View Full Version : Diddy teams taking player from bigger team on Trial

14-12-2009, 11:21
Just wondering if anyone could help with this...

I'm playing in the Russian 1st Division(2nd tier) - I got across a 16 year old with some seemingly good stats(of what I can see), and I can also see he's worth 1.6 million, with a Premier team. I think that looks good - so I go to attempt to get him on Loan - however I forget it's outwith my transfer window and Loan isn't selectable. Transfer is - but I can't afford him obviously. I notice Trial is available, so I just select it to see what happens. The club agrees to let him go on Trial - and he agrees to come.

Just wondering why this would happen? I am a small diddy club and he is contracted to a large Premier team - why would they let him join me on trial? The only thing I can think of - is they let young players who aren't playing for 1st team join others on trial - as the diddy club seeing him train would be more likely to take him on loan in the future? Although I'm not sure if FM is that advanced...? Or perhaps there's some ruling in Russia about this?

Edit: Outcome was he came, trained, I saw his stats and left to go back to his regular club.

14-12-2009, 12:10
So was he any good then? I donīt think clubs send out potential superstars out on trial that easy, but I might be wrong.

14-12-2009, 12:21
AI teams sometimes even put youg starlets on the transfer list if they don't play. So letting them go on trial seems ok for me. Or was the player a first teamer?

14-12-2009, 12:36
I had something similar in Swedish league.

I trialled a couple of young players from Swedish Premier - they both arrived at my club and strangely were able to play for me in competetive matches.

I then tried to loan them - the clubs accepted but the players refused to join a club of my stature on loan.....which begs the question why they bothered to come on trial...

14-12-2009, 12:39
He didn't play for me in competitive matches. Was listed as a trialist as he should be. Only reason I tried was to see his stats, he looked very good and I'll try and loan him when the window comes around. My question was mostly why would the club even allow me to take him? What good is it to them, that's he's spend 2 weeks in my poor club with terrible training facilities, awful coaches and a dud manager(me!)?