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07-04-2010, 18:54
I currently have a 21 year old regen Croatian international midfielder called Mislav Vugrinec who I have played regularly since I bought him 3 years ago.

When I first bought him he was naturally a winger or right sided midfielder but was accomplished at playing in the centre of midfield or as an attacking midfielder.

I have primarily played him as a central attacking midfielder and sometimes (but not often) as a centre midfielder and I have not changed or done anything with his training schedule yet when he turned 21 he was "natural" at playing as an attacking midfielder!

Is this normal? I thought you could only improve or give a player another playable position by training him to a new position?

07-04-2010, 18:57
No, it's normal. If even had a player lose the natural position he started at (well, not lose, he became accomplished instead of natural).

07-04-2010, 19:18
Thats a great addition from the guys at SI. I had no idea, thanks for the info mate.