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09-04-2010, 21:31
When the regens come out on 25th June or whatever (I know it's different for different countries) how do you guys go about searching for the best ones?
By the way I don't want to use genie scout or anything like that lol thanks.

arsenal 4 life
09-04-2010, 21:45
Checking multiple league teams under 19's, checking the best national teams under 19's, 21's etc, going onto the player search and filtering it so it only shows under 17's and untick filter out unrealistic targets. This depends on your scouting knowledge though, there will always be great regens that get away and you wont notice them till they score and bite you in the ass lol

09-04-2010, 21:58
Untick filter out unrealistic targets? Do you mean just so you are aware of the player and they may possibly want to sign for you in the future?