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10-04-2010, 15:45
Does anyone know what this consists of, i have just joined Swansea in 12/13 season, and i noticed the club is making huge losses per month.

Im making a profit in terms of montly income/outcome for transfers. I spend 150,000 a week of wages, which i feel is relitivly ok.

However i am 3 months into the job and im already close to spending on 'other' and 'match day expenses' as they did for the whole of last year, i feel this is hugely unrealistic, dont get me wrong if it was 8/9 months then i fully understand, but at this rate i may seen these two figures quadruple in the space of a year.

I always try and run a healthy club in terms of finances, but always feel that when i join a new club thier expenses just rocket from that of the year before, even though i always get rid of the high earning 'dead wood'.

So overall just wondering if anyone can clear up why there is a sudden rise and if there is anything i can do about it. at lower levels it seems fine, its just when i manage a championship/premiership team.

Many thanks.