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28-02-2010, 17:02
Hey guys, I'm about to enter my first ever World Cup (2018) and am managing the team of Italy. Ranked 3rd in the world should be pretty straightforward in the groups but I'm worried about later stages.

Any tips and tricks to share for the World Cup specifically?
Italy have the best keeper in the world and solid but getting old defence, young and pretty strong midfield lacking a decent ML though. And the striking force of Paloschi (world class now) and Macheda (good).

Thanks! :D

28-02-2010, 17:04
Its all about tactics :) Get them right and youll win easily.

28-02-2010, 17:04

lots and lots of pace on the bench....

players are always knackered in the WC games and having a pacey young whippersnapper on the bench to bring on always does the trick for me...

28-02-2010, 17:24
Try and get a quick winger on the bench that could play either side of midfield, it can be a godsend when extra time comes and your players are tired also keep an eye out no to be too attacking minded if you are winning by a large margin, ive done this when winning 3-0 and it come back to bite me and drawn :(

28-02-2010, 17:36
Thanks guys! Another thing that bothers me - when playing on neutral pitches - how do I know if it's a narrow or wide one?

28-02-2010, 18:40
Italy have won both world cups in my file, Paloschi just led them to gloy in 2014 and is a global superstar now... so i bought him for 52mil :D

Just play him as a complete forward and he'll win the whole thing for you

28-02-2010, 18:42
For me it was 2010 - England, 2014 - Brazil, 2018 - me I hope.

The lol thing to note is that in 2010 Brazil vs Croatia was the 3rd place match. And it 2014 it was the final :o

Thanks again everyone for the tips :D