View Full Version : Hidden Gem

09-04-2010, 18:20
I recently started a save with bayern munich and i went to olic's stats and he is incredible. He has 20 in 7 categories

Eles Gergo
09-04-2010, 18:22
Very nice, go to the good players an teams forum, you'll find plenty of good players there this forum is for general discussion :)

dave byrd
09-04-2010, 18:26
Eles Gergo is right, there's an entire forum to discuss players, however he's hardly a hidden gem, he's a world famous player!

09-04-2010, 18:34
He was fantastic against Manchester United the other day too imo

And to be fair, I hadn't heard of him before that game...I'm not a huge follower of German teams and don't watch their games in the Champions League, the other day against Utd was just a fluke...so for me, I wouldn't have heard of him but for that one game

09-04-2010, 18:45
Please use the Good players forum