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19-05-2010, 12:24

I have read a lot on this forum, and there is alot of good hint and tips. But I think there is one problem. There are a little too mutch genrerell advices. Im looking for more specific hints and tips...How can I read the weaknesses in the opponents tactics, and what shall I do to exploit this...

I understand that this maybe is the core of the game, and that there is no specific answere, but there would be greate to have a thread where we cold share our experiences on how to exploit weaknesses in the opponets tactics and how u find it..

Im trying to see the full game in 2d sometimes, and see where I can improve, but I dont know what to look for actually...

Sorry for my english bu the way...

19-05-2010, 12:32
well one thing you can do is scout you oponent and your scout will give you all info about him, of course is not enough but is better that nothing

19-05-2010, 13:21
Ok, but they say kind of the same thing about all the opponents...But the quetions would be what to do whit the different advices??

19-05-2010, 14:23
Well y real life they dont give you that much, what i do is check the last 5 games of my oponent and i see who they play what formation they use agaisht what formation they lost, best players and all that...