View Full Version : Java or to many leagues?

26-04-2010, 16:37
I will try to ask my question one more time,since my last thread sunk without a answer.I get ctd every 4-5 hours,and mostly while my comp is processing.
I have quite many leagues,and many players(about 80000 players).the 3 last incarnations of fm have done this without one single crash,but 2010 cant seem to make it.
Does any one have something smart to tell me?to many leagues?to many players?or the lack of java?Because i dont have java on my machine,but it doesnt mention that in the requirements.
Any suggestions?

By the way my specs,intel quad 6550 4gb ram win xp sp3 radeon hd4870

26-04-2010, 16:39
Probably too many leagues

26-04-2010, 16:44
You only need java for the fm installer afaik.
And 80 000 players isn't all that much.

What kind of crash do you have?

26-04-2010, 16:45
I thought my specs where good enough to run quite many leagues?I ran the same amount last year,and the year before that.And never had one crash,and this years game should be even more effective?

26-04-2010, 16:47
It crashes while processing,and i get a error description.I havent read it all that good,so i cant tell what it says.but this is the only game that i have problems with,i also thoght that 80000 players isnt all that much

26-04-2010, 17:25
How many leagues? I think leagues matters more than players.

My laptop is a vista 3gb ram, intel core 2 duo T5800 2GHz with Nvidia GeForce 9200M
and I know that vista uses more memory than XP, and I play with around 80,000 players and 15-20 leagues loaded.

Try downloading Mz Ram booster and "game booster", as these can free up some memory, but you shouldn't need them really.

26-04-2010, 17:27
But the problem isn't that it is too slow.

It's that his game crashes. And to know why we need to see the error description.

26-04-2010, 19:05
Do you mean the crash dump?I can have a look on my machine,and maybe paste it in here

26-04-2010, 19:17
I cant paste all that in here,you have to specify what i should be looking for.Or what part i should be pasting

26-04-2010, 19:22
I cant read any of my dmp files,its only gibberish.Do i need a special program to open dmp files?I ffigured i just open them in notepad?

27-04-2010, 07:22
You have to send crash dumps directly to SI and they can sort them.

27-04-2010, 09:50
Ok,do anyone have a mail i can send my crashdumps to?