View Full Version : Do Tycoon clubs Collapse?

20-12-2009, 23:14
I am Weston Super Mare currently in CCl2 in late 2013, on 01.01.10 A Latvian Tycoon purchased the club.
I took over a year ago and took them to CCl2 first time of asking, however due to a sneaking suspicion that they will bugger off leaving a massive loan debt soon i am holding back on my title challenge. Is it likely that all the sudden they will hand over control to someone else and leave me up a certain creek without a paddle?

20-12-2009, 23:20
Won't necessarily hand the club over, but Tycoons can revoke their sustained backing at any time. You should go all out in my opinion better make the most of it whilst your still getting investments and funded heavily for it and go as far as quick as you can.

20-12-2009, 23:23
Yea i agree with the above. If you get the club as high up the leagues as possible then if the tycoon decides right ive spennt enough im happy here the prize/sponsorship money shouild be enough to cover the dept that he may ask to be paid

20-12-2009, 23:25
depends wat sort of manager you are. im very prudent and dont tend to spend whats being offered for me to spend. i like to look at youth and spend less money on kids in the hope they will become good. so u cud do that (basically be a wenger but without the blindness lol). if things go wrong then u can probably sell them to clear a debt.
or you could just splash out and hope to reach the premiership before he leaves