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karl b
28-02-2010, 23:12
i am so frustrated at the moment i'm unsure what to do

second premier league season after miraculously surviving relagation, improved the team in all areas, better players in etc BUT...

every single team in the premier league seems to be the same, same formation 4-4-2

all seem to attack with quick flowing direct football, if i do manage to get in to half time winning, they all seem to recieve the greatest half time team talks ever and go on and win,

none of them ever make tactical mistakes that back fire and benefit me.

Resutls so far: W 1-0, (west Brom)8 shots on goal 4 on target, poss 50-50 they had 9 shots 1 on target
L 1-0 (Villa)3 shots on goal 2 on target, poss 53-47 to me, they had 21 shots 10 on target
L 2-0 (spurs) 5 shots on goal, 2 OT, poss 53-47 to me, they had 18 shots 9 OT
D1-1 (che) 7 shots 4 OT, poss 57-43 to them, they had 9 sho, 5 OT
D1-1 (swan) 6 shots 1 OT, poss 56-44 to them, 15 sh with 3 OT
L 2-0 (man c) 6 shots 2 OT, poss 51-49 to me, they had 21 shots 8 OT

my next game is home to sunderland and i dont know how to approach it, if i play defensive they'll win without me scoring, if i play attacking i might score but i'll lose 4-1 i rekon....

watching the match engine is even more depressing! i'm tempted to start a new game as 1 of the big boys to see how it feels to win games......

i dont expect to win everygame, but it would be nice to compete and not have alot of teams look like world beaters when they play me

28-02-2010, 23:13
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