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09-04-2010, 21:01
I'm playing as Newcastle and currently Iím at the start of my 6th season. I managed to get them promoted at the first attempt and ended finishing above 10th in the prem every season after.

In the last two seasons i've finished in 6th position which let me into the Europa league which is great for the financial side of the game as every season (by January) i seem to go into the red and finish the season on about -£15million. But thanks to finishing generally high in the league i come out of debt. But once i hit January again im back in the red. I dont really spend much in the transfer windows.

This is generally stopping me from buying good players as i dont want to go so far debt that prize money wont help.

Now my problem....

In my first season in the prem i bought Joe Hart from Man City and after 5 successful seasons he got alot of interest from Arsenal to which he wanted to join, so after he became unhappy that i didnít accept offers from them i eventually gave in and they bought him.

I was lucky enough to sign a pre-contract deal with Igor Akinfeev for him to sign at the end of his contract which I thought would happen in a couple of weeks (which would bring him in at the start of the prem league) but I didnt realise his contract finished on December 31st. So that means im without a decent keeper until January. I do have a young backup keeper but he isnít good enough to guide me through the first half of the league, Europa league and league cup.

Do you think I should use some of the money I have to buy a decent keeper until Igor comes in January and risk getting more into debt at the end of the season, or wait it out till January with my reserve keeper

Oh and I have to give CSKA £5milion as compensation for Igor, so ill have roughly £10 million to spend.

So do you think I should buy a keeper just for the few months till Igor comes, or keep our bank account clean and risk my chances with a reserve keeper?

Thanks in advance

09-04-2010, 21:04
Is your backup goalkeeper good enough as backup?

Otherwise you can just use this opportunity to get a good backup goalkeeper.

But if he is then I don't suggest wasting money.

dave byrd
09-04-2010, 21:05
Buy one, no question.

09-04-2010, 21:18
He isnt really good enough as backup yet, maybe in a few seasons he will be. I normally let him play for the cup games and europe games against weaker opposition.

I tried him out for the first game of the Prem and he messed up twice which cost us the game, I think im going to have to spend to bring in a backup keeper!

09-04-2010, 21:18
Look for any other free transfer goal keepers...there may be one that would be rated 3 stars or so who might be able to get you through.

09-04-2010, 21:20
get a cheap or free experienced old head in..... they'll easily do until igor arrives and wont affect your budget much

09-04-2010, 21:23
get a cheap or free experienced old head in..... they'll easily do until igor arrives and wont affect your budget much

I second this

or vincent enyeama hes good