View Full Version : Worker permit denied

26-12-2009, 05:34
Ok I have a player that has been at my club for 4 seasons and I want to resign him but his work permit keeps getting denied. Is there anyway I can resign this player? I wasnt at the club when he was signed and Im unsure why he was givin a work permit before but cant get one now?

sorry I know its abit of a noob question lol

26-12-2009, 06:55
If he was signed on a conditional work permit, then he needs to be playing regularly to qualify when you next offer him a contract.

If he's been at the club for 4 seasons, then he's only got 1 year left before he can get a UK passport (assuming you're a UK team - it's different for different countries) so if you can, hold out on the contract negotiations until he gains citizenship. If his contract runs out before that, you may be stuck. I've got a similar problem - my assman says one of my up-and-coming stars won't be given a permit if I offer him a new contract, but he's only a few months away from becoming British, so I'm going to wait before offering him a contract.