View Full Version : Do You Attend Press Conferenes? Does it Make a Difference?

26-11-2009, 04:10
I'm getting annoyed with them.

Does it make a difference not to attend them?:D

Chao Yang
26-11-2009, 04:15
I don't, I just send my ass. man and hope he doesn't destroy morale too much.

Vic Taylor
26-11-2009, 04:37
It brings down your 'hands on' attribute in your manager profile if you don't attend them, and your ass man miraculously transforms into you for the press conference so if something goes wrong all the blame rests on you.

26-11-2009, 04:45
Well to be fair you are the boss so whatever he is saying in your absence you are still responsible for in a way.

26-11-2009, 05:10
If I'm really peed off after a team loss then I send the Assistant Manager. I do have a habit of going all SAF and blaming the ref on occassions though, got a few warnings, haven't gotten a tough line ban though.

26-11-2009, 05:17
I always send my Ass Man, except signing a player, if its an important player.

Do SI realise how repetitive and boring they are?

26-11-2009, 05:23
I know - they'er exactly the same question every time, and most are very pointless.

'Rumours have appeared that you are interested in Adrian Mutu. Last time you replised 'I have no interest in the player.'

I reply the same thing again. They don't get it !

26-11-2009, 06:03
I hate them, they're incredibly boring and repetetive. NOT good gameplay.

I only do them because my assistant manager messes up and makes my players mad if I let him do it. Normally, I just respond with "no comment" to most of the questions though..

26-11-2009, 07:03
Yeah I always attend them for some reason don't want to risk morale dropping because of my idiot assistant. Oh and I've had atouchline ban too. It clearly wasn't a penalty!! :D

26-11-2009, 08:57
They are absolutely pointless and annoying. I prefer to take the risk of AM saying something stupid* to attending them.

* Doesn't seems to happen that often, to be fair

26-11-2009, 09:02
Perhaps should have an option to turn on / turn off the Press Conference.

26-11-2009, 09:06
I hardly see the effect of the press conference.

I agree that they are so repetitive. A short interview after game should not be called press conference and it should not be every game. Maybe once every 3 matches would be reasonable

26-11-2009, 09:09
Nope, probably the most pointless feature on FM

26-11-2009, 09:24
they should be dropped from game, or simplified so that you will get only one question aftergame and it already appears in inbox screen so you can answer it on the fly.

Current version does not contribute to fun factor of the game and I dont see SI improving it anytime soon.

26-11-2009, 18:08
Always send me assistant to do them, I should really go into preferences and set Assistant to do all of them! Rather than me setting him to do every single freaaaking time! :D

26-11-2009, 19:16
I've recently started a new save game and decided to do everything myself, use my own tactics and training and also press conferences to see if it does any good.

Now, I've started so many save games with the same team only to become frustrated at my terrible management skills resulting in either relegation and subsequent sacking or a hang on to my job by merely surviving the drop.

Now, as I've said, I also use my own tactics whereas I'd just download one before so I can't give all the credit to press conferences but I'm 10th with 5 games to go. I'm not pulling up any trees but it's a half of a difference from my previous experiences. I know they're boring as they're repetitive but they take only a minute - possibly 5 clicks of the mouse. Hardly a long time in the grand scheme of things, especially if you watch the full games.

I'll relay something that someone else on here said recently in response to people sending their assistant to press conferences and team talks - "Who's running your club? You or your assistant?" Quite appropriate and I'm only sorry I can't give credit to the author.

26-11-2009, 19:17
I cant be bothered to attend them
so repetetive

26-11-2009, 21:32
I attend around 80% of press conferences. I remember one time when I sent my assistant to one and when asked who should get the World Player of the Year Award, he said C.Ronaldo (at R.Madrid) and I was manager of Barcelona (shake of the head) at least I have an honest assistant. :)

26-11-2009, 21:43
I dont bother.

26-11-2009, 21:48
I attend a lot of them - I have no problem with them really

Wee Aja
26-11-2009, 22:03
I attend press conferences when it involves big matches/cup finals and the like as well as new signings. I let my ass man deal with all the other ones.