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28-02-2010, 16:08
Just signed a player on deadline day and didn't realist he hadn't been granted a work permit. He's 18 and has played 10 times for Mexico. Anyone know the next time I'll be able to try and get him one and how I'd be able to do this?

Cheers in advance.

28-02-2010, 16:16
Try to sign him for the next window and appeal his work permit. Might go through thenas he has caps for mexico.

Someone on here might be able to tell you if he can acually get a permit if you state his name.

28-02-2010, 16:25
I've already signed the player, I finalised it without spotting that it hadn't been granted, the players name is Adrian Salazar

28-02-2010, 16:27
is there exact conditions that can get a player a work permit? ...like if im brazil manager and i start playing the player all the time for example?

28-02-2010, 16:30
You must have a feeder club if it let you complete the deal.

28-02-2010, 17:23
I don't have a feeder club from Mexico so I'm a tad confused. Do you think I could use the editor to get him a permit. Can anyone help?

28-02-2010, 17:32
You must have a feeder club if it let you complete the deal.

I think this poster means you have a feeder team affiliated to yours from either Belgium, Poland or Spain. Loaning your player to clubs in these countries make getting a Work Permit quicker for the player, or keep him in the reserves and renew his contract every so often to see if he becomes eligible for a WP.