View Full Version : Why can't I offer higher wages?

10-04-2010, 14:40
I play in the Bundesliga, I'm 2.3M under my wage budget and the club has a balance of 10M, still I can't offer my top players more than 675,000 on wages. Does anybody have an idea why?

10-04-2010, 15:11
why the hell do you want to offer ANYONE more than 250,000 p/w??

Which brings me to, is that per year, month or year?

10-04-2010, 15:13
That's the maximum the board will allow per player, at a guess.

10-04-2010, 15:13
Go to the board room and you should be able to adjust the budgets.

10-04-2010, 15:43
im sure its not a week lol

10-04-2010, 18:56
@ bugabugas: Yeah, it's the salary per year. Unfortunately I'm no Hoffenheim ;)

@ trekman: As I wrote, I'm €2.3M under the wage budget, so that shouldn't be the problem.

@DavidG589: Is there any way to change what they're willing to spend?

Yid Army
10-04-2010, 19:12
Increasing your wage budget does change it, even if you are miles under it.

10-04-2010, 19:21
I spent my whole transfer budget, so I guess I'm stuck with it then.

10-04-2010, 19:24
Increasing your wage budget does change it, even if you are miles under it.

It does, you just have to increase it massively. So unless you have a transfer budget of over 100m it isn't very effective. You need to double or treble the overall budget. It's easiest to see with smaller clubs where it is much easier to increase your budget by a large percentage.

10-04-2010, 19:46
What's his squad status?

10-04-2010, 19:50
Indispensable to the club

10-04-2010, 20:07
It would be nice if the idea of altering your wage structure was implemented. But you have to remember that if you offered 275k a week to Messi, then eventually the rest of your established 'indespensible' players would want parity with him. Which could well lead to financial meltdown.

10-04-2010, 20:51
The board may set a maximum per player, according to the club reputation and scope, even if your budget is healthy.

About the confusion over wage period - In international business, salaries are conventionally set on a yearly basis (including British multinationals and government). Curiously, British people think wages on a weekly basis, Latin peoples on a monthly basis, and Americans on a yearly basis. But even in British corporate football, wages are always set on a yearly basis.