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17-01-2010, 16:34
I have a problem with friendly tournaments. (Iím playing FM09, Dutch Eerste Divisie).
I organized a few tournaments without problems. But when I created another, strange thing occurred: I found a few free days, invited three clubs, they accepted my invitation and after the acceptation of last team, my tournament disappeared from schedule. I checked that days, when I planned my tournament were free for me and for other teams). But after disappearing, days, when I planned my tournament became gray.
I tried to organize another tournament a week later (between league matches), but the effect was the same. But when I tried to organize a tournament, choosing date a few months later, everything was ok.
I know that sometimes friendly tournaments are cancelled due to conflict with other matches (for example European cups). But disappearing (without the information about cancelling) never occurred before. I have played FM09 almost a year and this is the first time when I have such problem.
I thought that maybe source of my problem was, that at the moment of organizing tournaments I had ďminusĒ at the bank account, but when I organized third tournament (which was created without problem) my finances were the same.

Is it a bug in my game, or maybe it is normal behavior?
Is there anybody, who could explain it for me?

18-01-2010, 18:40
I tried to experiment with disappearing friendly tournaments, and I observed that there is no connection between tournaments cancelling and finances.
I realized, that the tournament disappears if between first or last tournamentís match and league match is less than two days.

Could anybody confirm my observation?

If I remember correctly in previous versions of FM there was no such problem.