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06-06-2010, 11:12
When creating a player, are the inputted stats his current stats or his potential stats? E.g. If a player has a 13 finishing stat with a CA of 150 and a PA of 170, will his finishing stat be 13 at his CA or his PA (I realise that training can affect distribution but I want to ascertain if the stat is some sort of 'upper bound' or, alternatively, if the stats just represent a distribution with the values themselves not being so important). So if I want a player's finishing stat to start the game around 13 but have the potential to be 18+ (assume correct training schedule), should I set the stat to 13 and have, for example, a CA of 150 and PA of 170 or rather should the stat be set to 18 with CA 150 and PA 170.

Furthermore, is there some sort of guide to relating stats, CA and PA? I. e. does anyone know the formula for working out the total stats 'limit' for attributes for each position in relation to CA and PA?


gregt or smokey
06-06-2010, 11:36
im sure if you set it to 13 it would still rise, just like any normal player in the game would if he still has alot of potential to fill, thats not to say it would go to 18. Id also like to know how attributes are allocated, because im sure some of the remaining potential of the player would be spread where you dont really want them, i.e long throws, tackling (if its a striker). Id play it safe if i were you and set it to 16/17 to start with, then you would be sure to hit 18

06-06-2010, 11:51
Yeh that's what I thought. What I really want to try and understand is how stats and CA/PA are related. I THINK I have gathered that with a particular CA, there is an exact total value of attributes that that player can have. So each player with a CA of 150 will have the same total value of attributes for that position. However, I think that some attributes are more 'costly' than others (namely, the physical ones). For example, this is why two central defenders can have the same CA but very different (yet, overall equal) stats. I.e. One can be very fast and strong but with lower stats for tackling and marking and the other with great stats for tackling and marking but be much slower/weaker (simple example of course). Is this correct?! As a very simple example, lets take a Striker (Wayne Rooney) and assume that there are only 3 stats in the game; finishing, speed and composure. There are also 3 CA/PA's in the game; 150, 175 and 200. I think that the CA/PA's cap the total amount of stats. So 150 is capped at 40, 175 at 50 and 200 at 60. So Wayne starts the game with a CA of 150 and a PA of 200. His initial stats are; F:15, S: 15, C: 10. As he begins to realise his PA (175 at this point), the total amount of stats can rise by 10 more to be; F: 18, S: 18, C: 14. However, due to training schedules, the distribution when he reaches 175 could change completely to; F: 10, S: 20, C: 20. Could someone correct me if I am wrong..

I also THINK that if you create a player with certain stats and a certain CA, the editor will scale the attributes to the CA. So if i made Wayne Rooney with a CA of 150 (total stat limit 40) and set his stats to; F: 30, S:30, C: 20 (yeh, yeh, whatever) then the editor would scale them all down to total 40, i.e. by a half to; F: 15, S: 15, C: 10...

I may be way off here though :s

gregt or smokey
06-06-2010, 12:07
Most of what your saying is right but what still isnt clear is the rate of attribute growth and the allocation. I mean ive put defenders on training schedules with only defence and tactics training, yet creativity, off the ball etc still rises. Therefore i could never be sure when creating a player how high the important stats will rise. And without doubt some attributes are more costly, if you have the time you could experiment by setting finishing, off the ball, composure (for a striker) to 20 and maybe speed then set the CA to whatever you calculate the stats to be worth and see how close you get. FMRTE would be good for this, but ive never used it.

I think we need someone to explain the inner workings of the game

06-06-2010, 12:20
Yeh I thought about experimenting to find the CA total attribute bounds but that would take ages so was hoping someone already knew. That's strange that those other attributes would rise even with zero training... I also think that the player specific skills may take up some of the CA, not sure though. Like you said, I think we need someone who really knows what they are talking about!

06-06-2010, 17:35
Maybe I dunno what I am talking about so just take it with a pinch of salt and as some sort of discussion. I am not an expert in anyway. With regards to training and from what I read about training schedule. The sliders merely offer some idea of the probability of an attribute increase in that particular area. Which means if you trained full on aerobic and nothing else. It just means that there is a higher chance of aerobic related attributes to increase more than any other attribute. I am pretty sure even if you set to 0 in some other training it will still improve as a player naturally get older.

And.. under optimal training conditions, assuming the PA cap isn't reached. I understand that the most an attribute can increase in a season is 2 points. Which means it is technically possible for a player to get 2 point attribute increase in ALL of his attributes in a year. But realistically, it is not possible. Usually it is more likely to get 1 attribute increase in the key stat that we train for and if we are lucky, 2 point increase.

So back to the question. If you set him at 13 finishing at the age of lets say... 15. If nothing goes wrong, with the proper training schedule. He can probably reach 19 or 20 finishing by around 21 or 22 yrs old. Thats assuming if his PA isn't capped out.

06-06-2010, 17:41
Got a wee question myself, if I was to create a player do all his stats etc how would I work out what to put his CA as? Or if I left it blank would the game do it for me?