View Full Version : Problems with Shortlists

10-02-2010, 14:07
I have noticed this problem with FM10 and wondered if there was a way to change it??

in all previous FM games you could scout a player and then shortlist him, if another club put in a bid for them, it would tell you via the news screen in your inbox, however, the new fm doesnt seem to do this at all, and it really frustrates me!!

Several times on FM 10 i have shortlisted a player to buy in the next transfer window, as i didnt have enough money, or even just shortlisted them to keep tabs for future purchase, only to go to the player a few weeks/months down the line, and find he has signed for someone else.

so i guess im asking, is there a way like in every other FM, that when you shortlist a player, if another club puts a bid in, it tells you in your news like it used to, as its a very good feature and i cant think why they would have taken it out


10-02-2010, 15:12
It's a known bug that was apparantly fixed on the 10.2 patch (I don't know since I still play the 10.1 game) and the only advice I can give is to go back to your shortlist on a weekly basis, select all the players and hit subscribe all. It's a frustrating problem I have, especially around transfer windows