View Full Version : How do i load a custom Database?

fm manac
31-05-2010, 17:27
Hi Guys

I have loaded up the 10.3.0 update database, and i have made some changes like Villa to Barcelona, then i save it. Then in game i go to start a new game and i none of the changes have been made.

Can someone help?

31-05-2010, 17:32
When starting a new game, a box telling you to choose the database you want to use should appear. In that window there should be a tick box, you need to tick that box and it will allow to change the editor data files you want to load. You should now be taken to a screen with all the editor data files you have. Tick the ones you want to use. One of them will be the one where you moved to Villa to Barcelona and so on. It will be in the list as whatever name you saved it as. When that is done, confirm, and start a new game as normal.