View Full Version : Cola Championship Prize Money....?

25-12-2009, 13:48
Do I not get any?? Just romped the League, finished 14 points clear..... surely we sould be rewarded our efforts? Setting the league alight with 122 league goals and five of my players in team of the season. I had to fork out 2M for the bloody bonuses!

Show me the reddies!!

25-12-2009, 13:50
I take it you're managing a club that was relegated from the Premiership last season.

My understanding is that if a club gets relegated from the Premiership, and then wins the Championship the next season, their prize money gets divided out to all the other clubs in the Championship.

I'm not certain though

25-12-2009, 13:52
Eldeniro you are indeed correct. Great work.
Can you confirm who you were managing Bradmonk?
Also, would you care to post a link to a screenshot of your transfers in and out?

25-12-2009, 16:19
Here are the pics you requested.... may I ask why you wanted them??



Cheers lads,


25-12-2009, 19:26
My understanding is that the top two don't get any prize money. The clubs agreed that those teams that were promoted didn't need any prize money as the extra money and potential parachute payments from the Premier League are sufficient rewards. The prize money is used to boast the rewards for the teams that are stuck in the Football League and in much greater risk of running into financial trouble. The same principle applies to the playoff winners forfeiting gate monies from the playoff final.