View Full Version : does any one know?????

24-02-2010, 13:15
if newcastle are likely to be takin over by a tycoon in the 1st season? im thinking of going them for my new start but i'm undecided yet because there is no transfer funds. lol any help would be appreciated cheers guys!

24-02-2010, 13:16
I don't think any team is 'likely' to be taken over by a tycoon.

24-02-2010, 13:18
well to change the question a little, has any one ever had newcastle taken over by a tycoon?lol

24-02-2010, 13:21
for some people, the only joy in FM is transfers...

On topic:No, it didn't happened in my saves, but who knows?

24-02-2010, 13:33
I got taken over by a consortium led by an ex-footballer when I was Newcastle, others have been taken over by tycoons, others by local business men and others by other members of the current board.

Fall Ark
24-02-2010, 13:35
Just use the editor and add some money to your budget already...

24-02-2010, 13:37
Yes I have, I found it boring, bought the league. However this is extremely rare, the only reason Newcastle have more chance of a tycoon is because the have a high probability of being taken over. If you have any luck it wont be another member of the board.

24-02-2010, 13:41
I only play as Newcastle and to be honest you dont need a tycoon take over first season. even before the 10.3 update the squad is way better then most teams.

also you cant really buy top players while in championship anyway

24-02-2010, 13:41
Nope, haven't had a tycoon takeover myself.

The Lambs
24-02-2010, 13:46
I am Newcastle and I did not get took over, but I didn't need it. The Stadium is the 3rd (4th?) biggest in the Premiership, gets expanded to be as big as the Emirates (sp?) in a few seasons and the revenue is huge. 2013/2014 I still have the same owner, but I am also in the 10 rich list of clubs.

24-02-2010, 13:46
They are extremely likely to see a takeover. As a result, there's a decent chance of a tycoon coming in I guess.

24-02-2010, 14:57
Happened in mine but not untill the third season Ashley was there and wouldn't let up! Then they started splashing money left right and center for average players

24-02-2010, 14:58
as someone said, newcastle seem to be unavailable for takeovers in the new patch

24-02-2010, 15:03
ive played a few games so far but no hint of any takeover at all. the worst thing is when you sell somebody you get near enough nothing for the transfer. mike ashley is a **** lol

24-02-2010, 16:27
I guess in 10.3 the possibility if a takeover would be removed as he is staying around for a bit?

24-02-2010, 17:05
I forgot all about the patch so the possibilty of him being there for longer is very high. lol

24-02-2010, 23:56
Everytime i start off with a club with financial worries i never get a takeover for example West Ham. But when im playing another team all i see is West Ham getting taken over by a consortium from a different country!!! :@