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09-04-2010, 11:51
1) One improvement i feel is essential is more detailed opposition reports, as IRL teams start scouting other teams about 2 weeks before a game, whereas we just most of the time get, 'they keep the ball, - will be a danger', i feel it needs to be more detailed.
2)Has anyone found or know how to do the 'barca' formation, i mean the new one, as now they play 4 2 3 1. For example getting the CB's to split almost into the full back positions, like IRL, is almost impossiible, as you dont have the arrows nemore.
3) Im trying to win every trophy in different countries, i.e. win champo league, fa cup, league cup, league, community shield etc with man u, move one to another country, do the same etc. But im debating whether to start off with a world class club e.g. barca, or start off with a league 1 club, do the same 'barca' tactics and buil up my rep first, then earn my ultimate dream job barca, but then on the other hand itll take me aaaaaaaaaages to get all the trophies with southampton for example.
Thanks for any replies

09-04-2010, 12:26
1) I think this should definately be improved. I'm on a great Champions League run with Khimki in 2024 and I can't scout Man City (Who we've got in the Final) to find out how they play etc. until a day or 2 before the game

2) http://loswonderkids.com/community/topic/10751-trc-barcelona/ - 10 pages of people trying to replicate Barcelona's tactics this season. Well worth a read!

3) Start with the best team in an obscure country such as Russia (Strictly speaking not obscure) and win everything there, then there should be a job with a higher club than if you started as Southampton :)

Good Luck :D