View Full Version : World Cup Fever (in game) International Management

10-04-2010, 17:55
So I was thinking with the World Cup not far away I thought it would be good to have a save game at the end of the 2010 season.
Was aiming to load in loads of players, not add a manager to a club but go on holiday till a date say around May.

I'd save the game as a Master Save then depending on how I felt I could add a manager and take charge of which ever Nation I wanted and go through the tournament with
Could be good for watching boring WC cup games?

Appreciate it won't be quite right as different teams will no doubt qualify but I can live with that.

My question is what would be a good date to come back from Holiday?
It needs to be before the final squad selection date and if possible with the chance to get a few friendlies in.

Anything else that I should consider, obviouly I need to load as many European and South America players as possible any others?

10-04-2010, 19:35
You should holiday to about a month before the world cup. This should give time for a friendly before final selection needs to be made.

10-04-2010, 20:31
I am quite certain someone was trying their best to make a save before the world cup with the correct teams and everything.

10-04-2010, 21:12
When is the final squad selection date for your world cup team?

10-04-2010, 21:46
Should be worth loading the 1st and 2nd leagues from the country you plan on playing as, then you can make a squad selection based at least partly on their form over the previous season.

10-04-2010, 22:37
Cheers guys will give it a shot, had a play and looks like 29th May is the final date for squad selection, this may depend on each country though.
Seems Gabon qualified for the WC in my trial game and England in the same Group with Germany!!