View Full Version : amateur contracts are such a huge pain, and so is interaction.

16-01-2010, 22:11
In CM4 which I played religiously for 5 years, I could only comment on 1 player per week to the media. Which was fiar enough.

In FM10 many players are moaning about lack of praise if I aren't praising every one of them to the media every week.

Where also is the interaction to call a player in FM10 a greedy sod (or whatever) because he rejected my contract renewal to sign for another team.

Have lost 3 players (all on amateur contracts) in my lv 11 amateur team, in just half a season.

What is the point in playing the game if by the time the season ends, my obvious champions (15 pts clear at the top) will obviously have no one with any decent values left in the team ????

17-01-2010, 11:47
That is the nature of amateur contracts. Players can leave without notice or fees.

17-01-2010, 12:16
I think the praise is more related to team talks.

17-01-2010, 12:20
I think the praise is more related to team talks.

I praise them every week at the end of the match, as i have usually won in handsomely and tell them they were sensational, but i still got them moaning.

17-01-2010, 14:26
Use your backbored's advice often, they'll keep you up to date if a kid needs praise!

17-01-2010, 14:30
It's quite natural for unpaid amateurs to start to think a lot of themselves. For one thing, they're getting success, and for another thing you keep telling them how wonderful they are. So when they sniff a chance of earning money, why shouldn't they take it?

17-01-2010, 15:07
You do know that amateur players can leave at any time they like?

In reality I highly doubt that many will leave without consulting/explaining themselves, to the club they play for, but they are perfectly within their rights to do so.