 2 week fine regardless, because I'm raging. If we win, I may just give a warning.

My teams have always been very good disclipline-wise so I think being strict has an affect. I'm usually rated close to 20 on disclipline in my profile :D

As far as performances go, I get annoyed if a player is getting below 6.8 regularly. I don't tend to do anything about it (other than maybe dropping the player) until they start performing below a 6, though. 5.5 - 5.9 = a warning, maybe a 1 week fine if it happens again, or maybe another warning or a media comment. Depends on the player. 5.0 - 5.4 = straight 1 week fine normally. Anything below 5 is a 2 week fine. Seems a little harsh when I look at it :o but I've always been successful during various incarnations of FM so it obviously works :D

I have the odd fallout that is unresolvable, and if it's a star player I'll probably show more leniency than a player who perhaps isn't as important. I'm pretty consistant for the most part, though.

27-06-2010, 02:10
A player who is inconsistent and error prone, is out of my team. I those ******** after releasing a media statement about who poor the lad performed.

27-06-2010, 02:37
My tolerance for mistakes is based entirely on my options for replacement.

In terms of discipline and work ethic: If you put up great performances for me time and time again, I can forgive the occasional sending off. It's why I like guys like Annan and Jermaine Jones.

27-06-2010, 03:15
Once my striker missed an open goal late in the game with the scores locked 1-1, and at the time I was fuming - possibly the angriest I've ever gotten on FM. It was a crucial match and I was so angry that I released him on a free transfer.

06-08-2010, 16:38
My tolerance is zero. I once stuck my best defender in the reserves for the remaining 3 and a bit years of his contract on 7 day a week cross country training (in the days of cm when you could pick the drills they did in training) cos he gave away a penalty in a title decider against Arsenal which I lost, the first mistake he had made at the club.

06-08-2010, 16:53
Ahahah gazzamark that's actually quite funny :D

06-08-2010, 17:27
I tend to be quite patient, mistakes happen and new players always have a chance of disrupting squad harmony. I only really buy/sell players during the summer, or if I'm forced to (get an offer I can't refuse or a key player gets a bad injury and doesn't have a good enough replacement in my squad). I value gelling and harmony quite a bit, as I find bad mistakes often happen when my players haven't yet attained a good understanding with each other. So far it's been working, I don't even remember when I last had an unhappy player in my Woking team and every season has been a decent improvement. During summer I sell most of my reserve players that have no chance of breaking into the first team anytime soon.

06-08-2010, 18:01
Depends on the nature and continuity and potential chance of continuity of the errors made.

If a player is making the same sort of mistakes repeatedly, there's either a problem with his attributes, a problem with the way I'm using him tactically, or he could just be tired if late in games when the problems occur.

If it's a continued problem and a player doesn't play as expected/hoped regularly, even with all the right attributes or tactical settings used, then it's time to consider his position at the club.

Interestingly, I have a very promising young full back who has made a couple of glaring errors this season. An own goal equaliser in one match and gave away a last minute penalty in another. In his case, I know that he has the potential to improve considerably and I'm exposing him to first team football at an early age, in order to develop that potential. Both of those occasions generated media questions and both times, I responded that he would "learn from his mistakes" and they would "make him stronger". Seemed to do the trick, along with further praise when he's performed well. His weaker mental attributes that will undoubtedly contribute to some of his errors are improving, so he should make less errors in the future.

06-08-2010, 18:30
I give players one season where they are allowed to have below a 6.9 average rating. I figure everyone needs time to adjust. More than one bad season though and they'll get the boot.

To the OP: four mistakes that led to goals is a lot in 25 games, IMO. How is his morale? If he is your best defender, it's a tough call on selling, but perhaps if you can make a tidy profit it'd be worth it. His consistency stat may be pretty low.

06-08-2010, 19:19
I try to encourage players so that they dont get too downbeat over it.