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08-04-2010, 23:58
Alright. After a few years of gaming, it seems I ve eventually found a way to respond to many of the questions marks I had so far :

- How much most money can you make on a selling ?
- How to make sure you keep the best potential and sell lower ones ?
- How to sell player that no team want, even though you don't ask for a fee and they are still good ?
- How to deal with morale of too many strikers ?
- What is the best way to improve youth, and why do players perform better elsewhere, only once sold, and how to take profit from this ?
- And so on

So, a few preventions first.

- Some people might say this is cheating. So it remains up to you to use it or not. Personally, I do with no hesitation, as well as I do anything that doesn't require an external software (ie, I don't mind overbiding a player that other teams want too before getting them at a normal rate). Plus it is not working everytime so there is still part of uncertainty or gambling that i like.
- You might require a good enough club reputation (see further)
- You will realise it brings you cash more in the long run than in the short run
- Also the process might take a few time during transfer windows, thus I would not recommend this in online games to avoid bothering other players.
- This works in FM09 for sure, I haven't bothered to try in FM10 that I don't play but i guess it does too.

Ok still want to do it ?

- Oh I forgot to mention it might also damage the morale of your team should you use this with no moderation so beware.

Alright let's go.

- First buy all youngers you like, as much as you can or any that makes you hesitate.
- Then transfer list them with no required fee (wait the next transfer window as nobody would be interested until then).
- As soon as they are wanted, offer to clubs with a low fee (1M for instance) and a huge international clause fee (say 50M on his next appearance), plus a buy back price (a low one, at least the price you are asking for).
- Once sold, add them to your shortlist.

Now what will happen ? Well simple and obvious.

Due to the low required fee, lots of team will be interested (you can actually ask for a higher spot fee if you like). So no more questions about how to sell a player when nobody wants him.

To reply to the 50 requests by player you will have, just go to your transfer center, select all the lines you are interested in, then click on accept.

Which ones should you accept ? First only the ones including the clause fee, obviously, as many will think they can have your future star for just 1M upfront. Also you will notice that many of the deals will fail through, as clubs will put their sights somewhere else instead of confirming the deal. Usually, clubs from your league (or I guess the playable leagues you have selected) will go forward, and it is a good thing actually : it allows you to follow easier your beloved players; they will play more; it is better for competition as it will increase (you know when in 2020 when you finish the league with 90 points as usual, as AI is unable to find good players before you). Finally, choose clubs with a lower reputation than yours.

You should do this for young potential that might gain international appearances, otherwise use another clause. Still working (I ve tried successfully with a fee after a number of goals). So after a few months or years, the clause would eventually apply. Otherwise you did a bad call on the players you sold this way. So now you are getting rich. You ve made more money than you would have done with only an upfront fee.

Finally with the buy back clause, you can buy back them as soon as they are interested in your club again. For that, two conditions : 1) wait for 6 months after selling them (the next transfer window would be enough), so that they become interested to move again from their club, 2) have a better club reputation than the buyer, so the player naturally needs to be interested in moving to your club (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=196975) even though there's such a clause. Otherwise just sell to another club!!

That way, you can buy them back once they have improved enough and have become better than your current starters. You can also buy them back before they get sold to another team before you could see the clause applied, as the clause might not work once transfered elsewhere (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=201323).

NB : it also shows a little bug in the game that I haven't seen discussed and that I havent outlined before : recorded sold price will be inclusive of the clause fee, even if it doesn't realise. However it is not a big issue as your finance will move only when the clause fee applies.

This feature can be improved. It just needs to be tested in different ways and further to determine all possible case it works successfully, to which extent, and what fees you can ask for. I couldn't do tests myself as it takes a long time so do not hesitate to bring your contribution here.

Eles Gergo
09-04-2010, 10:43
If this work then i might say it's a cheat.

Nice feature if you want to get the best players and lots of money, but even simpler thing is to use FMRT which can do all the above in 5 minutes, gives you money and signs all the good youngsters or whoever you like.

09-04-2010, 11:30
if this works it's obviously cheating as it would not be possible to do it this way in real life. No real life club would ever include a 50M for first international game clause in a bid for a youngster.

You exploit a weakness in the game to get money that you shouldn't get.

09-04-2010, 12:25
Don't see the point in people who play unrealistic. And there's hundreds out there who do the 48month thing. Used in moderation it can be useful, to sign 100m worth of players with a team with poor finances is stupid. Same as this exploit really. Sure people will use it though.

09-04-2010, 20:34
Well done, my friend! Impressive skills exploring a system's loopholes. I'm sure any bank or secret agency would offer you a job to work in their anti-hacking department!



10-04-2010, 10:15
TBH this doesn't actually work, I had heard of it and gave it a try to see what it was like, but no-one ever bought any of the players

11-04-2010, 10:56
Don't see the point in people who play unrealistic. And there's hundreds out there who do the 48month thing. Used in moderation it can be useful, to sign 100m worth of players with a team with poor finances is stupid. Same as this exploit really. Sure people will use it though.

The difference is the 48 month thing is how most real life transfers work, and does bite you in the backside if irresponsible. Future fees when used as a mass exploit like that are quite simply a way of cheating the system.