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18-12-2009, 22:46
Database: Uncle Ron's db down to regional D1, with a few tweaks to some Cray info to bring it up to date (such as positions (Tyrone Sterling now D/M L for example)).
Leagues loaded: England (to Regional D1), Wales (Premier League only), Northern Ireland (to Second Division), Germany (to 3. Liga), USA (MLS only), Australia (A-League only)


I've decided to manage the club I support, Cray Wanderers, as I now have the chance (thanks Ron). For 09/10 we've been predicted to finish 18th by the media, the board just wants me to avoid the drop, but I've set a top half finish target. Because i don't have a particularly great computer for this game, I'll be updating every so often during the season, not season by season.

18-12-2009, 22:52
Pre-season was OK, although the teams I played weren't exactly challenging and I rejected the chance to play GH Academy. Only defeat of pre-season was against Hednesford, a game I arranged just before the season started. First game, oddly enough, was against Aveley, who I beat quite comfortably. Then another win came before I drew 0-0 with Tooting and Mitcham. Then things got rocky. Two defeats followed without scoring before I picked up a couple of wins, the lost. Last time I played I had to quit quite hastily but hopefully I saved it, got a 1-1 draw with Billericay. I have only 3 goalscorers in that case, and my leading goalscorer is a central defender :confused:.

18-12-2009, 23:15
Good luck. Who was your central defender? Think I'll sign him, my strikers are on strike at the moment :(

18-12-2009, 23:16
One Tommy Osborne. Though 2 of them were penalties. Should also mention that in one of my losses he gave away 2 penalties (both were scored though he wasnt booked) and when I told him not to dive into tackles he said he didn't think it would help. So I openly criticized his form and he's picked up a bit since then.

20-12-2009, 12:57
Good luck with the Wands wandsfan93. :thup:

20-12-2009, 18:05
How are Met Police doing in your game? :D

20-12-2009, 18:48
No idea, I'll check when I get back to playing. 2 of the wins I got were 1-0 wins against some of the so called bigger teams of the division, Dartford and Carshalton, though we keep expecting a "record low" attendance for every home game.

20-12-2009, 23:09
Just checked and Met Police are 7th in Ryman D1S. Also just drew 2-2 with Workingotn in the FA Cup. Delusional my arse.

small Mac
27-12-2009, 01:12
How's this going - are you still playing as the mighty Wands? If so, i shall follow with interest.

27-12-2009, 18:06
Haven't played for a few days. Christmas and all that. Will get going again soon, btw lost at the end of extra time to a late late goal in the replay at home to Workington to end my FA Cup dream, and I'm also in a rotten run of form atm. Not losing much, but not winning either.

25-01-2010, 20:52
Wow, last thread on the page. Finally got to some more games now, getting through to the First Round of the FA Trophy beating Boston United and Buxton. I will now face Dover in Round 1. And before I left I just had a game postponed due to a waterlogged pitch against Sutton, first time that's happened to me. We're currently 10th, which doesn't bother me.

30-01-2010, 20:17
I've now gone on a 6 game unbeaten run (I think as I haven't really been keeping up), but lost in the FA Trophy to Dover Athletic 3-1 (although at the time we were 10th in IPL they were 1st in BSS), and we bounced back with a 5-1 win against injury hit Eastbourne Town in the Isthmian league cup. I think that playoffs are now a realistic target but I'm not sure whether my team is ready for BSS football yet and I don't want to bring too much changes in too quickly.

03-02-2010, 14:47
I've made an audacious application for the Sheffield Wednesday job :D. Cray are 6th in the Ryman league, level with Sutton.

Didn't get the job, shocker. Also just noticed that England and USA are in the same group for the 2010 World Cup. Portugal failed to qualify :D.

03-02-2010, 15:33
I've also just noticed that my description has gone from 'Popular manager' to 'Normal' :(.

Now it's changed back :confused:.

25-05-2010, 20:05
Has it been that long? Christ. Played my first few games for a while now. A 1-1 draw with Carshalton thanks to a late equalizer from them, followed by a 3-2 ET victory over Northwood in the Ryman League Cup. Not really what you'd expect from a team chasing the playoffs. Now ust playing lower half teams. Beat 22nd place Aveley 3-0 (2 goals from Lee Hodges :cool:) and 20th place Maidstone 3-0 (2 goals from Ross Lover :cool:) but Hodges is now injured and I don't really have much in the way of left midfielders I trust to do a job. Jake Joyce is a maybe, he's a youth product the coaches don't trust but he's got 3 goals so far, and last time I checked my top scorer was still Osborne with 5. There's also Callum O'Shea but I prefer to play him on the right and Andrew Downey can play there (right wing) but he's better off as RB. Ross Lover has been trained on the right wing so I might employ him there, play Muguo in his place and shift O'Shea onto the left.

27-05-2010, 16:18
I've just noticed that 23 games in Arsenal are 18th and fighting relegation :D:D:D:D.

27-05-2010, 17:07