View Full Version : Bottom of the screen cut off

21-02-2010, 18:06
Don't know if this is the right place for this but here goes anyway.

I play FM10 in windowed mode, and normally have to drag the window up on the screen so I can see the bottom of the screen. (does that make sense?!)

I haven't changed any of my settings and now when I open FM I drag the screen up but I can't see the bottom of the screen. So I can't make any bids for players, I can't change the preferences in game, can't see the commentary when playing matches etc

Anyone have any ideas as to why it has started doing this and how to fix it?


21-02-2010, 18:58
Try maximizing the window


get rid of the tool bar, which would defeat the object of playing in windowed mode, but hey ho

21-02-2010, 19:01
I've had the tool bar on auto hide the wholetime and havent encountered this problem before.

i'll try the maximizing window though cheers

21-02-2010, 20:17
Screen resolution?