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17-05-2010, 09:04
About Premier League Legends

The famous clan from FM08 and FM09 is back after very successful and enjoyable games spanning for 10 seasons in total and I hope, as host, the FM10 edition will be just as successful.

Currently there are no members however I am looking for 4-5 COMMITTED AND DEDICATED members to ensure we all have a great FMO experience.


Day and Times played:
Monday, Thursday and Sunday - 6:00pm till 10:00pm. (or later)
Times may change depending on the wishes of players

Leagues Playable:
English Premier League

Premier League Legends Rules

No big teams None of the big four are available including Man City.
Speed That Match - Keep the match speed up as high as possible, on max is preffered!
Keep It Low - Keep your Display and Sound settings to a minimum, No 3D is preffered, No Sky, No Crowd Etc.
Taking The Biscuit! - Don't turn up to sessions when you feel like it, or leave when you get bord, you may aswell just say you quit. If you do this constantly, you will be removed from the clan.

Premier League Legends Ten Commandments

1. Transfer of players from Human Teams to Human teams must be agreed by both managers and not there assistants.

2. Assistant Manager must take control of friendlies in pre season and timer will be set to 2mins for transfers. During season timer will be set to 30seconds unless end of August and January where timer will be set longer (maximum 2mins) if requested by a clan member.

3. Team selection is to exclude the top 4 and Man City. A player may apply for any job (including top 8).

4. Game is saved before and after every game just in case the whole game crashes. If an individual manager crashes during there match the game will NOT be reloaded and match will continue.

5. Match Speed should be on Key Highlights with Maxiumum speed or 1 notch down from Maximum. No Slower than this.

6. All New Manager reputations are to be set no higher than Semi Professional and should ensure they have password protected their profile.

7. In the event a player is sacked, he may take over the same club again only once or any other club except the original top 8 .

8. The host will determine close season and pre-season times to holiday and search for players to keep this period moving as quick as possible and as fair as possible to all managers.

9. Until the corner glitch has been fixed it has been decided that all managers must set there players to default when they have an attacking corner and the taker must be set to mixed.

10. You MUST have Hamachi

Other Rules will be added as we go along.

Im looking to start as soon as I have enough players. PM me or add me on msn through my profile.