View Full Version : Under-19's International GK Problem

15-05-2010, 17:31
Hi all,

After 2 seasons at Leeds and half a season at Leverkusen, the Turkey manager asked me to take over the U-19 squad. I accepted and my 1st game was 3 days after this.

I went to the team page and saw that I had no GK's in the 23 man squad and as my squad had already been registered, I wasn't allowed to change it. I'm having to play an attacking midfielder atm. I checked the national pool as well and there was only 4 keepers, 2 of which played for the main team and 2 of which play in the u-21 squad.

Has anyone else had an issue like this or am I the only unlucky one ? :(

15-05-2010, 19:46
You were asked to manage the U19 squad?! Never once happened me.. :S