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01-06-2010, 22:35
I've made a post like this a while ago, problem is I buy people like Milan Duric for 33 M, and some others get Ribery for 20 M, I was just wondering, is there a good way to buy players who are extermely interested without paying 10x their price to the club because he's valuable to his club too?

My old post used to talk about commenting about him i think, and keep tempting him until he's off the contract, I was just wondering, WHAT IF all the good players signed 4 years contract? Isn't there a quicker and better way to sign players? That's my biggest weakness in the game...

Brian Shanahan
01-06-2010, 23:05
Get them unhappy at their clubs, and then spam bids until they request a transfer. If they're unhappy enough theur form tends to drop, and this will bring down their value and the club may be more willing to negotiate down. But any cheap deal will take time.Otherwise keep them unhappy and step in on the Bosman.
If a player is costing too much though you should start looking for cheaper equivalents. Search for similar players and sometimes drop the stats by one or two. Often you'll find a younger cheaper alternative who'll be better in a few years.

02-06-2010, 08:58
So do i get unhappy by frequently commenting about them?

02-06-2010, 09:03
How to transfer effectively?

Buy underrated players. Avoid perfect players like Messi as they cost fortune. Instead buy players who have some high attributes that suit to your tactics. Use them well and make them effective in your game plan to increase their value. Then sell to some bigger club.
Buy players who are unsettled, transfer listed or free agents.

Tom Higham
02-06-2010, 09:49
yeah high profile players that are at a big enough club are usually hard to aquire. however one thing i have noticed that works is to set the flexibility to non-negotiable when you make an offer. this means that the other club has to think about it and reject it or accept it instead of just making you pay a ridiculous amount of money