View Full Version : View Only Leagues selected

06-01-2010, 16:04
Whats the benefit to having view only selected with leagues when starting a game? I have never done it, is it just so you can see match reports etc for games?

Brian Shanahan
06-01-2010, 16:29
All the players and staff are loaded for those teams, but the calculations for the matches within the leagues are a lot simpler (based mainly on club reputations IIRC), and you cannot pick a team from that league. The game will run a bit quicker.
It is hansdy if you only want to manage in a few countries, but you want a full database from others, in order to widen the talent pool.

06-01-2010, 16:44
yeah i have no intention to manage in belgium but i always put it in the game as a view-only league.. you get players, staff and also the history of the league's past winners, top scorer etc...... i view only the argentina and brazil league all the stuff .... but no slow down

06-01-2010, 17:13
Excellent news! Looking to expand the pot of players without slowing my game down! Sounds good!!!!