View Full Version : fm 10 not playing

24-02-2010, 22:27
i was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem as me and if you did how can i fix it! so i cant play fm10 with uninstalling and reinstalling every time its realing startin to **** me off! so any help would be welcome!

24-02-2010, 22:28
cant help if you dont tell us exactly what is happening

24-02-2010, 22:47
I assume you're on Vista or Windows 7?

Click the start button, click 'Games' and in the window that pops up you should see and FM icon. You can use that to load the game.

Otherwise, find the fm.exe in your game's directory and use that. You can also right click fm.exe and click 'Create Shortcut', then you can move the shortcut to the desktop and use that to launch it.