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25-11-2009, 23:50
Can anyone at SI answer why the DVD versions of the games are so much cheaper that the downloads. You would have thought that downloading the game would be so much cheaper than buying the DVD (no printing costs, distribution etc).

It could be that as the downloads are on other peoples sites/servers and they charge more for the game but surely if SI games put the downloads on their own website the game would be cheaper and they would possibly sell a lot more (not sure on the selling more as I think most people would buy the game irrespective of the cost). I certainly would prefer to download the game if it was the same price as the DVD.

Just a question and not a criticism but I just wanted to know the reason!

Matt ex SEGA
26-11-2009, 00:24
Retailers discount the game hugely for some reason - often at a loss.

You'd have to ask them why...

26-11-2009, 00:26
lol SI offering the game on its own servers have you seen this forum during peak times it almost dies. They are better off keeping it at Steam as Steam have servers that can cope with it plus it would cost Sega a fortune to run the servers