View Full Version : Players trying to blend in...

23-03-2010, 18:08
Is their any way to help specific players blend in with the other members of the squad and is their anyway to have nobody 'Appearing to have trouble blending in with the squad'? I always have these problems but have never known if there is a way to have everyone happy and getting on well?

23-03-2010, 19:16
playing a stable 11 helps.. i.e keeping the team playing together..

keeping the amount of languages spoken in the squad increases harmony..

apart from that... not really... time is what it takes

23-03-2010, 19:48
If there's a common denominator (ie one player who no one likes) then think about loaning/selling him. One of my U18s was annoying everyone n the first team so I sold him and squad harmony went up about 10%. Agree with welshace - stable 11, buy players who are favoured personnel if you can.