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10-04-2010, 16:05
Hi all, does anyone know why my graphics are very shaky/juddery when viewing the match day in 3D. Some people have said that by removing the stadium and weather graphics etc this will sort the problem, this does help the game game play smoothness slightly but I feel that I am missing out on how the game is suppose to be played. It cant be that I need a new computer as my friend has a lesser computer than me but his works fine in 3D mode. Anyone have any clues what will help?

Thanks all

10-04-2010, 16:09
I have same problem. I just watch 2D Classic

10-04-2010, 16:11
Yeah thats the easy options, but should be able to play the game with all the features, must be a reason for this??

10-04-2010, 16:17
Have you got up to date drivers for your graphics card. Mine was like yours, the I updated the drivers and it works fine now.

10-04-2010, 16:31
thanks for that, i'll give it a go

10-04-2010, 16:37
It's the same here. Just seems random as well. Thought for a while it was because i had too many programs running at the same time. After checking i found that that was not the reason.
I'm running 3D. Tried on high, automatic and low detail. It's all the same.

Had it before the 10.3 patch as well, but after the patch it happens more often than before.

Updating drivers, java etc. did nothing for me.