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02-03-2010, 13:19
I installed fm originally through the CD and not steam.
But if im right, people who did it with steam get the updates automatically?
Thats why i was just wondering if i could change my setup and have my fm on steam?

i have a season with nottingham forest and im in my 3rd season.. can i still download the new 10.3 patch and will it have an affect on my save with nottingham forest?


Neil Brock
02-03-2010, 13:30
In your Forest save it will change certain aspects (improve Match Engine/Transfers) but won't have any effect on data or competition rules (personally I'm playing a game I started in 10.0 and now have patched it up with each version to 10.3).

If you wish to run the game via Steam you can install them both at the same time, however remember if you play a save game on one (say Steam updated to 10.3) you wouldn't be able to load this again in the DVD version if it was an earlier version (say 10.1).

It's not something with official encourage, but I believe you can. Otherwise you could uninstall your DVD version and reinstall via Steam (your save games will not be deleted unless you do it manually.)

02-03-2010, 13:32
ok cheers :)
and btw, do u need the internet to play it through steam?

Neil Brock
02-03-2010, 13:34
Yes you do, certainly at least to install and update, then you can configure it to play in 'offline' mode.