View Full Version : most games left with the league in the bag?

karl b
18-05-2010, 20:16
if i win my next game i've won the league with 8 games to spare? :D

whats the earliest you've had the title in the bag?

18-05-2010, 20:46
Hoping it's this season tbh. After spells at FC Eindhoven and Shalke, I've got the Juve job. Finished 2nd last year but this year it's P12 W12 F30 A5, putting me 12 clear with a game in hand.

It'll never last though, we're good but we're not that goood! I keep almost hoping I lose the next game as it's getting silly now, but they just keep winning. Played the 2nd placed team last week, thought this is it, I doubt I'll win this one. But then they had 2 men sent off and I won 5-1! :D

At Schalke and Eindhoven I never won the league. Won 1 cup with Eindhovein in 7 seasons but that's it.

I Luke I
18-05-2010, 20:49
Mine was with 5 games to spare at Chelsea.

karl b
18-05-2010, 20:52
i have just won league P30 W26 D4 L0 F108 A25 Pts 108

i can get a couple of youngster there 10 apps now too

karl b
18-05-2010, 20:55