View Full Version : Update help!!!!!!!

07-04-2010, 22:03
I have downloaded and installed the 10.3.0 patch, and now when i come to opening the game it is asking for an activation code and will not let me open the game!

Is there a way i can uninstall this latest patch and go back to 10.2.0 and see if it opens this time????????

Cheers x

07-04-2010, 22:05
I am not sure what has happened there mate as when you install an update it never asks for a activation code.
Have you put into the correct folder?

07-04-2010, 22:08
Basically once i downloaded the update file and clicked it, it goes through some screens and then i click update and it updates all the files

07-04-2010, 22:12
You need to download and apply the patch for the Boxed version, not the download one. You may need to un install before applying the boxed patch.