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07-04-2010, 16:23
I have noticed that attendances do not increase for boxing day games (playing as Gillingham in L1) These games normally have an extra
couple of thousand on the attendance just because very little people work on boxing day and the fact everyone wants to get out of the house over christmas.

Iv lost valuable gate receipts because of this.

Graham FM
07-04-2010, 16:30
i wouldn't miss my Stephens day (boxing day) dinner to watch gillingham!!! :D maybe people thought the same ha

wouldn't think the game has it programmed to add higher attendance's on holidays

07-04-2010, 16:34
very little people work on boxing day

Surely Santa's elves do most of their work before Boxing Day? ;)

Seriously though, if they're going to highlight the Boxing Day match in the message you receive when the fixture list is produced they really should boost the attendances a little too (assuming real world statistics support this which, like the OP, I believe they do).

07-04-2010, 17:21
What does boxing has to do with attendances at football?

07-04-2010, 17:38
What does boxing has to do with attendances at football?

Sorry, it's the day after Christmas day. We call it boxing day, it's a public holiday.

07-04-2010, 18:03
What does boxing has to do with attendances at football?

Because a lot of football is played on Boxing day in the UK.

07-04-2010, 18:07
In Australia, Boxing Day doesn't really reflect on football at all - instead, Boxing Day is traditional here for the cricket - it's the first day of a home test in Australia. So, I doubt you would be implementing Boxing Day all over the world on attendances; probably just England.

07-04-2010, 18:51
First thing I heard about it. I thought it was about an important boxing match :p.

Cockney Hammer
07-04-2010, 19:03
I haven't really bothered looking at the attendance's for boxing day fixtures on it like with Oxford Utd in real life they average around 4 to 6 thousand a game, and on Boxing day the game sold out. The game was called off but thats not the point it still sold out :D

The reason i know this about Oxford is my Granddad is a season ticket holder and have mates back in Oxford who are.
Usually crowds in

England get more then usual on boxing day I cant comment on anywhere else in the world as i have not got a clue about abroad attendances.