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LFC Rule
28-02-2010, 14:00
If I subscribe to a players transfer and contract news where is the info sent.

I keep missing out on good transfers and out of contract players who are on my subsrciption list.

Vic Taylor
28-02-2010, 14:03
It's put in your 'News' tab, not your 'Inbox' one.

LFC Rule
28-02-2010, 14:17
That is very strange. If the player is on my subs list I want to know straight away, high priority, and not in the general news section. I usually skip the news section.

Probably too late for patch 3 but I hope its changed for FM11

Vic Taylor
28-02-2010, 14:24
Agreed. It was a much better system in 09. Hope they change it back.