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Blue Saint
22-05-2010, 19:43
If this thread feels redundant moderators by all means close it. Its just that i had to have a serious look around before i was able to find much needed almost essential files.
Noone can argue that the patch 10.3 is the must have but also what any real FM addict would want as well must be the logopack to replace those ugly club badges with the actual real ones, all teams badges in the game as well!!(as far as i know).

Then there´s the facepack with over 50.000 player pics. Who wants to have an anonymous black shadow outline for a player when you can see the real person on the profile page?
So those are my choices for needed game extras:
Patch 10.3
Megapack 2.8 being the latest update.
fm-base.co.uk logopack
fm-base.co.uk logopack fixes-v2

I can include direct links on that if the thread is to remain.

Edit: Maybe included in the Football Manager 2010 - Useful Links (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=153256) as a subject link there instead?
Oh well, dont want to be stepping on anyones toes here. :)

22-05-2010, 20:26
Could you include the direct links ? I think this thread would have a better chance of staying open if you put it in the "Skinning Hideout" , although in my opinion i think its more useful here for the whole forum users! and almost forgot to mention , good idea!

Blue Saint
22-05-2010, 21:22
Well i havent actually gotten the Facepack to work yet.
Downloaded it in chunks, fifteen seperate downloads. But when trying to join them together with the program Filesplitter it simple just copies and pastes the first file and is doing zero joining of the other files.
Dont know what´s up with that.