View Full Version : 2nd Season problem, help please

04-12-2009, 17:14
Hi all, i've just finished my first season with middlesbrough and won the league. Delfouneso and Macheda had a good season specially ND.. and now when I make a new loan bid for them I can't offer to pay there wages. I haven't spent any of my new budget either.

Don't know if this is a bug, but any help

Brian Shanahan
04-12-2009, 17:18
Could be that your board doesn't rate them highly enough to allow you to pay (or part-pay) their wages, this is just speculation though.

P.S. I looked at your join date and thought to myself how can he put up 234 posts in 2 days and then I saw the year :o

04-12-2009, 19:19
haha, I managed to pay them full on the first year, and that was championship

04-12-2009, 19:59
As Brian Shanahan says, your board probably underrates them now that you’ve got promoted. Try loaning better players and you will probably have no such wage limitation from your board.