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25-11-2009, 20:48
This is a Tribute – DodgeeD’s World Tour

"This is not the greatest save in the world.
No - this is just a tribute..."

I finally settled on a theme to my career: a tribute to the members of the forum whose career exploits and forum contributions have kept me hooked over the last couple of years. I intned to start unemployed and see how far I can go. Be warned: progress will be slow as I will dip in and out of this when I need a break from my B.C. Branco save in the Big Euro Nation challenge but I hope to keep this career on the go until FM11 at least. :thup:

Set-up: 10.0.1 (No edits); medium database, players from top clubs on all continents loaded

Past Experience: Sunday League Footballer

Leagues loaded:

a) The Tributes
Brazil (Serie A & Serie B) – in tribute to corinthiano for his extensive knowledge of South American football and Brazil in particular. Also to daemonic and dafuge for their great FM09 careers.
China (Super League and 1st Division) – in tribute to the infectious enthusiasm for Asian football brought to the forums by rancer890.
Hong Kong (top flight only) – in homage to the great careers of Raware.
India (top flight only) – a nod to crouchaldinho and his fantastic Britain/India challenge.
Northern Ireland (top flight only) – it wouldn’t be a series of tributes without a cap raised to Nep, Knockbreda and Smylie now, would it?
USA (MLS) – again for rancer890 and his beloved TFC.
Uruguay (1st & 2nd Divisions) – in honour of McTavish, first to complete the South American incarnation of the small to big club challenge on FM08.

b) Greatest Hits
Czech Republic (1st & 2nd Divisions) – scene of my first challenge completion with Chmel Blsany in Gundo’s FM08 challenge
Mexico (1st Division & Promotion League) – home of my favourite ever save with Estudiantes Santander.
Turkey (Super Lig & 1. Lig) – my adopted home country and source of my FM09 Gundo’s success with Yalovaspor

c) ...and the rest
Argentina (1st & 2nd Divisions)
Australia (A-League)
England (Premier League & Championship)
Spain (Liga BBVA & Liga adelante)

A lot of leagues I know! My laptop has 2 stars for performance and 1 for game speed at present but I have a deal with my wife that I can switch to the much-more powerful desktop PC if the game slows down too much (either that or a new laptop ;))

Aims: These are not set in stone but more a rough outline of how I’d like this career to pan out.

Start outside Europe.
Win a continetal trophy.
Manage a minnow nation (an extra tribute to MadWoodster and his international challenge).
Move to Europe after building up my rep.
Win the Champions League.
Win the World Cup.
Take a final pay check in the MLS/A-League.

Now to see who is willing to give me my first break!

Are you enjoying my career so far? Please give it a rating :thup:

25-11-2009, 21:01
The Story So Far....


Tai Po (Hong Kong)

Season Division Pos. Domestic Cups Continental
2009-10 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4373784&postcount=25) Hong Kong 1st 4th FA Cup Final ACC 2ndR
League Cup SF
Senior Shield QF
2010-11 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4403836&postcount=40) Hong Kong 1st 2nd FA Cup 1st Round -
League Cup Final
Senior Shield SF

2011-12 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4442462&postcount=53) Hong Kong 1st 2nd FA Cup SF ACC Group Stage
League Cup Group
Senior Shield SF
2012-13 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4502050&postcount=83) Hong Kong 1st 3rd FA Cup 1st Round ACC Finalists
League Cup Group
Senior Shield Winners!

Resigned in October 2013
Olimpo de Bahia Blanca (Argentina)

Appointed December 2013

Season Division Open Close Overall Play-offs Continental
2013-14 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4603769&postcount=115) Argentine 2nd - 5th 9th N/A N/A
2014-15 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4707658&postcount=142) Argentine 2nd 1st 2nd 1st Promoted N/A
2015-16 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4778409&postcount=179) Argentine 1st 15th 10th 13th N/A N/A
2016-17 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5139266&postcount=223) Argentine 1st 11th 11th 12th N/A N/A
2017-18 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5276170&postcount=239) Argentine 1st 10th 9th 10th N/A N/A

Left at end of contract (June 30th, 2018)
San Lorenzo de Almagro (Argentina)

Appointed July 1st, 2018

Season Division Open Close Overall Play-offs Continental
2018-19 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5371194&postcount=260) Argentine 1st 2nd 1st 1st N/A Copa Sudamericana Winners!
Copa Libertadores SF
Recopa Winners!
Resigned November 2019
Toronto FC (Canada/USA)

Appointed December 19th, 2019

Season Division East Conf. Play-offs Continental Other
2020 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5647683&viewfull=1#post5647683) MLS 1st Winners! N/A Canadian Champions!
2021 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5662832&viewfull=1#post5662832) MLS 1st Conference CCL Winners! 2nd in Canadian Champ.
Finalists PPC Winners!
SL Winners!
CWC Finalists
2022 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5690695&viewfull=1#post5690695) MLS 1st Finalists SL Group Stage Canadian Champions!
2023 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5729658&viewfull=1#post5729658) MLS 1st Conference CCL Winners! Canadian Champions!
Finalists SL Semis
CWC Winners!

Left at end of contract December 2023
Sevilla (Spain)

Joined February 2024

Season Division Pos. Copa del Rey Continental
2023/24 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5747610&viewfull=1#post5747610) Liga BBVA 5th Finalists Champs League 1st KO
2024/25 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5783099&viewfull=1#post5783099) Liga BBVA 3rd Quarter-finals Europa League QFs
2025/26 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5863570&viewfull=1#post5863570) Liga BBVA 5th Winners! Champs League QFs

Left at end of contratct, June 2026
Man Utd (England)

Joined March 2027

Season Division Pos. Domestic Cups Continental
2026/27 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5891948&viewfull=1#post5891948) Premier League 9th N/A N/A
2027/28 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5923092&viewfull=1#post5923092) Premier League 1st FA Cup Winners N/A
League Cup QFs
2028/29 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5981156&viewfull=1#post5981156) Premier League 1st FA Cup Winners Champs League SFs
League Cup Winners
Community Shield
2029/30 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-FM10-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=6181358&viewfull=1#post6181358)Premier League 1st FA Cup Winners Champs League Finalists
League Cup 4thR
Community Shield



Solomon Islands

Season Competitions Notes
2012 N/A Joined in April 2012
2012 3rd in WCQ 2nd Round Resigned in June 2013

South Korea U19s
Season Competitions Notes
2013 1st in Asian U19 Quals Joined in October 2013
2014 Won Asian U19 C'ship Resigned November 2014

Season Competitions Notes
2015 N/A Joined in July 2015
2016 N/A N/A
2017 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5241673&postcount=230) 9th in WCQ Resigned in October 2017


Season Competitions Notes
2019 N/A Joined in December 2018
2020 ACN finalists Resigned in February 2020
New Zealand

Season Competitions Notes
2023 N/A Joined in July 2023
2024 OCE Cup Winners
2025 Confed Cup 1stR Qualified for 2026 World Cup via Play-off
2026 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/171102-This-is-a-Tribute-DodgeeD-s-World-Tour?p=5864748&viewfull=1#post5864748) OCE Cup Winners
World Cup 1stR

Season Competitions Notes
2026 N/A Joined in July 2026
2027 N/A Qualified for Euro 2028
2028 Euro 2028 QF
2029 N/A Qualified for World Cup 2030
2030 World Cup 2ndR



Trophies Won:
2012 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield (Tai Po)
2014 Asian U19 Championship (South Korea)
2014 Argentine 2nd Division Apertura (Olimpo)
2014/15 Argentine 2nd Division Champions (Olimpo)
2018 Copa Sudamericana (San Lorenzo)
2019 Argentinian Primera Division Clasura (San Lorenzo)
2018/19 Argentinian Primera Division Champions (San Lorenzo)
2019 Recopa Sudamericana (San Lorenzo)
2020 Canadian Championship (Toronto FC)
2020 MLS Cup (Toronto FC)
2021 Pan-Pacific Championship (Toronto FC)
2021 CONCACAF Champions League (Toronto FC)
2021 SuperLiga (Toronto FC)
2022 Canadian Championship (Toronto FC)
2023 CONCACAF Champions League (Toronto FC)
2023 Canadian Championship (Toronto FC)
2023 Club World Championship (Toronto FC)
2024 Oceania Nations Cup (New Zealand)
2026 Oceania Nations Cup (New Zealand)
2026 Copa del Rey (Sevilla)
2028 Premier League (Man Utd)
2028 FA Cup (Man Utd)
2028 Community Shield (Man Utd)
2029 Premier League (Man Utd)
2029 FA Cup (Man Utd)
2029 League Cup (Man Utd)
2029 Community Shield (Man Utd)
2030 Premier League (Man Utd)
2030 FA Cup (Man Utd)

2014 Argentine 2nd Division Manager of the Year
2020 MLS Coach of the Year
2028 English Premier League Manager of the Season
2029 English Premier League Manager of the Season
2030 English Premier League Manager of the Season

Legend: QF = Quarter final; SF = Semi final
ACC = Asian Confederation Cup
ACN = African Cup of Nations
CCL = CONCACAF Champions League
CWC = Club World Championship
SL = SuperLiga
PPC = Pan-Pacific Championship
WCQ = World Cup Qualifiers

25-11-2009, 21:06
This sounds very interesting DodgeeD, i'll be following every step of the way :thup:

25-11-2009, 21:10
'Infectious enthusiasm' for Asian football. That's definitely me! :D

And about the last bit. It's quite hard to take a last pay check on a league that you didn't load... ;)

Good luck in this career!! :thup:

25-11-2009, 21:12
Cheers hamilton162 and rancer890.

And about the last bit. It's quite hard to take a last pay check on a league that you didn't load... ;)
Whoops! :o That's now been edited into the OP.

25-11-2009, 21:25
Part 1 - The Art of Self-Defence: Tai Po


And so it begins in Hong Kong with a tribute to Raware....

I went with Tai Po mainly because they were the only club that didn't turn me down! :p It looks promising, however. They were formed in 2002 and enjoyed a quick rise up the divisions in Hong Kong and even managed to win the FA Cup in 2009. Also, they are one of the few clubs to not play at the **** Kok Stadium. Instead, they have their own place, the all-seater 3,200 capacity Tai Po Sports Ground (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/76/HK_TaiPoSportsGround2.JPG). As an added bonus, they have a youth academy too. :thup:

Now time to look through the squad and see what free transfers I can get and who is willing to bolster the backroom staff.

25-11-2009, 21:33
Good Luck at Tai Po DodgeeD, hopefully you can do well with them :thup:

25-11-2009, 21:43
TFC :cool:

You posting your challenge thread ?

25-11-2009, 21:55
You posting your challenge thread ?
What challenge thread? If you mean the ten year career challenge, I might get that up once I have finished the Big Euro Nation challenge.

25-11-2009, 22:10
Good luck with Tai Po Big D. :thup:

Hope you enjoy your stay in HK. :p

26-11-2009, 01:21
I'm honoured to receive the tribute! :D Even more so that you're starting your career in HK alongside my homage :D Looks like another really interesting career and one i'll definitely be following.

Good luck with Tai Po :thup: They're an up and coming team who, as you say have a youth academy and have their own ground.

Best of luck with this :thup:

28-11-2009, 11:15
September 2009 Tai Po Update

Ins & Outs
I inherited a very large squad. Unfortunately, many of the players were in the reserves and nowhere near good enough for the first team. They were taking up a lot of the wage budget too (players I deemed not good enough were earning a total of 2.5k P/W between them!) so I free transferred a couple and released the rest, an expensive act but a necessary one.

Alas, my scouts found no decent Hong Kong players available for free (I had a transfer budget of 1k) so I had to choose my foreign signings carefully to bolster the squad while staying within the foreigner limits imposed by the league. In the end, the following players came to the club:

Adonis (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009signingAdonis.jpg) - my first signing. Should be a menace on the wing at this level.

Fagner (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009signingFagner.jpg) - his pace and acceleration will be useful on the left flank.

Raul Basilio Garay (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009signingGaray.jpg) - was playing in China last season but I picked him up as a free agent. 3 asissts so far are promising for his role as the support striker.

Li Wei (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009signingLiWei.jpg) - transfer listed with an asking price of 100k but I managed to get him for free! (albeit with a 40% sell-on clause). Easily my best signing, he'll be a beast in this division!

Fernando Lopes (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009signingLopes.jpg) - centre back was a problem area so Lopes added much needed depth.

Luciano (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009signingLuciano.jpg) - as did Luciano, who brings much needed experience to the side.

These guys join the existing squad, of whom the following player is the clear star:

Christian Annan (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009keyplayerAnnan.jpg) - set to be my main goalscorer this season. The great thing is, he's already been here long enough to take Hong Kong nationality.

The Season So Far...
Pre-season went well as we got through ten friendlies (mainly against Hong Kong clubs and including a 3-0 away win over Fukien ;)) without defeat. We carried that good season into the start of the league with 2 wins and a draw from our first three games. The draw has been the highlight so far as it came away to Kitchee, a side just coming off the back of a comprehensive 5-1 defeat of Rangers. Hopefully, we can keep this form up!
Current standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2009Table.jpg)

So impressive was our start to the season that we got 5 players named in the Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2009TeamoftheMonth.jpg), including 3 of my new signings.

Next update to come once we reach the mid-season break. :thup:

28-11-2009, 13:05
A promising start there DodgeeD and a nice win against Fukien! :( ;) I have to say i'm impressed with the signings you've made, especially Fagner and Annan. The league title stands a great chance of being yours...providing you can keep The Shalin Temple quiet.

28-11-2009, 13:11
Thanks Raware. Unfortunately, as you'll see in the next update, our form has gone off the boil a little and the title seems a distant dream, especially with Kitchee and South China moving clear at the top. I think the top 4 is a realistic aim though. Plus, we have kind draws in the Senior Shield and League Cup so I hope a good cup run or two will boost morale and finances. :)

28-11-2009, 13:53
December 2009 Tai Po Update

Hong Kong 1st Division
Our good start could not be maintained as we came unstuck with an away defeat at Citizen followed up by a pitiful performance at home to South China. A win against Sha Tin put us back on track but dropped points against Tai Chung (draw) and TSW Pegasus (defeat) leave us a long way behing the dominant forces of Kitchee and South China as we reach the halfway stage.
Current standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec20091stDivTable.jpg)

Li Wei's form continued as he made the October Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2009TeamoftheMonth.jpg). he was included again in November's line up (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2009TeamoftheMonth.jpg), along with Adonis and Christian Annan.

Senior Shield
Our brief run in the Senior Shield taught me one thing - teams in Hong Kong are terrible at taking penalties!

In the 1st round, we faced Sha Tin away. A poor first half performance saw us deservedly a goal down but we rallied in the second half and got the goal to force extra time. All looked lost as we conceded a penalty in extra time but we had a large slice of luck as we scored in stoppage time in extra time with an offside goal to force penalites. Sha Tin were hopeless, missing three spot kicks and allowing us to advance.
1st Round Result (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009SeniorShield1stR.jpg)

Rangers awaited in the quarter final. An early goal put us in the lead but we were denied a win by the dodgy ref, as Rangers scored a goal that was offside but we had a legitimate goal ruled out right at the end of the game (fair enough I suppose after our dodgy equaliser in the last round). This time, we had no luck as we missed two spot kicks and went out. A shame as Rangers played Sun Hei in the semis, a team we could have beaten easily.
Quarter Final Result (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009SeniorShieldQF.jpg)

League Cup
In January, we will emerge from the winter break to contest the group stage of the League Cup with Sha Tin and Tai Chung our opponents. If all goes well, top spot and a place in the semis should be within our reach.

30-11-2009, 21:47
February 2010 Tai Po Update

Didn't have much time to play over the weekend but here's a quick update ofthe few games we did play. :)

Hong Kong League Cup
January passed with our League Cup group games. Disaster struck in our first game as we could only manage a goalless draw with Tai Chung, the bottom side in the 1st Division. That put pressure on us to get a win against Sha Tin and we managed it on the day as a header from a corner and a penalty earned us a 2-1 win and progress to the semis.
Group Tables (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010LeagueCupGroups.jpg)

We faced Citizen in the semis but played poorly and were lucky to only lose 1-0. Despite doing nothing all through the game, we provided late drama as Li Wei smashed a free kick against the crossbar but it was not to be as we were eliminated.
Semi final (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010LeagueCupSemi.jpg)

Confederations Cup
An unexpected message in my inbox was that we had been included in the Asian Confederations Cup draw! (I'm assuming this is because Tai Po are the FA Cup holders). We will face PEA (Thailand), Hai Phong (Vietnam) and Tampines (Singapore) in the group stage. I'm not sure what to expect as I don't know enough about the stature of hong Kong clubs to say if that is a winable group or not and the board's expectation is just to 'enjoy the experience'. Hopefully, this will at least bring some cash into the club. :)
Group F (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010ConfederationCupGroupDraw.jpg)

FA Cup
The draw for the FA Cup was also made with Tai Po facing a tricky trip to Rangers in the 1st Round. The board expect at least the semis though...

1st Division
Just three games since November in the league, which saw us draw 1-1 away at Sun Hei, lose 3-1 at home to Kitchee and win 3-1 away at Happy Valley. That means we are currently 4th, 1 point ahead of 5th placed Sha Tin but well behind the top three of Kitchee, South China and Citizen.

EDIT: A bit clearer now - first Confederation Cup game coming up at PEA and we are 15-1 long shots....

EDIT: And only 3 foreigners allowed! :eek: We're screwed... My only hope is that our opponents are all greys...

FINAL EDIT: Went 2 goals down early on. Managed to claw one back but it wasn't enough. :(

30-11-2009, 22:13
Aw man Big D, forgot to tell you about the strict foreigner restrictions in the ACL and the Confederations Cup... :D

It's best to try and sign some Chinese players because it only takes 2 years for them to get HK citizenship. :thup:

30-11-2009, 22:17
It seems all the best available players (and the ones most willing to come) are Chinese anyway. What about foreigners who have taken up Chinese nationality? I have one of those :p

30-11-2009, 22:21
It seems all the best available players (and the ones most willing to come) are Chinese anyway. What about foreigners who have taken up Chinese nationality? I have one of those :p

Foreigners takes 7 years (or 8). I would definitely raid China for players. I'm sure some of the 1.3 billion there can play football in HK's top flight. :p

30-11-2009, 22:33
I like what you've got going on here dude :thup:

Good luck with your career. I'm not a fan of journeyman games myself (as I'm sure you could have guessed) - but I like to follow people who do these kinds of saves. Keeps it interesting :)

30-11-2009, 22:43
Cheers Nep :thup:

I'm sure I'll take in a season or two in NI in the future in search of the next Symlie. ;)

01-12-2009, 04:00
Steady progress still DodgeeD. It sounds as if a title challenge is out the window for this season but a cup win is still possible. As rancer said, it's probably best to look for Chinese players as they only take 2 years to gain citizenship, foreigners take 7...if you can find Chinese players out of the 1 billion that want to move. ;) The continental cups are really difficult to win as, again as you and rancer said, only 3 foreigners are allowed. I managed to win the ACC and the ACL on FM08 once but that was down to a lucky draw. I struggled to win either of them again.

Any plans to leave already? Or will you be sticking around HK for a while?

01-12-2009, 22:36
No definite plans to stay or go yet... A lot depends on how this season pans out. If Tai Po are still in the Confederation Cup after the group stage (possible - we only need a point from our final game to guarantee 2nd, a win to take top spot :thup:), I will definitely stick around for those games. We won't win the league but we still have a chance in the FA Cup (all the best teams are on the opposite side of the draw so the final is within our reach). In short, good cup progress will see me stay on for a bit longer. ;)

03-12-2009, 20:45
May 2010 Tai Po Update

Hong Kong 1st Division
Our form in the last 8 games was much better than earlier in the season as we won 6 games, including a 2-1 win away at South China (we scored with our only two shots on target but they all count ;)). The only defeat came against Sha Tin as part of a run of 4 games in 7 days as I had to field reserve players in an attempt to keep first teamers fresh for important cup games (see below). At one point, we were pushing Citizen for 3rd but the defeat at Sha Tin put an end to that. In the end, we needed a point on the last day to secure 4th and that's exactly what we got.
1st Division Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20101stDivisionTable.jpg)

FA Cup
The FA Cup was crammed into the month of May, giving us a busy end to the season. The rounds passed as follows:

1st Round - v. Fourway Rangers (home) 4-1 win. Easy.

Quarter-final - v. Sun Hei (home) 2-1 win. Easier than the scoreline suggests.

Semi-final - v. TSW Pegasus (away) 0-0, we win 6-5 on penalties. We were starting to falter due to a fixture pile-up of cup and league games but we held our nerve in the shoot-out.

Final - v. South China (neutral) 2-2, South China win 5-3 on penalties (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010FACupFinal.jpg). A terrible first half saw us go two down but a turnaround in the second half saw us level the game. This time, we faltered in the shoot-out though with South China taking advantage.

Confederation Cup
Not much was expected from our venture into Asia's second tier continental competition. I felt confident in our ability to get results at home though and that is just what got us through a tight group. Results were as follows:

v PEA (away) 2-1 loss. Terrible first half left us lucky to only be two goals down. A red card for the Thais gave us hope in the second half but we only managed to get one back.

v Hai Phong (home) 2-1 win. A much better performance as we came back from conceding an early goal to get a crucial win.

v Tampines (home) 2-0 win. We dominated the Singaporeans and should have won by more.

v PEA (home) 1-0 win. It seemed to be heading for a 0-0 draw until reserve striker Sze Kin Wai, only in the side because of foreigner restricitions, popped up to head home with seconds left.

v Hai Phong (away) 2-1 loss. We were desperately unlucky here as we took the game to Hai Phong, completely unawed by the 20,000 sell out crowd. We were leading until the 85th minute when Hai Phong equalised and then the sickener as they grabbed a winner in injury time.

v Tampines (away) 1-0 loss. A point was needed to guarantee our progress and we seemed to be getting it until Li Wei got sent off midway through the first half. A man down, we struggled and succumbed to a goal shortly afterwards. Luck was on our side though as Hai Phong beat PEA to put us through in 2nd place!

Group F Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010ConfedrationCupGroupF.jpg)

That meant we were away for a trip to West Asia in the next round. We couldn't have had a longer journey (three dyas before the FA Cup final to boot) as we travelled to Beruit to play Leebanon's Ansar. Two first half goals for the home side ended our slim hopes. We played better in the second half but were unable to get back into the game as we lost 3-1 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010ConfedrationCup2ndRound.jpg) and exited the competition.

End of season round up to come next time. :)

03-12-2009, 22:15
2009/10 Season Review: Tai Po



Hong Kong 1st Division: 4th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20101stDivisionTable.jpg)
FA Cup: Finalists (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010FACupFinal.jpg)
League Cup: Semi-finalists (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010LeagueCupSemi.jpg)
Senior Shield: Quarter-finalists (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2009SeniorShieldQF.jpg)

Confederation Cup: 2nd Round (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010ConfedrationCup2ndRound.jpg)

All in all, a decent first season.I think my squad was a little too thin to cope with the crunch of fixtures at the end of the season and I'll need to address that in the summer. not sure how though as we are over wage budget at the moment. The cup runs helped us make a profit though so perhaps the board will be a bit more generous next season.I think I'll stick around as I don't feel I can get any decent jobs elsehwere just yet. The board have offered me a new deal until 2012, which I am mulling over.

Key Players

Li Wei (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010LiWei.jpg) - easily my best signing. Played in nearly every game and got forward to ggod effect as shown by his goals tally. Although he didn't win, he was a contender for the 1st Division Player of the Year and Hong Kong Fans' Player of the Year awards, great stuff for his first year at the club.

Adonis (MR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010Adonis.jpg) - in fine form on the right wing and the source of many goals from there.

Christian Annan (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010Annan.jpg) - topscorer for us this season and a clear fan favourite, as shown by his selection as Supporters' Player of the Year.

Chan Sze Wing (DL) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010ChanSzeWing.jpg) - played in all bar one of the league games and did well enough to get capped by the Hong Kong national side for the first time at the end of the season.

Kwok Wing Sun (DR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010KwokWingSun.jpg) - as above, played consistently well on the right side of defence as was awarded with a first cap at the end of the season.

Lui Chi Hing (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010LuiChiHing.jpg) - did a great job in the holding midfield role, complementing Li wei very well and forcing his way into the national side also.


The following awards featured Tai Po players:
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (September) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2009TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Chan Sze Wing, Adonis, Li Wei, Garay, Christian Annan
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (October) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2009TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Li Wei
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (November) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2009TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Adonis, Li Wei, Christian Annan
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (January) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Jan2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Christian Annan
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (March) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Adonis, Li Wei, Christian Annan
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (April) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Adonis, Christian Annan
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (May) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/May2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Adonis, Li Wei, Christian Annan
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010HongKong1stDivisionTeamoftheYea.jpg) - Adonis, Li Wei, Christian Annan

The Season Ahead...
I think I'll stay at Tai Po for another season, unless a very intersting job opportunity comes along. I need to clear out the squad a bit to free up space in the wage budget though and I'll definitely be focusing my search for new players in Hong Kong and China due to the foreigner limits in place.

03-12-2009, 22:28
Good first season Big D :thup: but...

standings screenshot, and September and October Team of the Month all go to the same screenshot.

Hope you do better next season and get back to the Confederations Cup. :)

03-12-2009, 22:36
Cheers rancer. :thup: I won't be in the Confederation Cup next season as the league rules say top two from the league qualify (as South China did the double, I was hoping it would be league champion and cup winner with me going through as runner-up :p).

Screnies now fixed (at least they should be! :D)

mag man
05-12-2009, 10:16
Just saw this, will give me something to read at work. :thup:

05-12-2009, 21:44
Cheers mag man. I would love to follow threads at work but the forums are filtered out on all the computers there. :(

September 2010 Tai Po Update - Summer Transfers

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my board both increased the wage budget (I was 750 quid a week over for most of last season) and gave me a transfer budget of 14k. Searches for worthwhile players in Hong Kong proved fruitless so I brought in a few Chinese players as they wil get Hong Kong nationality more quickly along with three Brazilians. This meant I had to sell a few of my foreign signings from last season due to the limit of 5 foreigners in the first XI. As a consequence, Luciano (DC), Fernando Lopes (DC/DM), Fagner (ML) and Max (ST) were shown the door (they had either not quite lived up to expectations last season or had totally failed to do so) and Garay (ST) was sent to the reserves. The following players came in their places:

Beto (DC, Brazil) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010newsigningBeto.jpg) - better than the outgoing Luciano, available for free and wanted less in wages than his predecessor. ;)

Renato (DC, Brazil) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010newsigningRenato.jpg) - natural fitness aside, he looks like a solid defender and is rated as rthe best at the club by the coaching staff.

Zhang Chi (DR/DM/MRC, China) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010newsigningChi.jpg) - can play several positions, which will be handy in case of injuries.

Zhang Wenzhao (AML/ST, China) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010newsigningWenzhao.jpg) - will provide cover on the left and up front.

Gilsinho (AMC/FC, Brazil) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010newsigningGilsinho.jpg) - in the twightlight of his career maybe but this guy has the ability to storm this league and will provide the consistent attacking support than Annan lacked last season.

And the following player joins on loan, with a future fee clause of 6k waiting to be activated:

Huang Zhiyi (DL, China) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010loansigningZhiyi.jpg) - as I approached the limit on my wage budget, I opted for a season-long loan with the option to buy. Better then my current left-back but will be rotated due to the foreigner limits.

On a domestic note, I'm tracking the early days of the career of my most promising youth product in Neppo's Youth Player Project (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=162249) over in CSE. The initial post for this year's youngster, Wong Kwok Keung, can be read here (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4380647&postcount=79).

Season update to follow once I reach the winter break.

06-12-2009, 00:04
December 2010 Tai Po Update

Hong Kong 1st Division
At the start of the season, the number of teams in the league dropped from 11 to 10 meaning we are almost halfway through the season already (after just 8 games! :p). The matches played out as follows:

v. Fukien (a), 2-0 win
Gilsinho scores 2 minutes into his debut with Lui Chi Hing scoring a screamer for the second (a goal that would win the September Goal of the Month). Our opponents had no f'in chance really. ;)

v. Citizen (h), 1-0 defeat
A real kick in the teeth as an even game was decided by an injury time penalty in our opponents favour.

v. South China (a), 3-1 defeat
We took an early lead but were dominated after that and deservedly lost.

v. TM Progoal (h), 6-0 win
A great return to form and a real team performance with 6 different names on the scoresheet.

v. Sun Hei (h), 6-2 win
A Gilsinho hat-trick set us on our way to a comprehensive win with a goal for 15 year-old academy product Wong Kwok Keung topping it all off.

v. Rangers (HKG) (a), 0-0
A game we should have won but our finishing let us down.

v. Kitchee (h), 2-1 win
Annan and Gilsinho were on target as we got a key win against last season's runners-up.

v. TSW Pegasus (a), 2-1 win
We got lucky here as Pegasus had several chances but couldn't finish.They did us a favour at the other end with an own goal though and Li Wei made sure we got all three points.

Those performances mean we are 4th heading into the winter break, just behind Kitchee and Citizen in 2nd and 3rd. South China look uncatchable though having only dropped 2 points so far.
Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov20101stDivisionTable.jpg)

Our good form in October and November saw a few Tai Po players get in the monthly teams:
October Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/October2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Chan Sze Wing, Adonis, Zhang Chi & Gilsinho
November Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) - Chan Sze Wing, Renato & Adonis

Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield
Our top 4 finish last season meant we were seeded into the quarter finals this season.

Quarter final v. TM Progoal, 3-0 win
An easy win with an Annan brace and a Gilsinho effort securing the victory.

Semi final v. South China, 2-1 defeat (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010SeniorShieldSemi.jpg)
Much like the league game, an early goal put us in the lead. The manner of our defeat was a sickener though as Gilsinho missed a penalty that would have put us 2 up. South China equalised minutes later and then laid siege to our goal, finally consigning us to defeat in injury time...

06-12-2009, 04:38
Nice progress so far DodgeeD. With the exception of South China, who are always miles ahead in terms of quality, it's looking fairly close in the race for 2nd place. It must've been sickening to lose in the semi's how you did though! That damn Carrijo...he was always the thorn in my side when we played them too...although he's been sold now on my save which is making things a little easier for us :D I'm a bit sad though at where Fukien are standing...and having failed to score in 8 games! :eek:

06-12-2009, 05:00
Solid start Big D. Hope you can get to 2nd and hope South China loses points here and there, and capitalize on that and win the league.

Well, that's the plan, but you never know. :D

I think someone with my managerial abilities is managing at Fukien, because I can't score, and can't win at all, and the manager there is mirroring my 'accomplishments'. :D

06-12-2009, 08:26
I don't think there's much chance of catching South China as I played just beyond the winter break last night and they beat Kitchee to pull even further away at the top... They also dominated Citizen in the Senior Shield final and made it all the way to the final of the Confederation Cup, only losinh to a Kuwaiti side on penalties. They'll take some catching :eek:

Fukien are having a terrible time indeed! On refelction, our 2-0 win in the first game should count as part of our poor early season form. :p It seems the teams associated with Raware are struggling with Happy Valley relegated last season...

Were the Police team still amateur when you got promoted rancer? When I did a test run with this set up, I noticed HKFC coming up a couple of times and staying amateur - needless to say they got relegated quite quickly on ech ocassion!

06-12-2009, 09:52
it seems the teams associated with raware are struggling with happy valley relegated last season...

:( :( :( :(

06-12-2009, 16:15
Tai Po February 2011 Update

Hong Kong 1st Division

The league returned briefly from it’s winter break for two games in January:

v. Sha Tin (h), 1-1
This should have been an easy game but we went behind early on and looked poor in the first half. I didn’t mince my words at half-time and the team looked much better after the break. Li Wei got us back on level terms with a fine curling shot that would later win the January Goal of the Month. Alas, we were unable to get the winner despite several good chances.

v. Fukien (h), 2-0 win
Talk about kicking a team when they’re down. Poor Fukien came to us without a point or a goal all season and we beat them courtesy of two controversial efforts. First, following a tussle for the ball from a corner, a Fukien defender went down injured. As his team mates pushed up, he remained on the ground playing youngster Wong Kwok Keung onside for a tap in finish. Keung was at the centre of controversy again minutes later as he was ajudged to have handled the ball in the build up to Annan’s goal but the ref didn’t see it and we won.

Those results mean we are still 4th, a point behind Kitchee in 3rd and 2 behind 2nd-placed Citizen. South China are 3 points clear at the top (5 ahead of us) but reeling them in will be tough.

Hong Kong League Cup

Group Stage
We were handed a winable group with a trip to TSW Pegasus to be followed by a home tie with Sha Tin. The matches went as follows:

v. TSW Pegasus, 1-1
We started well but missed a couple of sitters early on as my strikers went unmarked for most crosses and corners. A rash challenge by centre back Chan Yuk Chi left us a man down but, just as we seemed set to rue those early misses, we won a penalty which li Wei dispatched. Pegasus really came at us though in the second half and got s deserved equaliser and we were really hanging on at the end.

v. Sha Tin, 3-2 win
Li Wei was in fine form in the first half, opening the scoring with a 25-yarder and adding a second from the penalty spot. Annan put us 3-0 up on the hour mark and we were cruising. A freak own goal from a deflected cross gave Sha Tin hope though and the scored another in injury time. We held on for the win but those two goals meant we would have to wait on the result of the last game to find out if we had gone through to the semis.

So, for us to go through we had to hope TSW Pegasus either dropped points against Sha Tin or only won by one goal. We got lucky as Pegasus took an early lead but were unable to score a second despite dominating most of the game, thus allowing us to top the group on goals scored.
Group Tables (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011LeagueCupGroups.jpg)

Semi Final
v. Citizen, 2-1 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011LeagueCupSF.jpg)
A re-match from last year’s semi then against a team we had yet to beat in a competitive game. That fact meant I ignored our pre-match tag of favourites and went with a defensive line-up. That did the trick as we frustrated Citizen and grabbed a goal when Renato headed in a corner. We doubled our lead with five minutes to go as a quick counter-attack caught Citizen short at the back and sub Chan Hin Kwong tapped in at the far post. Citizen pulled one back in injury time but we secured the win and our place in the final.

We will face South China (who else? :p) in the final to be played in late March.

Hong Kong F.A. Cup
The cup doesn’t start until May but the 1st Round has been drawn and we will play HKFC. That should be an easy win and, assuming we progress, we would face the winners of the Fukien-Happy Valley game in the quarter final so I think an appearance in the semis is a distinct possibility. South China are in the other half of the draw so fingers crossed we can make the final again.

06-12-2009, 16:34
Nah, Police were semi-pro once they were promoted to the Third Division, although once they were promoted to the top flight, they became professional. :thup:

Good progress Big D, hope you leapfrog Kitchee and Citizen soon. Fukien is worse than me, at least I've scored goals (own goals I mean :D) and the occasional goal at the right net. :D

06-12-2009, 21:56
Tai Po March 2011 Update

I’ll start with our big date against South China:

Hong Kong League Cup

v. South China, 5-2 loss (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011LeagueCupFinal.jpg)
What a disaster! :( We were without our first choice keeper, Lin Hon Ho, who was out with a stubbed finger (whimp! :p) meaning back up Xiao Guoji would make his first start of the season. That proved our undoing as he was at fault for two of the goals (there were also two penalties and an unstoppable long-range effort) as we shipped 5 goals before half-time. Nautrally, I told the team exactly what I thought of them and Gilsinho restored a little pride with 2 second half goals. If you look at the stats in the screenshot above, you’ll see that we gave them a close game but 2 errors from the keeper and 2 bad tackles from Renato and Beto at the back cost us dear...

Hong Kong 1st Division

Two games were played in March, either side of the League Cup final:

v. Citizen (a), 4-1 win
Played just a week after the League Cup semi final, Citizen were out for quick revenge. The should have remembered, however, that revenge is a dish best served cold. :p We went behind through an own goal from our keeper in the first half but we were always the better side. A slick passing move allowed Gilsinho to equalise early in the second half; Renato then gave us the lead from a header; Lui Chi hing proved Citizen had learned nothing from their mistake in the semi final as he smashed in a shot from the edge of the area following a quick break; and Annan completed the rout moments after the third goal as he picked up on a defensive error to get ono-on-one with the keeper and cooly finish.

v. South China (h), 2-1 loss
Just three days after the League Cup final, we faced South China again. A similar woeful first half performance to the cup game occurred here but with Hon Ho back in goal and my defenders playing more carefully, we only conceded one goal as opposed to five. Our second half performance was much better (again) but South China doubled their lead with a goal on the break. Gilsinho again did his best and pulled one back but the equaliser never came. We had chances to level the game with Annan and Li Wei going close but it was not to be...

The win over Citizen moved us up to 2nd but defeat to South China caused us to drop back to 4th, now 8 points behind the leaders with 6 games to play.
Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2010Table.jpg)*

*(note the last two games have done nothing to improve poor old Fukien's situation)

Despite the loss to South China, Chun Sze Wing and Li Wei were deemed good enough for the March Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2010TeamoftheMonth-1.jpg). Gilsinho also won Goal of the Month for his equaliser against Citizen, the 3rd month out of 5 that a Tai Po player has won that award this season!

07-12-2009, 01:34
South China...once again, the bane of your time spent in HK! Although there's still 6 games left, I reckon it's gonna be tough to catch Shaolin Temple now. Still, 2nd is well within your grasp and Conf. Cup qualification for next year is a real possibility (and the money that goes with it!) Still no win for Fukien though :( Just a quick question - Are Fukien still part-time on your save? I'm in my 4th season now and we still haven't turned professional.

Good luck for the rest of the season and with the FA Cup :thup: Let's hope you can finally beat South China and bring some silverware back to the new territories (don't want to jinx you!) ;)

08-12-2009, 14:02
Tai Po May 2011 Update

The season is now over and here’s how it played out:

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. TM Progoal (a), 0-0
Big disappointment as we could have gone back to 2nd with a win here after Citizen and Kitchee played out a draw earlier in the day.

v. Sun Hei (a), 2-1 win
We went behind in the first half and it looked as though our winless run would continue but second half goals from Gilsinho and Annan secured the win.

v. Rangers (HKG) (h), 2-0 win
Gilsinho set us on our way with a goal after 24 seconds. So Loi Keung added the second from a corner before halftime and after that we just cruised.

v. Kitchee (a), 3-0 loss
Just as we were starting to break clear in 2nd place, a disasterous result that allowed Kitchee to move level with us. It was all going well until Li Wei gave away a penalty midway through the 2nd half. We were then hit on the break twice late on as we searched for a way back into the game..

v. TSW Pegasus (h), 4-0 win
A return to winning ways following our cup shocker (see below). Gilsinho, Renato, Adonis and So Loi Keung provided the goals as we stayed in touch with the battle for 2nd going into the final game.

v. Sha Tin (a), 1-0 win
A hard fought win came courtesy of an Annan header in the first half. Crucially, the win allowed us to overtake Citizen in 2nd place one head-to-head results. Kitchee then stuffed up the next day going down 4-3 at home to Sun Hei to allow us to finish as runners-up and get back into the Confederation Cup for next season!

Our end of season form earned some of the lads spots in the teams of the month: April (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg) saw Zhang Chi selected and Chan Sze Wing, Lui Chi Hing and Adonis made the May team (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/May2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg).

Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011FinalTable.jpg) – so we come 2nd, 9 points behind champions South China. Spare a thought for Fukien who went down without scoring a single goal. They didn’t even score in the cups, their best performance coming when they forced extra time in the Senior Shield 1st Round before getting beat 2-0.

Hong Kong FA Cup

1st Round
v. HKFC, 1-1 (HKFC win 5-4 on penalties) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011FACup1stRound.jpg)
Shocking. :mad: We should have won in normal time but conceded a silly goal. We should have won in extra time but Annan missed an open goal. We should have won on penalties but Adonis bottled the penalty that would have out us through and HKFC went on to win in sudden death.

End of season round-up to come at some point in the near future. :thup:

08-12-2009, 21:21
2010/11 Season Review: Tai Po



Hong Kong 1st Division: 2nd (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011FinalTable.jpg)
FA Cup: 1st Round (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011FACup1stRound.jpg)
League Cup: Finalists (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011LeagueCupFinal.jpg)
Senior Shield: Semi-finalists (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010SeniorShieldSemi.jpg)

FA Cup embarassment and League Cup final thrashing aside, a good season. The squad is stronger than last season and we deserved to be 2nd. All that was lacking was a piece of silverware but South China are just too good at the moment as they completed a clean sweep of the domestic trophies and only lost the Confederation Cup on penalties!

Key Players

Li Wei (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011LiWei.jpg) – again, scored and provided from his central midfield role. After two seasons at the club, he is now eligible for Hong Kong nationality, which will help u no end in next seasons Confederation Cup.

Adonis (MR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011Adonis.jpg) – performed consistently again and initiated many attacking moves, even if he rarely played the final ball. His overall performance earned him the Fans’ Player of the year award.

Christian Annan (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011Annan.jpg) – not quite as prolific as last season as Gilsinho became the main striker but still effective and a key member of the team.

Lui Chi Hing (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011LiWei.jpg) – again, solid in the holding role and sure in the pass.

Renato (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011Renato.jpg) –solid as a rock at the back and proivded depth in defence that we lacked last season.

Gilsinho (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011Gilsinho.jpg) – made us look like a different team as he harassed defences inside and outside of the box. Picked as signing of the season too. I just wish he was ten years younger!


The following awards featured Tai Po players:
Hong Kong 1st Division Goal of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2010-11GoaloftheMonth.jpg) – Lui Chi Hing (September), Li Wei (January), Gilsinho (March)
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (October) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/October2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) – Chan Sze Wing, Adonis, Gilsinho
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (November) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2010TeamoftheMonth.jpg) – Chan Sze Wing, Renato, Adonis
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (March) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2010TeamoftheMonth-1.jpg) – Chan Sze Wing, Li Wei
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (April) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg) – Zhang Chi
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Month (May) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/May2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg) – Chan Sze Wing, Adonis, Lui Chi Hing
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011TeamoftheYear.jpg)– Chan Sze Wing, Renato, Adonis, Li Wei, Gilsinho (sub), Christian Annan (sub)

The Season Ahead...
I would like to actually win something with Tai Po before I move on but I’m monitioring the avaialable jobs to see if anything interesting comes up. I’ve applied to a few national U-21 ad U-19 sides so we’ll see if anything comes of that. If I stay, catching South China has to be the aim. Whether or not it can be done is another matter of course! South China, Citizen and some other clubs have let a lot of players go after their contracts expired so I’ll be scouting them to see if I can add some domestic depth to the squad. From the freebies I’ve already signed the following two players:

Chan Wai Ho (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011newsigningChanWaiHo.jpg) – a squad player from South China who should proivde us with cover when I need extra Hong Kong players in the squad.

Sidrailson (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011newsigningSidrailson.jpg) – also in from South China, the Brazilian will hopefully form a tight partnership with Renato at the back. As he’s already been here a few seasons, he will be eligible for citizenship in 3 years’ time.

I also activated the future fee clause in Huang Zhiyi (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011newsigningZhiyi.jpg)’s loan deal. As he has been here a year already, he should get citizenship at the end of the next season.

Link to Youth Player Update (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4409273&postcount=91)

08-12-2009, 21:41
Apart from the cups, a very good season there DodgeeD :thup:

09-12-2009, 02:15
Nice updates, Big D. Fwiw, how are Knockbreda doing?

09-12-2009, 03:44
A decent season DodgeeD even if the cups were disappointing. It's always going to be tough to topple South China due to the strong financial situation they're in and the wages they're allowed to offer, but at least you claimed the other Confederation Cup place; and as Fukien...well, the less said the better :(

Just one thing, without sounding pedantic. In the season summary, the link to the table is the game where you went out to HKFC. Other than that though, good luck for next season...where ever you'll be. :)

09-12-2009, 07:43
Nice updates, Big D. Fwiw, how are Knockbreda doing?
It seems thye have become quite the cup team. 2009/10 saw them reach the Intermediate Cup quarter finals and in 2010/11 they reached the Intermediate Cup final and the Irish Cup semis, both times beaten 1-0 by Ards (with both matches coming within a week of each other).

A decent season DodgeeD even if the cups were disappointing. It's always going to be tough to topple South China due to the strong financial situation they're in and the wages they're allowed to offer, but at least you claimed the other Confederation Cup place; and as Fukien...well, the less said the better :(

Just one thing, without sounding pedantic. In the season summary, the link to the table is the game where you went out to HKFC. Other than that though, good luck for next season...where ever you'll be. :)
Link now fixed. I always seem to botch at least one up for some reason. :rolleyes:

You'll be pleased to know that, although Fukien went down setting all the wrong kind of records, Happy Valley are back after just a season out of the top flight.

I'm nearing the end of the transfer window now but it's been a frustrating summer. I wasn't able to bring in any more freebies and the board won't give me a transfer budget even though I did a rancer and got some European teams in (Monaco, Atalanta and Panathinakos answered the call) to raise some cash (575k in total - we even managed to beat Monaco to finish 3rd). They have, however, finally agreed to upgrade facilities.

In other news, Li Wei is now a citizen of Hong Kong. I'm encouraged by his statement that he wished to play for Hong Kong in the future as he has to stay here for 3 more years to be eligible (some foriegn clubs have been scouting him it seems). Also, South China have been trying to unsettle Renato but he has repeatedly stated to the press that he's not interested and has just signed a 2-year extension to his current deal. :thup:

09-12-2009, 20:43
My latest youth player update is here (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4409273&postcount=91).

Update on the first half of the new season coming up :thup:

09-12-2009, 20:54
Tai Po December 2011 Update

We’ve reached the winter break in the league and this is how the season has panned out so far:

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. Kitchee (a), 1-0 win
We played a tight defensive game, looking for breaks and set plays to gain an advantage and that’s what we got as Gilsinho scored from a well-taken free kick for the games only goal.

v. Tai Chung (h), 1-0 win
We didn’t give our opponents a single chance to score but our finishing ws pretty poor at the other end. On another day, it could have been 5 or 6-0 but we had to settle for an Adonis goal to win this time.

v. Happy Valley (a), 2-1 win
An Annan brace helped us to a comfortable win with Happy Valley never really threatening despite thier late consolation goal.

Adonis was chosen for the September Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg).

v. TSW Pegasus (h), 2-0 win
Gilsinho set us on the way with an early goal. Despite having a man sent off, we were able to control the game and add a second through Adonis late on.

v. TM Progoal (a), 1-0 win
Again, we were in control throughout the match, hardly giving our opponents a sniff. A Gilsinho header just after half-time got us the three points.

v. Sun Hei (h), 0-0
First points dropped as we played poorly for the first time this season. Renato saved us with a goaline clearance but Annan cost us as he missed a sitter in injury time.

Chan Sze Wing was our guy in the October Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg).

v. Citizen (a), 2-1 loss
We started well with a goal from Gilsinho but a bizarre own goal by our goalie put Citizen level at half-time. They pushed forward in the last 20 minutes and got the winner though a cheeky lob to leapfrog us at the top of the table.

v. Rangers (HKG) (h), 2-0 win
Annan and Gilsinho got the goals with close range headers. Overall, a slightly disappointing performance considering we had 24 attempts on goal!

Adonis again made the November Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2011TeamoftheMonth.jpg).

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2011Table.jpg) – We are level on points with Citizen but they are top due to that win over us. A big surprise so far has been South China with 2 defeats already. As you may have noticed from the matches above, we have yet to play them so those two games will be key in determining our success this season.

Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield

Quarter final
v. TSW Pegasus, 2-1 win
An own goal gave us a first half lead before a stunning team goal put TSW Pegasus back in it. We held firm though and Adonis got the winner with ten minutes left following a goalmouth scramble.

Semi final
v. South China, 3-2 loss (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2011SenirShield.jpg)
Another cup, another defeat at the hands of the boys from the Temple. This time, just to make it even more frustrating, we out-played them for large portions of the match but a mad ten minutes before half-time saw us concede 3, which made Gilsinho’s opener and late header irrelevant.

Transfer News
I picked up a couple of free agents once the season was underway. Gerardo (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Jan2012Gerard.jpg) comes in to bolster the defence/midfield ahead of the Confederation Cup campaign and Indio (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Jan2012Indio.jpg) came in to offer more options up front fter he was released by his South Korean club. Neither has had a huge impact yet but I hope they will settle in and start producing soon.

12-12-2009, 09:47
Tai Po February 2012 Update

Just a brief league update and a look at our League Cup campaign (also brief :():

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. South China (h), 0-0
A missed opportunity as South China had 5 players out injured and were there for the taking. My defence was solid and my midfield creative but my strikers were having an off day and failed to take the numerous chances presented to them.

v. Kitchee (h), 1-1
More ground lost on Citizen. :( Again, we had the chances to win but... I think I need new strikers.

That means we are 2nd, 4 points behind Citizen and 1 ahead of South China. Adonis was our best performer again as he was named in the January Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Jan2012TeamoftheMonth.jpg).

Hong Kong League Cup

Group Stage
v. TSW Pegasus, 1-0 loss
Our strikers let us down again as we had 10 chances to our opponents’ none (Gilsinho managed to score at the wrong end when defending a corner). A red card for Renato prevented us from pushing for the equaliser.

v. Tai Chung, 1-1 draw
A dead rubber as TSW Pegagsus had already beaten Tai Chung to confirm their qualification before this game. I gave some squd players a run-out and a lacklusture performance saw another disappointing draw...

Now we turn our attention back to the league and I hope my players can pick their form up for the title run-in. We also have the Confederation Cup to look forward to and I’m hoping for a successful group stage to rais the club’s profile (as well as my own ;))

Hong Kong F.A. Cup
This just in: when the FA Cup starts in May, we get a chance for revenge on HKFC for last year's early exit. With South China, Citizen and Kitchee in the other half of the draw, we have to aim for the final a least.

13-12-2009, 08:53
DodgeeD's World Tour Part 1b - Deep Down In the Ocean(ia): Solomon Islands


I always wanted to include international management in this career and the first opportunity came calling courtesy of the Solomon Islands (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012SolomonIslandsJob.jpg). The position became vacant following an early elimination in the OCE Nations Cup and a poor start to the 2014 World Cup Qualifying campaign. I will take over for the remaining matches in the Oceania qualifying pool with no pressure to get any results...

Probably just as well considering the quality of the squad! A look at the players did lead me to this guy (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012Willielittle.jpg), who I can make lots of childish jokes about. :p

I aim to compete with the other small nations (but we are obviously well behind New Zealand). No fixtures until June so for now, time to concentrate on wrapping a season with Tai Po up. :thup:

13-12-2009, 11:01
:D Nothing wrong with childish jokes...with a name like that, he deserves it! I wonder if he got picked on at school! It'll be interesting to see how you do with the Solomon Islands considering how poor they are. What are their expectations?

As for Tai Po, good luck for the remainder of the season and the game against HKFC. Hope you get your revenge! :D

Jason the Yank
13-12-2009, 11:14
I've seen the Vanuatu job come open a couple of times in my save. Don't think Solomon Islands have though.

13-12-2009, 12:00
:D Nothing wrong with childish jokes...with a name like that, he deserves it! I wonder if he got picked on at school! It'll be interesting to see how you do with the Solomon Islands considering how poor they are. What are their expectations?
The FA expects the team to 'learn from the experience' of World Cup qualifying. However, they also expected the team to reach the final of the OCE Nations Cup (featuring all the seame teams as WCQ), which led to the previous manager being sacked. I have a friendly with Samoa in June (winnable) followed by a trip to Wellington to play New Zealand in my first competitive game (aim to avoid a complete thrashing :p).

15-12-2009, 19:17
Tai Po June 2012 Update

The last competitive game has been played and here’s how the season came to an end:

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. Citizen (h), 4-1 win
I decided to take the game to Citizen and it seemed to work early on as we dominated the opening period. We suffered a set-back when my keeper stuffed up a clearance allowing Citizen to take the lead. That only spurred my boys on though and Annan levelled the scores straight from thr re-start. Gerard then gave us the lead 3 minutes later and Gilsinho finally remembered where the goal was just moments after that. Citizen tried to get back into the game in the 2nd half but we were able to hit the on the break with Gilsinho getting his 2nd and our 4th to secure a huge win.

v. Rangers (HKG) (a), 2-1 loss
We had to win here but we managed to screw it up and hand the title to Citizen instead. All was going well through a Li Wei goal but, as has so often been the case this season, we failed to extend our lead and got hit by an equaliser. As we pushed forward for the winner, Rangers launched a counter-attack and scored a fluke goal from a deep cross that eluded the keeper. There was no time to reply and our title dreams were over...

v. South China (a), 1-1
At the start of the season, I had this game down as a potential title-decider. As it turned out, it was a meaningless match between two teams who had missed out on their chances to win silverware this season. A lacklusture first half saw South China take the lead from a free kick, the only real chance for either side. The game finally sparked to life with 15 minutes to go as South China had a man sent off. That allowed us to push for an equaliser, provided by Li Wei.

Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20121stDivFinlTable.jpg) – 2nd place again but a definite case of missed oppurtunity as South China flopped this season and the title was up for grabs. I need to strengthen this squad if I’m ever to win anything here as a couple of injuries or suspensions and we suffer.

Hong Kong F.A. Cup

1st Round
v. HKFC, 1-0 win
A single goal from Annan helped us set the record straight after last year’s embarassment. We should have scored more though.

Quarter final
v. Happy Valley, 2-0 win
A confident performance and an easy win courtesy of Gilsinho and Adonis’ well-taken goals.

Semi final
v. TSW Pegasus, 2-0 loss
We started brightly but went to pieces in the second half, conceding two goals in quick succession and never threatening after that.

Asian Confederation Cup

Group Stage
v. N. Sembilan (a), 1-1
As in our previous game, the Malaysian side sat back and let us keep the ball. A mistake by Gerard gave them the lead through a penalty though and just when it seemed we were heading for defeat, Sze Kin Wai popped up to head in a corner and earn us a point.

v. Tampines (a), 0-0
Really crunch time here as we were tied on 8 points with Tampines and Ha Poi at the top of the group and we would have to match Ha Poi’s result to go through. Tampines dominated but we somehow held on for a point, meaning we had 9 points in total with Tampines ahead of us due to their win in the first game. All depended on the result of the Ha Poi match...

Final Group Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012ACCGroupG.jpg) – ...but it was not to be as Ha Noi scored a late winner and topped the group. Despite collecting 9 points, we were consigned to 3rd.

15-12-2009, 20:20
2011/12 Season Review: Tai Po



Hong Kong 1st Division: 2nd (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20121stDivFinlTable.jpg)
FA Cup: Semi-finalists
League Cup: Group Stage
Senior Shield: Semi-finalists

Confederation Cup: 3rd in Group Stage (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012ACCGroupG.jpg)

A good season on paper but an opportunity missed as we failed to capitalise on a poor season by South China, who came 4th in the league and didn’t win any of the cups. A few too many dropped points cost us the league title and the lack of quality cover in our squad was exposed. That also cost us in the cups and in the Confederation Cup, we were just plain unlucky.

Key Players

Li Wei (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012LiWei.jpg) – started slowly but had a great second half of the season. Linked with Chinese clubs a lot these days but has expressed his desire to stay.

Adonis (MR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012Adonis.jpg) – Another consistent season with goals, assists and MoM performances aplenty making him the only logical choice for Fans’ Player of the Year..Sidrailson (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012Sidrailson.jpg) – slotted straight into the team and formed a strong partnership with Renato. Saved us many times with some great last ditch tackles.

Renato (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012Renato.jpg) –commanding in defence once again.

Gilsinho (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012Gilsinho.jpg) – Showed his age a bit more this year but still our best attacking player. A dip in form in the middle of the season pulled his ratings down.

The following awards featured Tai Po players:
Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012TeamoftheYear.jpg) – Adonis, Li Wei & Gilsinho (sub)
Hong Kong Footballer of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012Adonis-FootballeroftheYear.jpg) - Adonis

The Season Ahead...
Some good news for the season ahead: due to two ‘rancer’ friendlytournaments, the club finished the season with ₤650k in the bank, prompting the board to finally cough up the ₤180k necessary to upgrade training and youth facilities. On top of that, I was given a transfer budget of ₤400k! I’ll be scouring China for some future Hong Kong nationals I think. ;)

One pre-contract deal arranged so far:
Au Yueng Yiu Chung (AMRC, ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012NewsigningYiuChung.jpg) – another freebie from South China and regarded as one of the best young players in Hong Kong (which isn’t saying much :p). He’ll offer back-up for Adonis ont he right as well as the strikers.

The latest news on my Youth Project players can be found here (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4442487&postcount=103).

15-12-2009, 20:41
June 2012 Solomon Islands Update

I've had my first two games in the international arena. Results as follows:

v. Samoa (a), 1-1 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/June2012SamoavSI.jpg)
We were dubbed favourites for the game but with a lot of inexperienced players in the team, we took a while to settle. Veteran striker Menapi marked his last game before retirement with a goal but Samoa equalised immediately afterwards. Both sides had chances to win and we saw a goal ruled out for a dubious foul late in the game but I was happy enough with the result.

World Cup Qualifier
v. New Zealand (a), 6-3 loss (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/June2012NZvSI.jpg)
A much tougher game a few days later as we travelled to Auckland. I picked a defensive set up and told the lads there was no pressure. We stunned the home support with an early goal but that only served to rile the Kiwis. They levelled the match straight from the kick-off and took the lead a few minutes after that. After a few more minutes we were 3-1 down. We then held the home sidee at bay... for just under ten minutes and then it was 4-1. No wait, 5-1! :o At half time I sympathised with the team and that seemed to do the trick as we took the game to the hosts and pulled two goals back! We even had a goal ruled out that would have made it 5-4 and set up a very interesting final 10 minutes. Alas, the offside call was (correctly made) and New Zealand responded by adding a final goal to make sure and securing their progression to the Oceania-Asia play-off with two games to spare.

We return to the international scene in September when we wrap up the qualifying campaign with games against New Caledonia and Fiji.

15-12-2009, 20:41
Nice season Big D. Nice to see people using my 'friendly' tournament methods :D

Hope you can make a breakthrough and win the league next season. :thup:

15-12-2009, 20:54
Some decent results there on the international scene DodgeeD :thup:

15-12-2009, 21:02
Good season there :thup:

16-12-2009, 02:54
Ah, unlucky DodgeeD. You did the hard work in beating Citizen...and 4-1 too :eek: I would've slammed every single player for mucking it up against HK Rangers, they obviously bottled it. And as for the ACC, I don't think you could've been any unluckier. Good to see you've got Au Yeung Yiu Chung :thup:. I've been chasing him for 3 or 4 seasons now but he won't come to me :( He a great little player. I reckon a couple more players and a league title is surely yours, providing South China don't strengthen.

Onto the Solomon Islands, well it's always going to be tough. A spirited fight though against the Kiwi's.

Good luck for next season. No plans to move on yet then?

16-12-2009, 07:49
No plans to move yet - I don't think any clubs would want me yet, apart from the strugglers in India and the teams at the bottom of the Uruguyuan 2nd Division... I've made a lot of new signings for the season ahead - plenty of Chinese future stars to fill my reserves while they wait for Hong Kong passports and a couple of players from further afield to take the foreigner spots freed up by the three players who have taken Hong Kong citizenship over the summer. ;) Not had the best of starts though.... Report to come later.

16-12-2009, 07:57
My tactic too :D. Get the Chinese while they're young so they can claim HK status and try and get foreigners who are near to gaining HK citizenship. Then only the best foreigners can use the foreigner allowances. Sounds like you're making big strides now and I have no doubt you'll be dominating HK/Asian football soon. :thup:.

16-12-2009, 08:02
You might not say that when you see my next report :( (to be posted this evening as I type this on the sly from work ;))

16-12-2009, 19:39
Tai Po September 2012 Update

A round-up of a busy transfer window and our first league games:


The following players have now joined the Tai Po first team squad:

Mathias Fernandez (GK) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012NewsigningFernandez.jpg) – noticed this guy on the ‘clubs in Uruguay release youth players’ news item. He came for trial and my coaches said he was way better than my current goalie so I snapped him up. I am questioning their judgement a little after the first few league games though...

Devran Ayhan (DM, MRC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012NewsigningAyhan.jpg) – my scouting knowledge of Turkey (2nd nationality) helped m swoop for this guy wen his contract was up. At 34, only a short term measure but he will bring vital experience from the top flight of Turkish football to the Hong Kong 1st Division. He will be put t0 work mentoring my youngsters too.

Zhang Chao (AMC/FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012NewsigningZhangChao.jpg) – a target of mine for a couple of years now. The difference this year was that I had the money to meet the asking price! It came down to this guy and another Chinese striker aged 17. Chao got the nod due to his flair and the fact that he could come straight away (the other player would have had to wait until his 18th birthday). Nice to have some young blood in the team for a change. ;)

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. Citizen (h), 3-0 loss
A shocking start to the season. :mad: We played well in the first half but conceded jst before the break. I obviously chose the wrong team talk as we collapsed in the second half a deservedly lost.

v. South China (a), 3-0 loss
To make it worse, this time we actually played well, matching South China for shots and clear cut chances but failing to take them. Not a great start to a season in which the board wants us to mount a title challenge...

v. TSW Pegasus (h), 2-2
Ridiculous! We dominated and took the lead twice through Li Wei and Wenzhao but both times Pegasus equalised with screaming long shots (first from 30 yards then 35) – their only two shots on goal!

v. Sun Hei (a), 2-2
My 100th game in charge! A fine strike by Chan Hin Kwong gave us the lead in the 2nd half but we were immediately pegged back by another long-range effort (40 yards this time) and then found ourselves behind moments after that. Annan saved us a point but it was another game we should have won.

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept20121stDivision.jpg) – only 4 games gone but we’ve got a lt of work to do if we are to win the title this season. Maybe I should concentrate on the cups...

16-12-2009, 19:50
Ocotber 2012 Solomon Islands Update

World Cup Qualifying

v. New Caledonia (h), 0-0 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2012WCQSIvNC.jpg)
Followed much the same pattern as my current games with Tai Po: we had te chances to win easily but didn't take them. I'm impressed by the fans so far though - 25,000 turned up for the game!

v. Fiji (a), 2-2 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2012WCQFijivSI.jpg)
Quite a dramatic game! We had more of the bll but they had the better chances and took the lead twice, only for us to hit back within a couple of minutes each time. That included a 90th minute goal to put the home side 2-1 up immediately followed by a great solo effort from Totori to recue a point for us and leave the fans happy.

Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014WCQOceania.jpg) - I matched my predecessors feat of a loss to New Zealand and draws against the other teams. The Kiwis were far too good and ttook the sole play-off with ease. Fiji came 2nd by virtue of being the only other team to actually win a game! Nevermind though as we had no chance before I took over and I can now get ready for next year's OCE Nations Cup.

v. Wallis and Futuna (h), 2-0 win
What do you do when still looking for your first international win? Play a non-FIFA member of course! Even though I handed out a few first caps to 16 and 17 year-olds, we dominated from start to finish and our opponents were only saved embarassment by some awful finishing!

Current World Ranking - 109th (up 2 places)

16-12-2009, 21:17
Bit of a spoiler here for my next update but I've encoutnered an annoying problem in my game: Tai Po have won through to the Senior Shield final but I get to matchday only to find SIX first team regulars unavailable as they have been picked for the Hong Kong Select XI's annual game with Guangdong Province. :mad:

To make it even worse, two of them only appeared as subs and four didn't play at all....

And so, I'll go into the final without my first choice full backs (Zhang Chi and Zhiyi), centre back (Renato), left winger (Wenzhao), midifield playmaker (Li Wei) and utility player (Gerard). At least Adonis and Sidrailson were overlooked... And how many players do my opponents (Sun Hei) have missing? Two :rolleyes:

17-12-2009, 03:05
It's really frustrating having your players called up for the HK v Guangdong game when you've got the SS final coming up, i've had it myself so I can sympathise with you :(. Good luck though...with your reserves! ;)

Onto the start of the season...well, one word really...shocking! I think a good start is a necessity or you'll end up suffering for half of the season in trying to gain your form back. I know it's too early to say yet but I just hope you manage to catch up with South China! Some nice signings too.

17-12-2009, 20:11
Is that normal Raware or is it a bug noticed too late for the new patch?

17-12-2009, 20:14
Tai Po January 2013 Update

The winter break is upon us so time to check in on Tai Po’s progress:

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. Rangers (HKG) (a), 2-1 win
A win at last! We reversed things a little by playing poorly but getting the result, which is fine with me. :p Adonis gave us the lead with a well-timed finish from a tight angle but we slipped up by letting Rangers hit us on the break (my instructions were clear – three players stay back for corners - but somehow our opponents broke with just one man waiting in defence). We had a few scares in the 2nd half but, just when it seemed another disappointment was on the cards, Zhang Chao picked a great time to score his first goal for the club.

v. HKFC (h), 1-0 win
An early goal from Chan Hin Kwong put us in the lead. We should have scored many more but we spurned many chances. Luckily, the amateurs made no threats to our goal and we got the 3 points.

v. Kitchee (a), 1-1
We played tight and restriced Kitchee well and got the break we wanted with a peanlty from Li Wei on the hour mark. It was not to be though as we conceded an equaliser in injury time...

v. TM Progoal (h), 1-0 win
A game we dominated but struggled to score in. It wasn’t until the 84th minute that Devrim Ayhan broke from midifield to score his first goal for the club.

v. Sha Tin (a), 3-0 win
Finally, the kind of result we’ve been failing to get all season!

v. Citizen (a), 4-0 win!
After a break in which the Senior Shield was played (see below), one league game was played in January as we tore Citizen to pieces. Li Wei got us off to a great start with a screamer from 25 yards before Indio added a second with a placed shot from the edge of the box. Li Wei repeated his trick early in the second half and Gilsinho, on as a sub, completed the rout in injury time. Btw, this was my first game on the new patch – lovin’ it so far! :D

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Jan2013Table.jpg) – despite going unbeaten since those opening two defeats, we still find ourselves 5 points off the pace. The top half of the table is quite tight though with all the teams beating each other. Surprise package so far has to be TSW Pegasus, who have suddenly transformed from relegation strugglers to title contenders!

Hong Kong Senior Shield

Quarter final
v. TSW Pegasus, 4-1 win
Of course, we had to get the in-form side first, didn’t we? :rolleyes: Not that it was a problem as Indio got us off to a great start after just 3 minutes with his first goal since recovering from a 5 month injury lay-off. Pegasus came at us after that but Indio added a second from a quick counter-attack midway through the 2nd half to effectively kill off their comeback hopes. Li Wei scored our third with 10 minutes to go and Zhang Chao headed in a 4th shortly afterwards. The league leaders managed an injury time consolation but we advanced (and hopefully crushed their confidence a bit in the process ;)).

Semi final
v. Kitchee, 2-1 win (aet)
We really took the game to Kitchee but couldn’t find a way past their in form keeper until the 2nd period of extra time when Lui Chi Hing scored a great half volley from 25 yards out. Gilsinho then added a second to make sure of our place in the final before Kitchee grabbed a late consolation.

v. Sun Hei, 1-0 win: TAI PO WIN THE SENIOR SHIELD! (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012SeniorShieldFinal.jpg)
For once, we didn’t face South China in a final but we were hit by call-ups to the Hong Kong Select XI (see earlier post), which meant we struggled to cobble togather a team within the foreigner limits. We were forced to play tight, hit on the break and hope none of my weak cover players were exposed. That did the trick as Indio produced a lovely moment when he twisted an turned past three players to score and the lads were then able to hold on to claim my first trophy of this career!

17-12-2009, 20:22
Congrats on the first trophy of your career DodgeeD :thup: You're not too far off of top spot, hand on in there mate :)

18-12-2009, 01:16
Well done on claiming your first trophy DodgeeD :thup:. And the league is looking a lot promising now. As long as you keep up with South China, you'll be battling for the title...TSW will fall away sooner or later.

As for the HK v Guangdong game clashing with the Senior Shield, i'm not sure if it's a bug or not. I've had it on this version and on 09/08 versions of the game. It's frustrating though :mad:

Jason the Yank
18-12-2009, 01:41
Well done on the first trophy of many. :thup:

18-12-2009, 18:26
Thanks guys. :) According to the patch notes, winning the Senior Sheild means I'll be in the Confederation Cup the season after this again regardless of what happens in the league.

First game when the league resumes play in March is at home to South China - a must win if we want to win the title this year.

19-12-2009, 02:43
A title decider in March then! I saw in the patch notes that the winner of the Senior Shield qualifies for the ACC now. I've not patched up yet as I want to wait and see what the feedback is on it first. How are you finding it? Any other changes to the HK league/cups? I've read that it's gone from one extreme to another - Long shots aplenty to super keepers now and a problem with injuries and fatigue. The 'injury bug' is what ultimately stopped me from playing 09 so if 10 is now similar, I won't be patching.

20-12-2009, 21:00
No changes to the competition formats but I have yet to start a new season since patching so we'll have to wait and see.

I've had more injuries this season but that includes pre-patch ones as well....

As for long shots, it was never a huge issue for me. My first game post-patch included three long range screamers though - luckily all for Tai Po. ;) As for super keepers, I don't think there's anything resembling a half-decent keeper in the Hong Kong league anyway so it's impossible to tell. :p

The main pluses for me are that my tactics still work (if anything my 'away' tactic is working better than before), there is no longer a huge list of U21 and U19 jobs clogging the job centre page and I can find takers for the useless half-star rated reserves who were eating into my wage budget. :thup:

21-12-2009, 01:09
Good to hear it then. I'll probably stick with 10.1 for now as after initial frustrations with it, i've learnt to cope with them now. Not sure I can take any more with a new patch (judging from responses anyway).

Anyway, getting back on to your thread without derailing it again ;), how did you finish the season then? A league title? :D

21-12-2009, 14:47
Good to hear it then. I'll probably stick with 10.1 for now as after initial frustrations with it, i've learnt to cope with them now. Not sure I can take any more with a new patch (judging from responses anyway).

Anyway, getting back on to your thread without derailing it again ;), how did you finish the season then? A league title? :D

You know what GD is like Raware cmon, I thought you were more intelligent to listen to that drivel.

21-12-2009, 14:59
You know what GD is like Raware cmon, I thought you were more intelligent to listen to that drivel.

I know, I try not to frequent GD that often :D. But after putting so much time into my current save, I don't want to mess it up by installing a new patch that I have problems with (even if the hearsay is wrong). It took me long enough to get used to 10.1 :D!

(Sorry for de-railing your thread again DodgeeD).

22-12-2009, 00:50
Just got around to reading this. Will be following properly from now on! :thup:

Glad you liked the Britain and India challenge. :)


22-12-2009, 06:08
I finally get around to reading this DodgeeD.

Great little adventure you have got going here. I myself managed American Samoa for a couple of games and it is do or die in the Oceanic division, no doubt.

22-12-2009, 14:08
Cheers Crouchy and Sax. Good to have you on board - hopefully I can add another trophy or two before this season is over. Nothing but friendlies with Solomon Isles for the next 18 months though...

24-12-2009, 09:51
Tai Po April 2013 Update

Not long left in the season now so here’s an update on our domestic and continental performances:

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. South China (h), 2-1 win
Massive, massive win against a resurgent South China team strengthened by several new transfers. It was one of those new signings, Natan, who gave them the lead after 5 minutes but we kept calm and took control with Indio equalising before half-time. Both sides had chances in the 2nd half but luck was on our side as a dubious penalty call went in our favour and Li Wei did the honours to get us three points.

v. TSW Pegasus (a), 0-0
We didn’t even come close to the win that would have cut the gap to two points.

v. Sun Hei (h), 3-1 win
We fell behind to an early goal but Wenzhao brought us level after reacting first to a rebound from a thunderous Ayhan drive. We dominated the 2nd half but struggled to score until a Li Wei piledriver ten minutes from time. Wong Kwok Keung then added a third as Sun Hei pushed forward for an equaliser. With TSW only managing a draw, this win closed the gap to 3 points.

v. Rangers (HKG) (h), 2-1 win
We battered the Rangers defence for the first half hour before Adonis finally put us in the lead. It didn’t last long though as my defenders seemed to still be celebrating the goal when our opponnents hit an instant reply. Early in the 2nd half, we regained the advantage thanks to a penalty from Li Wei. We had chances to score more but had to settle for 2-1 in the end.

v. HKFC (a), 2-0 win
A great start as Au Yueng Yiu Chung scored after 41 seconds, finally getting his first goal for the club on his 19th appearance. HKFC rarely got out of their own half and Li Wei sealed the points with yet another penalty in the 2nd half.

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April20131stDivision.jpg) – a super tight three way battle for the title now as TSW Pegasus dropped points again in the latest round of matches and South China have moved into first place having won their last 4 games. None of the top 3 play each other so it will all be about who slips up.

Hong Kong League Cup

Group Stage
v. TSW Pegasus, 3-1 loss
A poor performance but it could have been so different as we took the lead just before half time through Chan Hin Kwong but Pegasus equalised straight from the re-start. Minutes into the 2nd half, Li Wei needlessly gave away a penalty and we went 2-1 down. As we pushed forward, TSW Pegasus managed to add a 3rd somewhat unsportingly as we had player down injured in our own half at the time. :mad:

v. Sha Tin, 2-2
With Pegasus already guaranteed top spot, this was a meaningless game. I fielded a team of squad and youth players but we still dominated. Left-back Zhiyi opened the scoring with a header, his first goal for Tai Po, but we failed to capitalise on numerous chances and Sha Tin levelled the match after the hour mark. Youth Project Wong Kwok Keung restored our lead late on but our opponents struck again with a deflected effort meaning the points were shared.

Asian Confederation Cup

Group Stage
v. New Radiant (a), 2-0 win
A nice trip to the Maldives came first (although we seemed to be caught in the middle of a tropical downpour). An assured performance with Indio giving us the lead in the first half and Wong Kwok Keung making the game safe in the second half.

v. Bangkok Glass (h), 2-1 loss
A late goal conceded in each half cost us this game, with the winner coming on 90 +3 and making Wenzhao’s fine goal irrelevant.

v. Gia Lai (a), 2-1 loss
We started well with a goal after 2 minutes from Indio. The Vietnamese side soon equalised though. We matched them well throughout the game but they got the lucky break with a goal 15 minutes from time and we couldn’t score again despite a number of decet chances.

v. New Radiant (h), 1-1
The kind of game that would make some people head over to GQ and open a thread ranting about how much they hate this game (luckily for you, I’m not one of them ;)). More than 20 shots on goal, more than half of them on target, 7 clear cut chances, 5 blocked shots, off the woodwork three times and two goals disallowed for offside. Our opponents scored with their only chance of the game to cancel out Indio’s earlier strike.

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April2013ACCGroup.jpg) – we have to play in-form Gia Lai at home and Bangkok Glass away so I don’t hold much hope for progressing to the next round.

24-12-2009, 20:18
Tai Po June 2013 Update

Another season done with mixed results:

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. Kitchee (h), 3-2 win
We dominated and took and early lead but somehow found ourselves 2-1 down at half-time as Kitchee scored with their only two chances. Au Yeung Yiu Chung put us back in it and earned us the win late in the game with a well-taken shot, thus keeping us in the title race. This was a fan day too so from that point of view, the game was a success!

v. TM Progoal (a), 1-1
Just like last season at Rangers, we bottled it in a crucial game. Same old story – early lead through Indio and then we failed to take our numerous chances to extend the lead and got hit on the break... To make it worse, TSW Pegasus also dropped points and South China weren’t playing so we missed a chance to go top at a crucial stage in the season.

v. Sha Tin (h), 1-0 win
A win was a must to have any chance for the title and it came through a sweet Wenzhao volley. Now, we had to wait and hope for TSW Pegasus not to win their last game and for South China to lose...

Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20131stDivision.jpg) – ...neither of which happened as two dodgy own goals gave Pegasus a win over Citizen (brown bags anyone?) and South China drew 0-0 with Sun Hei. In the end, we came closer than we have the last two seasons but finished 3rd with a single pont covering the top three. That poor start to the season and the shocker at TM Progoal cost us dear. :(

Hong Kong F.A. Cup

1st Round
v. TM Progoal, 3-3 (a.e.t.) – lost 4-3 on penalties
An unbelieveable game – we had more of the ball and much better chances but Progoal looked dangerous on the rare ocassions when they came forward, so much so that they took the lead twice. Ayhan brought us level the first time with a 40 yarder and Indio provided drama with a second equaliser deep into injury time. Wenzhao gave us the lead in extra time before the dfence got sliced open by a Progoal counter-attack again. The drama continued with the penalties as we had two chances to win but missed our last 3 kicks to crash out. A great game for the neutral but a terrible one for us. :(

Asian Confederation Cup

Group Stage
v. Bangkok Glass (a), 4-3 loss
Just days after our FA Cup loss to TM Progoal came another crazy match! We went down early on but Au Yueng Yiu Chung scored a brace to put us ahead. Disaster struck before half-time though as we conceded twice in 3 minutes to go in 3-2 down. We took the game to them in the 2nd half and equalised through Li Wei but, as we pushed for the winner we needed to keep our qualification hopes alive, we conceded again and lost.

v. Gia Lai (h), 2-0 win
I didn’t have much hope before this game as we needed to beat a team with a 100% record and hope Bangkok lost to bottom side New Radiant. News that the game would be sold-out and tickets were in high demand (following our fan day against Kitchee) spurred us on though as I told the boys to do it for the fans and they did. Au Yueng Yiu Chung continued his purple patch with a fine goal from out wide and Lui Chi Hing added a second. Now it all depended on Bangkok Glass’ result...

Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013ACCGroupTable.jpg) - ...and to my amazement they lost! With just 7 points we had scraped into 2nd place. :eek: I guess that makes up for last season when 9 points was only good enough for 3rd. ;)

2nd Round
v. Kadeh (a), 1-0 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013ACC2ndRound.jpg)
We had to do it the hard way, playing away in front of 27,000 home fans and without Indio, who was injured in the last league game. I played a counter-attacking 4-5-1 formation and it worked as we hit on the break and won a penalty midway through the 2nd half. Mr Dependable Li Wei was on hand to convert it and send us into the quarter finals!

24-12-2009, 20:25
In other news, I quit as manager of Solomon Islands as it wasn't going anywhere. It seems every summer a bunch of players retire (some old and some without a club) and there aren't that many regens coming to replace them. That led to some rather poor performances in June friendlies so I decided to shelve my international ambitions for the time being and wait for a different option to present itself.

24-12-2009, 21:21
2012/13 Season Review: Tai Po



Hong Kong 1st Division: 3rd (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20131stDivision.jpg)
FA Cup: 1st Round
League Cup: Group Stage
Senior Shield: WINNERS! (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2012SeniorShieldFinal.jpg)

Confederation Cup: Qualified for Quarter-final

Not sure what to make of this season: a win in the Senior Shield but the FA Cup and League Cup were awful, we scored our highest points total to date in the league but came 3rd, and we struggled in the group stage of the Confederation Cup only to get a lucky break to qualify and the unexpectedly reach the quarter-finals.... Had we been knocked out, I probably would have quit and looked for a new job but now I’ll stay and see what happens in the next round, to be played after the new season starts.

Key Players

Li Wei (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013liwei.jpg) – the creative force in midfield and unflappable from the penalty spot. A no-brainer for Supporters' Player of the Year.

Adonis (MR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013Adonis.jpg) – Yet again did the business on the right.

Indio (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013Indio.jpg) – came back from a lenghty injury lay off to score some vital goals, especially towards the end of the season.

Zhang Wenzhao (ML) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013Wenzhao.jpg) – his best season at the club yet.

Au Yeung Yui Chung (AMR/ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013YiuChung.jpg) –after a very slow start, things picked up and he started to score and harrass defenders. Played a major role in our Confederation Cup progression.

Devran Ayhan (DM) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013Ayhan.jpg) – 35 he may be but he stood out in this league with some commanding performanes from deep and a couple of cracking long range goals as well.

The following awards featured Tai Po and the players:

Hong Kong 1st Division Team of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013HKTeamoftheYear.jpg) – Li Wei, Adonis (sub) & Zhang Wenzhao (sub)

Hong Kong Fans’ Player of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013FansPlayeroftheYear.jpg) – Li Wei

1st Division Fair Play Award (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013HKFairPlay.jpg) – Tai Po

The Season Ahead...
Let’s see how far we go in the Confederation Cup! I’m not expecting much but with a bit of luck, who knows? Beyond that, after 4 full seasons, I think it’s time to scour the job pages in more detail....

Three pre-contract deals arranged so far:
David (GK) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013freesigningDavid.jpg) – poached from South China. ;)
Ma Shuai (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013freesigningShuai.jpg) – comes in from Sun Hei to provide a much needed local striker (he has a Hong kong passport).
Yang Weiwei (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loanWeiwei.jpg) – will come in January on a 12 month loan with an option to buy. Let’s see if he’s got as much potential as my scouts think.

Are you enjoying my career so far? Please give it a rating :thup: (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=3733267&postcount=66)

25-12-2009, 12:59
A great job in the ACL DodgeeD :thup: Must be gutted to lose out on the league title though :(

26-12-2009, 02:31
Unlucky in the league DodgeeD but congrats on the Senior Shield win. Looking good in the ACC too :thup:. Ma Shuai will be a great signing for you, he seems to do well in the HK leagues and it's always nice to poach a good player from South China ;).

26-12-2009, 09:07
Where may you be heading next DodgeeD? Any idea or preference?

27-12-2009, 12:58
A great job in the ACL DodgeeD. Must be gutted to lose out on the league title though Gutted indeed, especially as we dropped points against the weaker teams. It's getting close though...

Unlucky in the league DodgeeD but congrats on the Senior Shield win. Looking good in the ACC too. Ma Shuai will be a great signing for you, he seems to do well in the HK leagues and it's always nice to poach a good player from South China.Ma Shauai came in from Sun Hei on my save. This summer, my SOuth China freebie was David, their first choice GK. ;)

Where may you be heading next DodgeeD? Any idea or preference?I'll see how the rest of the ACC campaign pans out first (got Ha Noi in the quarters, a side I got a win and a draw against in the group stage the season before last - I'll be happy with a repeat of that :thup:). I guess the board want me to stay as they offered me a 4-year deal over the summer instead of the usual 2... (I saved before deciding what to do though).

As for where to go next, without a league title or and ACC win, I think my rep would only be good enough for a job in India or the Chinese 1st Division (I notice that Rizihquan have put their manager's job under review ;)). I'd quite like a change of scenery in South America though (I have Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay loaded) before trying to land a job in Europe.

03-01-2010, 15:16
Currently a few games into the new season but I'm getting itchy feet and regularly checking the job pages. While doing so, I noticed a couple of interesting managerial changes in England - recently retired Keiron DYer is now in charge at Barnsley and Premier League strugglers Wigan have appointed a new boss by poaching Hull's assistant - none other than Emile Heskey! :D

03-01-2010, 16:34
Tai Po October 2013 Update

Got into the new season now, which means it’s update time. :) First of all, a couple of last minute transfers:

Zhang Jie (DL) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013newsigningZhangJie.jpg) – young and with the ptoential to be a star at this level.

Kemal Yildirim (AMLC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013newsigningKemalYildirim.jpg) – taken from being a decent player in the Turkish 2nd Division to a star in the Hong Kong 1st! Foriegn player limits mean he’ll be on rotation but I’m looking for him to have a big impact when he plays.

Hong Kong 1st Division

v. Citizen (h), 5-1 win
A great way to start the season! Adonis was the hero with a superb hat-trick and Ma Shaui introduced himself to the fans with a debut goal. Citzen’s only goal came from a bizarre incident when the ball came back off the post, hit new keeper David on the back of the head and went in. To make it even more bizarre, we had a similar rebound go in our favour just 2 minutes later!

v. Kitchee (a), 2-0 win
Li Wei was the main man this time, first heading in a cross from Adonis and then setting up Indio to put the game beyond doubt.

v. Tai Chung (h), 2-0 win
A game we dominated from start to finish. Yildirim gave us the lead with his first goal for the club just before half time and Ma Shaui continued his fine start to his Tai Po career with another goal midway through the 2nd half.

v. TSW Pegasus (a), 1-0 loss
An even game but we were let down by a slip up from left-back Zhiyi, whose wayward backpass let Pegasus in for the only goal of the game.

v. Rangers (HKG) (a), 3-0 win
Li Wei ran the show again as he set up all three goals, crossing to Indio for the first, playing him through for the second and passing to Adonis for the icing on the cake.

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2013HongKongFirstDivisionTable.jpg) – So far, TSW Pegasus have carried over their form from last season and Sun Hei have also started well meaning we are 3rd at present. South China have played poorly so far so we have to take advantage while we can.

Our good form in the opening games meant 4 players (Zhang Chi, Sidrailson, Adonis and Li wei) were picked in the September Team of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2013TeamoftheMonth.jpg).

Asian Confederation Cup

Quarter final
1st Leg v. Ha Noi (a), 1-1
A very good performance considering how hard we were hit by the stricter foreigner rules (only 3 allowed in the matchday squad) and injuries to our key Hong Kong players. We had much the better of game in the first half but Au Yueng Yui Chung was guilty of missing two easy chances as was Adonis. Of course, that meant we went behind early in the 2nd half but Ma Shaui hit back immediately to give us an away goal to take into the next game.

2nd Leg v. Ha noi (h), 2-0 win
Settled by goals either side of half time with Li Wei rounding off a great team move just before the break and an own goal providing the second early in the 2nd half. We advance 3-1 on aggregate to face Lebanese side Ansar in the semis.

03-01-2010, 17:14
A good start to the season there DodgeeD :thup: Jie and Yildrim could be fantastic signings for you at this level.

03-01-2010, 18:39
Thanks hamilton. :)

Jie has a little way to go before he's ready to challenge Zhiyi for the left back slot but he'll be well on the way to HK citizenship by then so that's good. Yildirim has started well and I hope it continues.

Ansar were our opponents in the ACC 2nd Round in my first season and beat us pretty convicingly so the tie will be a good yardstick of how far we've come.

04-01-2010, 04:17
Good start DodgeeD :thup:. It looks as if Ma Shuai is continuing his tradition in HK by scoring goals for you. He's a great little player; and Yildirim looks like a great buy!

Good luck in the semi's of the ACC, hopefully you can bring back the cup.

05-01-2010, 22:20
Tai Po November 2014 Update

We wrapped up the Confederation Cup campaign and then there is some news regarding my career... ;)

Asian Confederation Cup

Semi final
1st Leg v. Ansar (a), 1-0 win
We got soundly thrashed here 4 years ago but showed how we had grown as a club as we shut out our opponents and threatened on the break, Yildirim netting the only goal after picking up a blocked Li Wei through ball and giving us a great chnce of making the final.

2nd Leg v. Ansar (h), 0-0
Ansar came at us from the very start but luckily their finishing was woeful. We had our chances too but it remained goaless. A very tense game but we held our nerve to make the final – unbelievable after the way we scraped through the group stage!

v. Muharraq (a), 4-3 loss (a.e.t.) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013ACCFinal.jpg)
I told my players the pressure was off before the game but they were still full of nerves as Zhiyi messed up a clearance to allow the Bahrani side to take the lead on just 4 minutes. Chan Wai Ho then gave away a penalty before 15 minutes had passed and a third was added on the half hour. Sidrailson then picked a good time to score his first goal for the club to give us a glimmer of hope before half-time. In the second half, I took the disappointing Ma Shaui off and put Au Yueng Yiu Chung on and that proved a turning point as he scored a long-range effort and then, with 4 minutes to go, he completed the comeback and headed in a cross to make it 3-3 and force extra time. We had the better of extra time and thought we had won it when Adonis put the ball in the net only for the linesman to flag for offside. Then heartbreak as first Wenzhao missed a sitter from 3 yards out and Muharraq went straight up the other end and scored with the last kick of the game. It was great that we came so far but gutting to lose like we did.

Following the game I handed in my resignation as Tai Po manager. I think I had done a lot with the club and, although I only had one Senior Shield win to my name, it was the right time to move on a see what other jobs come up.

So, it’s goodbye from Hong Kong and thanks once more to Raware for giving me the incentive to load this league in the first place. :thup:

05-01-2010, 22:31
Your one year behind me and still only one club under your belt.

Good thing imo.

05-01-2010, 22:34
Yeah, I was keen to move on as I wanted to do the 'journeyman' thing with this save but the question is, will one cup win (for which I had to win 3 games) in Hong Kong get me enough recognition elsewhere?

05-01-2010, 22:44
Youth of a Nation: South Korea U19s

An intriguing job offer this one: on the eve of the qualification campaign for the 2014 Asian U19 Championships, I was approached by the South Korean FA to take charge of their under-19 team. I accepted, tinking this could be a better way to get into international management than my brief time at the helm of the Solomon Islands.

It all started with 5 games in the space of little over a week with the expectation that we would qualify for next year's tournament in China. I expected little resistance from the youth teams of Idonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar and East Timor and I was right to do so as we won all our games without conceding a goal to top the group with plenty to spare. :thup:
The finals don't take place until October 2014 (11 months away) so I hope I still have a decent crop of available players by then.

On the club front, jobs are cropping up constantly in South America as the apertura campaigns come to a close. I'm eying a couple of jobs in the 2nd Divisions of Argentina and Uruguay so we'll see what comes up!

06-01-2010, 04:09
So, it’s goodbye from Hong Kong and thanks once more to Raware for giving me the incentive to load this league in the first place. :thup:

A good few years in HK DodgeeD in which I don't think you give yourself enough credit for. Runners up in the league twice, runners up in the FA Cup once, runners up in the League Cup once, 4 semi finals in the domestic cups, a Senior Shield win and ACC runners up! I think your stay in HK has been a case of the nearly man ;). Still, not bad going for a club like Tai Po! Good job! :thup:

So, onto patures new...welcome to South Korea! An interesting job, how would success in the Asian U19 Championships affect your reputation? And what kind of club job are you looking for? One in South Korea or elsewhere? I saw you've got an eye on a few jobs in South America but surely that's too far too travel bewteen club and country games? ;)

06-01-2010, 07:45
In a way, I'm kind of following you again with that South Korea job. :D Travel time won' be a concern as I'm only interested in the competitive games and the Asian U19 tournament is nearly a year away - I may be cheeky and skip any friendlies that come up.

I guess the qualifying campaign boosted my rep a bit as beforehand I declared interest in a couple of lower division jobs in various countires and I was 'laughed off' each time. However, after the U19s topped thier group, a couple of clubs said they would consider me. Perhaps it's more to do with the rep (or desperation :p) of the clubs in question...

Anyway, I have a job offer on the table but I saved and quit last night before making my mind up. I shall reveal my decision later (because I really should be working on an MA assignment right now!)

06-01-2010, 20:20
Part 2 - Long Way Down : Olimpo de Bahia Blanca



And so, I've relocated myself halfway around the world to join a club struggling to fufill expectations in the Argentinian 2nd Division. :cool:
Manager Profile (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013ManagerProfile.jpg)

Olimpo were founded in 1910 but have enjoyed little success until two 2nd Division titles. Those have both come recently with Olimpo's last spell in the top flight as recent as 2008. The last few seasons have seen the club struggle to compete in the 2nd Division though and a 13th placed finish in the apertura led to the sacking of the previous manager and their acceptance of my job application.

The set-up looks decent with adequate training facilities and average youth facilities (no youth academy though) and a 16,000 capacity stadium (3,500 seated). We have Boca as a parent club, which I hope will come in handy.

My best player, according to the backroom staff, is Claudio Velazquez (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013Velasquez.jpg), who is also the topscorer. Alexis Wade (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2013AlexisWade.jpg) has the best ratings from the first half of the season. Apart from that, I think new faces will be needed to meet the board's expectations of a mid-table finish, a view my ass man concurs with.

Time to scour the transfer market and get ready for the first game!

06-01-2010, 20:29
Good luck in your new job (and in the Asian U19 tournament, even if it a long way off :p). I don't know any of the restrictions or difficulties you face managing in Argentina, or even the structure for that matter, but I am looking forward to seeing how you get on. Lets hope you can put that Solomon Islands knowledge to good use in your attempt to get the squad capable of a mid-table finish!

06-01-2010, 20:34
Lets hope you can put that Solomon Islands knowledge to good use in your attempt to get the squad capable of a mid-table finish!
:D I wonder how long that knowledge will stay on my profile.

Restrictions wise, the rules state no more than 4 foreigners in the matchday squad. The league is split into opening and closing stages (like many in South America) but there is no complicated play-off system. Relegation is settled by average points over 3 seasons and I'll have to be wary of that as a couple of bad seasons have dragged Olimpo down.

Apparently, Bahia Blanca is famous as the city that produces Argentina's best basketball players. Time to sort that out!

07-01-2010, 01:07
From one end of the world to the other! Good luck with the Argies DodgeeD, I had a save there on FM08 with Sarmiento de Junin and enjoyed my time in South America. Good luck toppling Boca and River ;) and hopefully you'll have the same success there that you had in Mexico :D.

Also, don't forget to top up on your air miles when travelling to and from South Korea :D.

07-01-2010, 02:34
From one end of the world to the next, good luck in Argentina DodgeeD. :D

But nice for you to continue to promote Asian youth football with the South Korean youth team. Good luck with your new club. :thup:

07-01-2010, 09:45
Awesome DodgeeD, a new South American chapter awaits. Really looking forward to your exploits at Olimpo :thup:

07-01-2010, 12:56
Best of luck in Argentina DodgeeD :thup:

07-01-2010, 19:20
From one end of the world to the other! Good luck with the Argies DodgeeD, I had a save there on FM08 with Sarmiento de Junin and enjoyed my time in South America. Good luck toppling Boca and River and hopefully you'll have the same success there that you had in Mexico.Your Argentinian game was a good read - in a way then I'm still following you in this thread!

But nice for you to continue to promote Asian youth football with the South Korean youth team. Good luck with your new club.I intend to return to Asia at some point (or the A-League at least) but for now the South Koreans will keep my interest there.

Awesome DodgeeD, a new South American chapter awaits. Really looking forward to your exploits at Olimpo

Best of luck in Argentina DodgeeD
Thanks guys. :thup: I've never had a save in Argentina before so I'm looking forward to it. :)

08-01-2010, 13:13
The Olimpa job is available in my career now :D

08-01-2010, 14:46
The Olimpa job is available in my career now :DGo for it! :thup: :D

08-01-2010, 14:57
Haha, no I think I'll leave that one to you for now ;)

09-01-2010, 10:01
I think this will be tough... The squad is in desperate need of some depth with no decent cover for the goalkeeper, central defence, the wings and attacking midfield but I only have 28k to spend (no decent players available below 250k it seems), I can only sign 4 new players in the January transfer window and it seems player with expiring contracts can't be approached for some reason... My only option is to make four very astute loan signings. Parent club Boca offered me two very good players but neither wanted to come. :(

Won my first match in charge 4-2 though (coming back from 2-0 down to do it as well :thup:)

09-01-2010, 10:20
I had the same problem in my 08 save DodgeeD and it caused some panic for me too! Wait until the January transfer window has finished and you'll be able to offer contracts to your players. I don't know why you can't during the window :confused:.

You have to be very wise in who you sign in the window due to only being able sign 4 players. Just don't forget about players you've agreed contracts with prior to the Jan window as I found out. I agreed terms with 4 youngsters in July (who were no where near 1st team action but were touted as future stars) who then joined in Jan when their contracts had expired meaning I couldn't strengthen the team when I needed to badly.

09-01-2010, 10:39
In the end, loans were all I managed. Two defenders both capable of playing full back or central, a central midfielder and a striker. I hope that's enough for mid-table.

I also have a few players lined up to come in on frees ,n the summer but there are plenty of squad players who will be released too... I'll just have to keep my scouts travelling across the contitnent in the hope they unearth some bargains before the summer.

09-01-2010, 20:38
Uh-oh... Not a good sign - for the last two matches the computer has frozen for 5 minutes before starting the match and I've then had to watch it on a black pitch. Hopefully, it's just a little glitch and not a recurring problem...

EDIT: Phew! Latest match started normally.

09-01-2010, 23:33
Olimpo March 2014 Update

After taking over in December 2013, we are now just past the halfway point in the closing stage (clasura) of the league. The squad I inherited was weak in several areas but with no money and only 4 transfers allowed to be made in January, I had little chance to address those problems. And so, I re-jigged my tactics to a 4-1-3-2 formation with the back four and the DM set to hold their defensive positions and the midifield trio and strikers set to attack. Read on to see how it went...

Argentine 2nd Division Clasura
First game started badly as we were 2 goals down to San Martin after 15 minutes but we levelled the game before half-time and went on to win 4-2. Any optimism was soon quashed as we failed to win our next 4 games (we did, however, pick up a very credible point away to apertura champions Chacarita). A few minor tactical tweaks here and there and it suddenly clicked and we started to win, picking up a maximum 15 points from our next 5 games and soared up to 2nd in the table. One worry, however, has to be the defence as we’ve only kept one clean sheet so far and we have one of the worst defensive records in the division!
Current standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2014ArgentineSecondDivision.jpg) | Results (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2014OlimpoResults.jpg)

My three loan signings have made a big difference:
Jaime Concha (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loansigningConcha.jpg) – the Chilean striker is in on a 6-month loan and has been sensational so far, scoring in the last 6 games.
Vicente Bordad (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loansigningBordad.jpg) – the Uruguyuan has provided much needed stability on the left side of defence.
José Luis Lopez (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loansigningLopez.jpg) – has proved to be a creative force in midfield so far with 5 assists.

Just a shame they are only loanees. :( I tried to include future fees in the deals but their clubs all refused.


South Korea U19s Update

No games to report on in my other job but the draw for October’s Asian U19 Championship has been made. We will face a tough task against hosts China but Indonesia, who we beat in qualifying, and Thailand shouldn’t provide too many problems and I’m confident we can reach the knockout stages
Group Draw (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014AsianU19ChshipDraw.jpg)

10-01-2010, 21:03
2013/14 Season Review: Olimpo



Argentine 2nd Division
Opening Stage: 13th (I took over after the opening stage was completed)
Closing Stage: 5th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014ArgentineSecondDivisionclosings.jpg)
Overall: 8th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014ArgentineSecondDivisionOverall.jpg)

After my last update, we had a poor run with 3 defeats in four games that saw us drop out of the top 5. We reached our nadir with this loss (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014IndependienteRivadaviavOlimpolo.jpg), but bounced back to win our next match in style (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014OlimpovRafaelawin.jpg), setting new club records in the process. :cool: By that point it was too late to get back in the play-off picture but we had a chance to go 3rd on the final day but an away trip to 2nd placed side Godoy Cruz was always going to be tough and we lost 2-1 to finish 5th.

Considering the players at my disposal, I’m happy with our closing stage performance. Who knows? Had I been in charge all season we may have made the promotion play-offs (not quite sure how those work but they look very complicated!). I guess the board like what they see though as they have offered me a new 3-year deal.

Key Players

Jaime Concha (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014JaimeConchaloan.jpg) – topscorer in the closing stage with 13 goals. He even had the Chile manager come to watch him play a couple of times. Alas, he did not want to extend the loan deal...

José Luiz Lopez (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014JosLuisLpezloan.jpg) – created so many chances for us but feels he can brea into the Independiente first team next season so he won’t be coming back.

Vincente Bordad (DL) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014VicenteBordadloan.jpg) – our best defender by far but see above for our chances of keeping him.

Claudio Velasquez (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014ClaudioVelsquez.jpg) – topscorer over the whole season and best player at the club, reflected by his selection as Supporters' Player of the Year.

Alexis Wade (DR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014AlexisWade.jpg) –the most consistent performer before I arrived at the club and kept that form up afterwards too. Currently being stubborn over a new contract as he wants a ₤40k signing on fee but the board will only sanction ₤24k.

Fredrico Sardella (DM) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014FedericoSardella.jpg) – did a great job as the anchor man and when rotated into more adavanced positions.

Gustavo Rodas (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014GustavoRodas.jpg) – supported the attack very well as the adavanced playmaker. Unfortunately, he had a non-promotion release cluase of ₤300k in his contract and sveral European clubs are interested in bidding.

The Season Ahead...
A lot of rebuilding is needed over the summer as the loanees return to their clubs and I let the deadwood go. I also risk losing three first teamers as their contracts are up and the board won’t meet their wage and/or signing on fee demands. As if that wasn’t enough, two more first teamers have non-promotion release fees in their contracts and are refusing to negotiate new deals. With no money to spend, I’ll have to scour the free transfer market and make some more loan signings in order to compete. I do have one of the biggest teams on the continent as my parent side in the shape of Boca Juniors so I hope manager Juan Sebastian Veron (yes, that Man Utd and Chelsea flop) sends some decent reserves and up and coming youngsters my way.

Three pre-contract deals arranged so far (the first of many I hope):
Luis Ardente (GK) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014newsigningLuisArdente.jpg) – I was in desperate need of a deent second choice and Ardente will be it.
Martin Granero (DM/MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014newsigningMartnGranero.jpg) – he will add some depth to the midfield and some experience to the squad.
Gustavo Fernandez (FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014newsigningGustavoFernndez.jpg) – unwanted by River Plate but we’ll be more than happy to give him a chance.


Former Club Watch: Tai Po

At first, Tai Po seemed to struggle without me as most of the coaching staff left, players requested transfers and the club bombed out of the Senior Shield in their first game. They also crashed out of the League Cup but then the new boss steadied the boat and the club managed to win all their remaining league games to take the title by 8 points. They also reached the Confederation Cup quarter finals with ease. The only blight on a stunning second half of the season was an early exit in the FA Cup. I’m already off the favoured personnel list... :(


The Story So Far....

Tai Po (Hong Kong)

Season Division Pos. Domestic Cups Continental
2009-10 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4373784&postcount=25) Hong Kong 1st 4th FA Cup Final ACC 2ndR
League Cup SF
Senior Shield QF
2010-11 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4403836&postcount=40) Hong Kong 1st 2nd FA Cup 1st Round -
League Cup Final
Senior Shield SF

2011-12 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4442462&postcount=53) Hong Kong 1st 2nd FA Cup SF ACC Group Stage
League Cup Group
Senior Shield SF
2012-13 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4502050&postcount=83) Hong Kong 1st 3rd FA Cup 1st Round ACC Finalists
League Cup Group
Senior Shield Winners

Resigned in October 2013
Olimpo de Bahia Blanca (Argentina)

Appointed December 2013

Season Division Open Close Overall Continental
2013-14 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4603769&postcount=115) Argentine 2nd - 5th 9th N/A
Are you enjoying my career so far? Please give it a rating :thup: (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=3733267&postcount=66)

10-01-2010, 21:20
Nice work with Olimpo DodgeeD. Hope you replace those loanees (you relied a bit too much on them :p) with some solid players on frees and have Veron give you a good player or two.

Seems like you're going to be busy in the offseason finding new players. Good luck. :thup:

Good work by Tai Po to win the league, but like usual, all clubs have short memory. :thdn: Something to change for FM11.

10-01-2010, 21:30
Thanks for the comments rancer. :thup: Indeed, this is shaping up to be a long, hard off-season.

I'm getting annoyed at my board now... Rodas left for 500k (previously negotiated release clause), a deal which has put the club firmly in the black but they won't cough up the extra 16k Wade wants to sign on again. He's out of contract now so I have to hope I can persuade him or the board to compromise before he walks.

On the plus side, left-back will be now problem as I've just had my best youth player on FM10 yet come through the ranks. :) Only 16 but he'll be straight into the 1st team squad. (Screenie to come later)

mag man
10-01-2010, 22:14
DodgeeD really enjoying following this career (reminds me to start a career thread).

It would be good to see a career summary at the end of each of your updates (club, league, position) just so that can see in one place your career evolving.

Keep it up :thup:

10-01-2010, 22:26
Cheers for the comments mag man. :thup: I've been updating my progress on page 1 (here (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4320386&postcount=2)), mainly because for some reason when I copy/paste from Word these days the coded parts get muddled up but I'll start editing it in from now on. :)

Looking forward to seeing a career thread from you soon. :thup:

mag man
11-01-2010, 09:47
Ah missed that I just come in through the subscribed threads :D

17-01-2010, 20:07
After a full weekend on an assignment that just didn't know how to end, I finally get an hour or two to play. :thup:

I'm about to start a new season and I'll have a transfer update up later on. In the meantime, I've posted my latest Youth Player update in CSE if you wish to have a look (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4653704&postcount=183). :)

17-01-2010, 21:37
2014 World Cup Review

Hosts: Brazil/Holders: Italy

Notable absentees: England, Russia, Ivory Coast

Group Stage (teams in bold progress):
Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G
Czech Republic

Group H
South Korea

Groups of death at this World Cup with C & H looking very tough. Surprising to see Mexico, Uruguay and Chile go out early with the tournament in Latin America. U.S.A. bombed with 3 defeats in an admittedly tough group. Shock of the round though was hosts Brazil only drawing with Senegal and Bahrain and scraping through in 2nd behind Ukraine before sacking manager Muricy Ramalho and replacing him mid-tournamnet with Roberto Carlos! :eek: :D

2nd Round:
Switzerland(e) 2, Italy 1
France 2, Japan 0
Argentina 3, Colombia 0
Turkey 0, Germany(p) 0
Brazil 1, Portugal 0
Ukraine 4, Australia 0
Holland 0, Czech Republic 2
Spain(p) 0, Cameroon 0

Brazil's new boss did the trick then! Holland and Italy the surprise exits this time round.

Switzerland 2, Germany 1
France 1, Argentina 2
Brazil 2, Spain 0
Ukraine 1, Czech Republic 0

The Swiss march on as do Ukraine. Can they upset the South American big boys?

Switzerland 0, Ukraine 1
Argentina 0, Brazil(e) 1

Crazy stuff as Brazil score on 120 (+3) to make the final!

3rd-place play-off:
Argentina 1, Switzerland 2

Ukraine 0, Brazil 3

Brazil win on home soil, giving Roberto Carlos the World Cup after just 4 games in charge! Credit to Ukraine and Switzerland on getting as far as they did.

18-01-2010, 01:42
Nice progress in the Clasura DodgeeD :thup: and your new youth player looks quality for a 16 year old :eek:. Let's hope you can kick on now you'll have a full apetura as well as the clasura. Who were the 2 teams to come down? (providing they lost the playoff that is). From my experience there was a bit of difference in class between teams that came down from the Premier compared to the teams in the 2nd div which made it difficult to get out of the 2nd.

18-01-2010, 15:12
Belgrano and Gimnasia (J) came down. Gimnasia are 2nd after 5 games but Belgrano have sunk down to near the bottom... I haven't played either yet. Anyway, I'm behind on my updates - got a transfer update to post before I get too far into the season. :p

18-01-2010, 20:34
2014/15 Season Preview: Olimpo

Plenty of ins and outs over the summer despite my measly ₤35k budget, all of which was moved to the wage budget in an attempt to get Alexis Wade to sign a new deal. Unfortunately, even ₤400 per week more than he wanted couldn’t tempt him to accept the board’s maximum ₤24k signing on fee as he held out for ₤36k (I couldn’t be bothered to do the maths but I’m sure he would have more than recouped that 12k over the course of a year with the extra weekly wage). Anyway, nobody’s come in for him yet so he stays on a month-to-month deal so there’s still hope I’ll be able to tie him down to a new deal at some point.

First up, a change to the backroom staff as I let the useless ass man I inherited go at the end of his contract and brought in Nicolas Sartori (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014assmanNicolsSartori.jpg). Decent stats across the board and good JPA and JPP, just what I look for and way better than what I could find in Hong Kong!

My three freebies signed last season all arrived to great fanfare with the fans delighted at my eye for a bargain. I added two more free transfers as a couple of youngsters came in to bolster the midfield:

Rodrigo Mazzoni (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014newsigningRodrigoMazzoni.jpg) - I guess this regen came through without a club as there’s nothing in his club history. After reading my scout reports and seeing that he was a free agent, I snapped him up. Already rated as one of the best central midfielders at the club with the potential to be much more.

Sergio Mariño (DM/MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014newsigningSergioMario.jpg) – one for the future (potential good 1st Division player). Unlikely to get games this season so I sent him on loan to feeder club Alte Brown.

With no money to spend and absolutley no depth to the first team squad, I was very busy in the loans market. Parent club Boca sent these two my way:

Daniel Suarez (DR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeDanielSurez.jpg) – with Alexis Wade stalling over a new deal, a back-up at right back was essential.

Leo (DC/DM/MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeLeo.jpg) – his versatility will be useful in case of an injury crisis.

I picked up two more defenders from top division clubs:

Enrique Nuñez (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeEnriqueNez.jpg) – comes in from San Lorenzo. Bit of a donkey but he’ll do for now!

Ignacio Garcia (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeIgnacioGarca.jpg) – loaned from Tigre. High aggression and bravery should help intimidate opposition strikers.

To add some flair to my midfield, I went abroad:

Filipe (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeFilipe.jpg) – in from Brazilian side Vasco. All round decent stats for this level.

Julio Muñoz (AM/FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeJulioMuoz.jpg) – from Chilean club Colo Colo. Nowhere near as good as last season’s Chilean loan supertstar Concha but he’ll have to do...

Fernando Hidalgo (AMRC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014loaneeFernandoHidalgo.jpg) – also from Colo Colo. I plan to use him as a supersub, pitting his pace against tiring defenders.

19-01-2010, 01:58
Another exciting youth prospect in Mazzoni. For a 16 year old his stats look great :eek:!

Looks like you're depending on loans again :D But that's what they're for right?! Let's hope they can do the business for you this year :thup:

19-01-2010, 20:00
Olimpo September 2014 Update

Argentine 2nd Division Opening Stage

v. Tallares (a), 4-0 loss
Terrible start! My new goalkeeper Ardente was at fault for two goals and got a 4.9 while Filipe and Fernandez also had poor debuts. Of last seasons stars, Wade seemed distarcted by ongoing contract wrangles and Velasquez, unsettled by a transfer bid from Rapid Wien (rejected) was woeful. 4-0 was actually a kind result!

v. Platense (a), 1-1
Neither side created much until Platense took the lead on 70 minutes. I feared another defeat but my boys rallied and Fernandez put his preivous performance behind him to score the equaliser 5 minutes from time.

v. Idependiente Rivadavia (h), 3-3
First home game of the season was an epic! Cavallo gave us an early lead but we had fallen 2-1 behind by half-time. Iribarren got us back on level terms with an early first half penalty but we went 3-2 down almost immediately. We battered Idependiente after that but, just as it seemed we were consigned to defeat, Iribarren unleashed a 30-yard rocket to equalise 4 minutes into injury time and send the ans home happy.

v. Aldosivi (h), 4-1 win
A confident display we never looked like losing. Velasquez finally stopped sulking and got the MoM award with a goal and 3 assists.

v. Quilmes (h), 5-2 win
A third home game in a row brought another win. This time, Fernandez was the creative attacking force with a brace and a hand in the other three. This game also saw a first goal for young midfield prospect Mazzoni. Slighty disappointed we let our concentration slip to concede twice in the 2nd half though.

v. Boca Unidos (a), 3-1 win
A first away win of the season courtesy of a Velasquez hat-trick.

v. Union (h), 3-1 win
My strikers were on form here as Velasquez, fernandez and Garcia scored one apiece.

v. Italiano (a), 6-1 win
I think those early matches can now be dismissed as a slow start! Velasquez was on fire with a club record 4 goals in a game and Sardella added two from midfield including a sublime lob.

v. Tiro Federal (h), 4-0 win
The run continued with a brace each from Velasquez (he’s scoring for fun at the moment!) and Fernandez. As an added bonus, we finally kept a clean sheet! :D Nevermind that it was against the bottom club...

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept20142ndDivTable.jpg) – after that run of wins, we find ourselves top of the pile! However, goal difference is all that seperates 1st, 2nd and 3rd and one or two bad results would see us slip down. We are also still to play Gimnasia (J) and both San Martin teams. Still, the goals are flowing and confidence is high - anything is possible!

Having won all 5 games played in September, I was named Manager of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept20142ndDivManageraward.jpg). Velasquez’s sensational form earned him the Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept20142ndDivPotM.jpg) accolade – and all that while he’s still sulking about the rejected transfer bid! I wonder how many he would have scored if he wasn’t unsettled...

20-01-2010, 01:41
10 in 5 for Velasquez?! :eek:. What was the bid you rejected for him?

20-01-2010, 09:13
150k up front and 350k over 24 months. On current form, any interested club will have to do much better than that. ;)

20-01-2010, 18:26
Filipe, my loan signing from Vasco and our creative playmaker (most assists so far this season), got injured in training - cruciate ligament damage so no choice but to send him back to his club for treatment... Good thing I signed two other AMCs on loan from Chile I suppose!

20-01-2010, 22:21
CHINA 2014

Time to take a break from Olimpo and head back to the Far East as I take my South Korean U19 side to the Asian U19 Championship.

Group Stage Results
South Korea 2, Thailand 1
South Korea 1, China 0
South Korea 2, Indonesia 0
Final Group Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014AsianU19ChshipGroupC.jpg) - A straightforward group campaign with Thailand the only team to give us a run for our money.

South Korea 3, Uzbekistan 1 - Despite being reduced to ten men with the score at 0-0, we dominated and recorded an easy win

South Korea 1, Japan 0 - a tight game against fierce rivals was settled by a header from a corner midway through the 2nd half.

South Korea 0, Australia 0 (South Korea win 5-4 on penalties) - to be fair, Australia played much better but they couldn't finish. We held our nerve in the shoot out with all 5 spot kicks converted but the Aussies missed their last one to hand us the title!
Results (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014AsianU19ChshipKORounds.jpg)
5 South Koreans made the All-Star XI (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014AsianU19ChshipAll-Stars.jpg) including three defenders and the goalkeeper, reflecting our strength at the back (a refreshing change from the leaky defence I see every week at Olimpo :D).

I think that may be it for me and the U19s. Reaching the semis guaranteed South Korea a spot at next year's U20 World Cup but as the U20 side has a different manager, I won't be going. Best to leave on a high anyway. :D

22-01-2010, 21:22
Olimpo November 2014 Update

Argentine 2nd Division Opening Stage

v. C.A.I. de Chubut (a), 4-3 win
Another nail-biting goalfest! An early lead was wasted as we fell 2-1 behind before the break. Iribarren made it 2-2 on 76 minutes, only for us to go 3-2 down on 77 minutes as our goalie came off his line as was lobbed from 50 yards. An own goal on 85 minutes put us level again and Velasquez did the business once more as he won the ball from the re-start, ran through the opposition defence and slotted the ball past the keeper to seal a dramatic win.

v. San Martin (T) (a), 1-0 loss
Our winning streak finally ended as we failed to score for the first time since the opening day.

v. Belgrano (a), 1-1
The home side were strong in the first half and took a deserved lead. We piled on the pressure in the 2nd half but had to wait for a stoppage time own goal to take a share of the points.

v. Rafaela (h), 5-3 win
We should have thrashed Rafaela more convincingly but yet again, our leaky defence made a meal out of an easy game. On the plus side, the win out us top of the table once again.

v. San Martin (SJ) (a), 4-0 win
I flew in from the Asian U19 tournament in China for this game and it was well worth the journey! Velasquez set the ball rolling with an early goal and Fernandez added two more before the break. A red card for San Martin effectively ended the game as a contest and Iribarren completed the rout shortly afterwards.

v. Def. y Justica (h), 3-1 win
Again, we benefitted from a man advantage for more than half of the game after a red card for the opposition. Muñoz scored the pick of the goals with Mazzoni and Garcia ensuring DyJ’s strike was of no consequence.

v. Merlo (h), 2-1 win
This time, we were on the receiving end of a red card but we still took a two goal lead thanks to goals from each of my centre backs. Merlo pulled one back with 5 minutes left but any hopes of a comeback for them were quashed when they also had a man sent off.

v. Huracan (a), 3-1 loss
We suffered a crisis in midfield ahead of the game with Sardella and Iribarren out injured, Fernandez suspended and Mazzoni off early for an U20 game. It showed as Huracan overran us in the centre of the park and deservedly won.

v. Gimnasia (J) (a), 2-1 win
With the end of the opening stage drawing close, a key win. Mazzoni set us on our way with a 30-yard screamer. Gimnasia drew level but not for long as an own goal 2 minutes later handed us the win.

v. Instituto (h), 1-1
We went into this game top and needing just a point to stay there. That’s just what we got although we should have won with the chances we have.

Opening Stage Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014Argentine2ndOpen.jpg) – and so we finish the first half of the season top and qualified for the end of season promotion play-offs!

As this offers a natural break in the season, here’s a look at the key players so far:

Claudio Velasquez (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014ClaudioVelsquez-1.jpg) – in sensational form averaging just under a goal a game. Still unhappy though...

Rodrigo Mazzoni (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014RodrigoMazzoni.jpg) – consistently turning in performances that defy his young age. 8 assists have made him a key part of our midifield creativity.

Victor Cavallo (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014VctorCavallo.jpg) – our best defender, solid at the back and threat from corners.

On to the closing stage then with the comfort of no pressure as we will be in the promotion hunt come the end of the season whatever happens. :)

22-01-2010, 21:46
A nice surprise as I find that the awards are done at the end of the calender year rather than the end of the season:

Victor Cavallo and Claudio Velasquez make the 2014 2nd Division Team of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014Argentine2ndDivTeamoftheYear.jpg) and I think a pretty good decision was made for Manager of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014Argentine2ndDivManageroftheYear.jpg). :cool: ;)

22-01-2010, 21:54
Nice work DodgeeD in the opening stage. What is your asking price for Velasquez? It might be good to start thinking about selling him if he's unhappy and looking for possible replacements... (my policy is that I only want players who want to play for my club. If there's anyone unhappy I usually just sell them to the highest bidder)

Good luck in the Closing Stage. :thup:

23-01-2010, 04:40
A great first half of the season DodgeeD :thup:. A repeat of that for the Clasura will be great!

Also, a superb return from Velasquez and i'm still amazed at how good your 16 year old looks! Definitely one to keep hold of. With Velasquez's contract soon coming to end and with him unhappy, I guess you'll have to look to sell him soon?

23-01-2010, 08:19
Nice work DodgeeD in the opening stage. What is your asking price for Velasquez? It might be good to start thinking about selling him if he's unhappy and looking for possible replacements... (my policy is that I only want players who want to play for my club. If there's anyone unhappy I usually just sell them to the highest bidder)

Good luck in the Closing Stage. :thup:

A great first half of the season DodgeeD :thup:. A repeat of that for the Clasura will be great!

Also, a superb return from Velasquez and i'm still amazed at how good your 16 year old looks! Definitely one to keep hold of. With Velasquez's contract soon coming to end and with him unhappy, I guess you'll have to look to sell him soon?
Cheers guys. I was surprised we managed to hold onto first place but as the top teams are evenly matched, they all beat each other and helped us out. ;)

I've just entered the transfer window so I'll have to start offering Velasquez out before he leaves for free... I don't trust my chairman to let me bring in a replacement though as he only allowed me 10% of transfer income in the summer and I've missed out on a couple of freebies already for the same reason as Wade won't sign a new deal - the signing on fee. The board won't budge on the cap of 24k but most players want at least 40k... :mad:

23-01-2010, 12:22
Olimpo Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Update

December: 2nd Division Closing Stage
The closing stage kicked off straight away with two games before the mid-season break (a summer break I suppose as this is the Southern hemisphere!). I was satisified with a win and a draw, especially as our defence suddenly seems to have remembered how to defend effectively. ;)

v. Platense (h), 1-0
v. Idependiente Rivadavia (a), 1-1

January: Transfers
We had a quiet transfer window, but then again, it’s always a quiet window as league rules restrict each club to 4 new signings. Two new deals to report on:

Dudu (DRLC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014newsigningDudu.jpg) – came in on a pre-arranged deal (we were waiting for him to turn 18). He can play anywhere in defence and I’ll be moulding him to take one of the full back slots in the future.

Fagundo Martinez Montagnoli (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningMontagnoli.jpg) – try saying that with your mouth full! I tried to sign this guy as a free agent at the start of the season but he turned us down. Still a free agent 5 months later, he changed his mind. The fans and the club’s past greats all think I’ve made a great signing – I hope they are right.

Elsewhere, frustration as I tried and failed to get Velasquez, Fernandez and Cavallo to sign new deals and then tired and failed to sell them. Fernandez ended up signing a pre-contract with Chievo and will leave at the end of the season. Velasquez and Cavallo say they want to consider their options for now.

2nd Division Closing Stage
There was one game played at the end of the month as the league resumed and we had the chance to make up for our opening day thrashing by Tallares. Montagnoli had a storming debut, giving us the lead with a fine long-range effort. Alas, he went off injured (out for 3 weeks) and Talleres pulled level but still a decent result.

v. Tallares (h), 1-1

25-01-2010, 11:43
Olimpo February 2015 Update

2nd Division Closing Stage

A busy month with 6 league games. We got off to a flier with two big wins away from home, Gustavo Fernandez showing why a whole host of European clubs were chasing him with 4 goals at Aldosivi. Garcia went one better in the next game, bagging 5 as we thrashed Quilmes overshadowing a Velasquez hat-trick (not bad for a player with only 2 goals from 6 starts beforehand). We then suffered a dip in form, picking up just 3 points from the next 4 games with particularly disappointing home draws with Boca Unidos and Italiano, two of the weaker sides in the division.

v. Aldosivi (a), 5-0 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015AldosivivOlimpo.jpg)
v. Quilmes (a), 9-1 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015QuilmesvOlimpo.jpg)
v. Boca Unidos (h), 1-1
v. Union (a), 1-0 loss
v. Italiano (h), 0-0
v. C.A.I. de Chubut (a), 2-2

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2015Argentine2ndDivTable.jpg) – We sit 7th but, as ever, it’s tight as we are just 3 points off the lead but only 2 points ahead of 12th. Hopefully, our form will pick up in march and we can turn some of those draws into wins.

Garcia’s goalscoring form (he scored both goals aginst C.A.I. de Chubut as well) earned him 2nd in the Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2015PotM.jpg) award. A travesty! – should have been first in my opinion. :p

25-01-2010, 22:14
Olimpo March 2015 Update

2nd Division Closing Stage

Back on form with a bang at the start of the month as, despite going behind and having a man sent off, we thumped San Martin 5-2 with Velasquez netting a hat-trick and becoming Olimpo’s all-time leading scorer in the process (57 goals). :thup: Unfortunately, injuries and suspensions the hit our defence hard and we suffered a reverse of the same scoreline in our next game. The first half of the next game against Belgrano was just as bad until a turnaround second half performance sparked off by a battling Mazzoni goal, saw us win 4-2. We rounded the month off with another repeat scoreline, thankfully in our favour!

v. San Martin (T) (h), 5-2 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015OlimpovSanMartnT.jpg)
v. Tiro Federal (a), 5-2 loss (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015TiroFederalvOlimpo.jpg)
v. Belgrano (h), 4-2 win
v. Rafaela (a), 4-2 win

Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2015Argentine2ndDiv.jpg) – that win over Rafaela allowed us to go top but just to show how tight the league is, we were 7th before the start of play! 6 games to go – let’s hope we can stay where we are. :)

A great month for 16 year-old Mazzoni means he picks up the Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2015PotM.jpg) award. :cool: Also, despite that pitiful performance at Tiro Federal, 3 wins out of 4 caused the powers that be to name me Manager of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2015ManageroftheMonth.jpg) for the second time this season. :)

In other news, good and bad as Martin Granero finally lowered his signing on fee demand and signed a new deal but Alexis Wade, who had been on a month-to-month deal all season, finally left the club to join a Brazilian 3rd Division side. Velasquez is now ready to negotiate a new deal but he wants 75k as a signing on bonus and the board will give no more than 28k so nothing's changed there.

26-01-2010, 08:49
Olimpo April/May 2015 Update

2nd Division Closing Stage

An unlucky draw started the month as we conceded an own goal in stoppage time. Fernandez made sure we were back to winning ways in the next game with a hat-trick as we won 4-0. Montagnoli took entre stage for the next game, scoring two and setting up the other two as we strolled to a 4-1 over an in-form Huracan side. The month ended with a poor result though as we suffered defeat a Merlo. Had we won, we would have gone 2 points clear with two games to go...
v. San Martin (SJ) (h), 2-2
v. Def. y Justica (a), 4-0 win
v. Huracan (h), 4-1 win
v. Merlo (a), 2-0 loss

Our fine goalscoring form led to another Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April2015PotM.jpg) award, this time Gustavo Fernandez, soon to be of Chievo, getting the gong.

Disaster agaist Gimnasia as we were 2-1 up only to concede in imjury time and draw, a result which left us 3 points behind C.A.I. de Chubut going into the last game. We thrashed Instituto but out hopes were dashed by two early goals for Chubut in their game. Late drama ensued though as their opponents, Def. y Justica, scored twice late on. I was watching the ‘latest scores’ widget more than the game at the end willing the third goal but it didn’t come and so we ended the clasura phase in 2nd place.
v. Gimnasia (J) (h), 2-2
v. Instituto (a), 4-0 win

Clasura Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20152ndDivClasuraTable.jpg) – Overall, I’m happy with 2nd but now we must turn our attention to the promotion play-offs. As apertura winners, we face clasura winners C.A.I. de Chubut with the winner going straight up. Even if we lose, we get a second chance against the other top performers from this season so, fingers crossed, we can go up.

Overall Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015Argentine2ndDivOverall.jpg) – we topped the combined table with ease, meaning that, although promotion is yet to be decided, we are officially 2nd Division Champions! :D

26-01-2010, 13:38
Olimpo May 2015 Update EXTRA!

Argentine 2nd Division First Promotion Play-Off

For those of you unfamiliar with how the end of the season works in most South American countries, championships, promotions and relegations are often settled by play-offs with each country trying to outdo each other in terms of complexity. :D I'll try to keep this as simple as possible - as apertura champions, we face the clasura champions over two legs with the winer going up. The loser.... well, we'll get to that only if necessary as that's where the Argentine system gets a bit complicated!

First leg
We had home advantage for the first game and I build up our attacking prowess before the match as we were top scorers in the league with 72 goals and our opponents, C.A.I. de Chubut had conceded 53 in 38 matches. It paid off as we dominated the opening 20 minutes before Velasquez chose a good time to end his goal drought. Chubut then equalised with their first shot on target but our lead was soon restored through Fernandez. Velasquez hit another before the break and we were cruising, not even concerned by Mantagnoli's missed penalty. Sardella scored off a fine team move early in the 2nd half to put us 4-1 up. Chubut gave us a little scare late on as they cut the deficit to two with their second shot on target but Muñoz added a fifth for us in injury time with a fine solo effort to out us firmly in control of the tie.
Result: Olimpo 5, C.A.I. de Chubut 2 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/20151stPromotionLeg1.jpg)

Second leg
All we had to do to secure promotion was protect our lead. Chubut really came at us early on but we shut them out and then killed off their slim hopes with a breakaway goal from fernandez just before half-time. Chubut equalised in the second half but there was no fight in them and we ran down the clock to secure our promotion to ther First Division!
Result: C.A.I. de Chubut 1, Olimpo 1 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/20151stPromotionLeg2.jpg) (Olimpo win 6-3 on aggregate and are promoted)

Once promotion was secured, fans, players, club icons and the board alike expressed their delight. As a result of our success, the club has also finally made progress in contract talks with Cavallo and Velasquez with new deal expected to be signed soon. :thup:

26-01-2010, 14:12
2014/15 Season Review




Opening Stage: 1st (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2014Argentine2ndOpen.jpg)

Closing Stage: 2nd (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/20152ndDivClasuraTable.jpg)

Overall: 1st (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015Argentine2ndDivOverall.jpg)

Promotion Play-off: Winners in First Play-Off (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/20151stPromotionLeg2.jpg) – PROMOTED!

A great season in which we exceeded expectations by claiming the title and getting promoted in the process. That means next season we get to play some of the biggest clubs in South American football, such as Boca Juniors and River Plate. Bring it on!

Key Players

Victor Cavallo (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015VctorCavallo.jpg) – the standout player in an admittedly leaky defence. With his contract up, he was being chased by a number of Dutch, Greek and Czech clubs but he has now decided to stay! Chosen as the Fans’ Player of the Year at the end of the season.

Hernan Fernandez (DL) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2014HernanFernandezOlimpoYP1.jpg) – a great debut season from the 17 year-old as he came staright from the youth ranks into the first team. Now rated as a potential leading star for the 1st Division

Martin Larossa (DR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015MartnLarrosa.jpg) – this one was a bit of a surprise as he was right there in my youth team the whole time but I never noticed him until Wade left the club. He filled in admirably until the end of the season and I hope his development continues next season.

Gabriel Iribarren (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015GabrielIribarren.jpg) – a creative spark in the middle of the park. His age prevented him from playing more often but he was effective when fit. A shame he probably hasn’t got the legs for the top flight.

Rodrigo Mazzoni (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015RodrigoMazzoni.jpg) – half the age of Iribarren but twice the player! An incredible debut season led to him even being mentioned as an outside bet for Player of the Year. I wonder how long I can hold onto him before the inevitable move to Europe comes.

Facundo Martinez Montagnoli (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015FacundoMartnezMontagnoli.jpg) – joined on a free in January and quickly became a star in the team, constantly getting involved in attacks and harassing opposing defences.

Claudio Velasquez (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015ClaudioVelsquez.jpg) – the goals dried up a little in the second half of the season but still finished as the club’s topscorer. Indeed, he won the 2nd Division Topscorer award (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015Argentine2ndDivTopscorer.jpg) and placed 2nd in the Player of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015Argentine2ndDivBestPlayer.jpg) poll. He has also just agreed terms on a new contract.

Gustavo Fernandez (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2014GustavoFernndez.jpg) –picked up the slack from Velasquez in the 2nd half of the season with some impressive goals, finishing just behind his strike partner in the Topscorer award. A shame he will be leaving us but good luck to him in Italy.

The Season Ahead...
One goal – survival. It will be tough as my squad lacks depth and a number of players will not be good enough for the top flight. My link with Boca has also been cut as we are in the same division and the clubs who were happy to loan me players for free now want loan fees and higher wage contribution or they don’t want to deal with a ‘divisional rival’ at all... A long pre-season awaits as I get my scouts busy and scour the free transfer lists and bargain basement deals!

No player deals yet but I have been busy recruiting backroom staff so here are a couple of teasers:
-Which former international player whose career took him to Italy and included a spell at Chelsea has joined my coaching staff?
-Which former international who graced the turf of Fratton Park is now on my scouting team?
-Which ex-Sevilla player and one time Brazilian international has joined the above as a scout?

Former Club Watch: Tai Po
It seems me leaving was the best thing that happened to Tai Po as they have just secured their second title in a row. They are also still in the Confederation Cup, having reached the quarter finals again. No cup success but they did reach the finals of both the Senior Shield and the League Cup.
Hong Kong 1st Division (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/2015HongKongFirstDivision.jpg)
(a little check of how much attention those of you who followed the start of my career in Hong Kong – do you notice anything surprising about that table?)


The Story So Far....

Tai Po (Hong Kong)

Season Division Pos. Domestic Cups Continental
2009-10 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4373784&postcount=25) Hong Kong 1st 4th FA Cup Final ACC 2ndR
League Cup SF
Senior Shield QF
2010-11 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4403836&postcount=40) Hong Kong 1st 2nd FA Cup 1st Round -
League Cup Final
Senior Shield SF

2011-12 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4442462&postcount=53) Hong Kong 1st 2nd FA Cup SF ACC Group Stage
League Cup Group
Senior Shield SF
2012-13 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4502050&postcount=83) Hong Kong 1st 3rd FA Cup 1st Round ACC Finalists
League Cup Group
Senior Shield Winners

Resigned in October 2013
Olimpo de Bahia Blanca (Argentina)

Appointed December 2013

Season Division Open Close Overall Play-offs Continental
2013-14 (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4603769&postcount=115) Argentine 2nd - 5th 9th N/A N/A
2014-15 Argentine 2nd 1st 2nd 1st Promoted N/A
Are you enjoying my career so far? Please give it a rating :thup: (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=3733267&postcount=66)

26-01-2010, 15:51
Nice work DodgeeD on promotion. And even better news that Velasquez signed that new contract! Good luck in the top flight! :)

South China...(and also Kitchee to a degree) :D

26-01-2010, 17:27
Mazzoni looks insane for his age DodgeeD :eek: Congrats on promotion as well :)

How the hell did South China get relegated?!?! :D

27-01-2010, 03:03
South China relegated :D :D :D

Congrats on making it to the Premier Division DodgeeD :thup:. Now will come the real test! Boca, River, San Lorenzo.

Good to see Velasquez finally signing a new contract, hopefully the goals will still come with ease as they did in the First Division.

27-01-2010, 08:11
Yes, indeed, the Temple has been destroyed! South China go down with no mysterious FA decision to save them. ;) Having a look through their squad, I think they simply neglected to build up any domestic talent in their squad - it's full of foreigners, most of whom can't play due to the regulations. The other clubs have snapped up their decent domestic players and they slipped down. They also lost their goal machine Leandro Carrijo (Raware knows all too well how effective he was in the HK league) with the striker moving to Newell's Old Boys last season - so he gets to cost me points again as I take Olimpo into the Argentine 1st Division! :D

27-01-2010, 10:25
Ha ha, he was the bane of my time in HK indeed! Every time he'd score at least a brace! :mad: Good to see him following you which means he WILL score the winner against you ;).

27-01-2010, 10:38
Congrats on the promotion DodgeeD is argentina as made out as it seems land of milk and honey and bucketloads of quality regens that europe want to pinch all the time? :D

27-01-2010, 10:53
Cheers acidmonkey. :thup:

I've certainly found a few quality youngsters here already. Mazzoni is just insanely good and a leading 1st Division player at just 17 but (surprisingly) no interest in him yet. Larossa and Fernandez from my own academy have high potential as well. But generally, I find the same thing as always - the domestic regens are good but expensive and will choose crappy clubs in places like Austria and Bulgaria over you so the best and most affordable buys are found in places like Chile, Uruguay and Peru!

P.S. Following the summer's tournaments, I have the chance to return to international management. Find out who with in my next update. ;)

27-01-2010, 20:28
Summer 2015 International Update

A busy summer on the international scene with 3 continental championships held. Winners as follows:

Asian Cup: Australia (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015AsianCup.jpg) - a lot of the big names fell early with hosts China and Saudi Arabia out in the group stage and Japan and South Korea knocked out in the quarter finals.
Gold Cup: Mexico (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015GoldCup.jpg)- no surprises with the winner. The main shock came as Trinidad & Tobago knocked out the U.S.A. in the semis.
Copa America: Argentina (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015CopaAmerica.jpg) - one year after World Cup success, Roberto Carlos finds himself sacked after Brazil lose in the final. His replacement? Former World Player of the Year, Rivaldo!
Following the competitions, several jobs became available including Chile, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. I applied to South Korea as I thought my success with the U19s might put me in good stead but they turned me down and Chile took an age to reply so in the end, this happened:


So it's time to pack my oxygen mask for trips to the high altitude of La Paz! Here's a brief rundown on my new job:

Current World Ranking: 69th
Star Players: Diego Suarez (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015BoliviaDiegoSuarez.jpg) | Juan Carlos Arce (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015BoliviaJuanCarlosArce.jpg) | Marcelo Moreno (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015BoliviaMarceloMoreno.jpg)
Expectations: Be competitive in World Cup Qualifying

Suarez looks the business and he can play anywhere in midfield or attack. There are some good regens too but there is a definite lack of depth - a few injuries and we'll be in trouble. I also found a regen in Spain who has dual Spanish/Bolivian nationality but he has refused my call-ups so far.

Qualifying for the 2018 World Cup starts early in 2016 with Bolivia part of the mammoth South American pool. Hopefully, we can put in a good showing and finish ahead of the likes of Peru and Venezuala. Who knows? We might even sneak into the play-off spot.

We had one friendly shortly after I took over, with Suarez running the show as we beat Jamaica 3-0 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015BoliviavJamaica.jpg).

27-01-2010, 21:49
2015/16 Season Preview: Olimpo


Notable departures:
Gustavo Fernandez left on his free transfer to Cheivo. Apart from that, I let a lot of youth players go and sold a few reserves who weren’t going to cut it. I did hesitate when Schalke offered ₤500k + 35% future fees for Ze Mario, a young Brazilian who didn’t really seem to be developing. Did they know something I didn’t? Nevertheless, the money was needed so I accepted but I’ll be tracking him to see if I made a mistake or not.

Notable arrivals:
My three freebies signed last season all arrived to great fanfare with the fans delighted at my eye for a bargain. I added two more free transfers as a couple of youngsters came in to bolster the midfield:

Alejandro Gonzalez (DRC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningAlejandroGonzlez.jpg) – came in on a free and was the only experienced defender I could persuade to come to the club.

Ivanildo (DRC, DM, MRC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningIvanildo.jpg) – more one for the future but his versatility means he will be used as cover in the first team squad.

César Sanchez (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningCsarSnchez.jpg) – a bargain at ₤500! He will be back-up for Mazzoni in midfield.

César Verdera (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningCsarVerdera.jpg) – at ₤75k, my most extravagant purchase. His experience will be utilsied along with Mazzoni’s youth in the centre of the park.

José Cordoba (AMC/FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningJosCrdoba.jpg) – another Colombian bargain, costing ₤2k. I intend to play him in the AMC slot mainly but also as a back-up striker.

Raul Molina (FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningRalMolina.jpg) – came in for free and should provide decent support for Velasquez.

Matias Masiero (FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newsigningMatasMasiero.jpg) – another Uruguayan freebie. Finishing is pretty poor but he’ll do as a back-up in the supporting striker role.

No loans this time! ;)

Transfer history (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015OlimpoTransfers.jpg)

And those staff memebers I mentioned in an earlier post:

-Which former international player whose career took him to Italy and included a spell at Chelsea has joined my coaching staff? Answer (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newcoachHernnCrespo.jpg)
-Which former international who graced the turf of Fratton Park is now on my scouting team? Answer (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newscoutAndrsDAlessandro.jpg)
-Which ex-Sevilla player and one time Brazilian international has joined the above as a scout? Answer (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015newscoutLusFabiano.jpg)

We are favourties to go down and we have a tough start to the season with away ties at Argentinos and Independiente and our first home game is against reigning champions San Lorenzo. I am worried by the lack of cover in the squad, especially in defence and the AMC slot. Also, Velasquez got injured in pre-season training and is out for 3-5 weeks. Hopefully, the rest of the players can stay fit over the first half of the season and we can bring in some new faces in January.


Youth Player Update
My latest update in the Youth Player Project over in CSE can be read here (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4716989&postcount=220). :thup:

27-01-2010, 22:34
Those Colombians look like they can be very solid for you in the Argentine top flight. And good luck with Bolivia. Get that playoff spot. :thup:

28-01-2010, 09:20
agreed the columbians look very impressive :) go get Bolivia into the world cup :)

05-02-2010, 11:24
After a break to play a couple of seasons in the Big Euro Challenge over in CSE, you'll be glad to know I've reloaded my Olimpo save once more. After completing the month of August though, I wasn't so glad.... :p


Olimpo August 2015 Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

Life in the top flight is tough! We‘ve been playing well but the results have eluded us. The first game was a sickener as we conceded an 85th minute penalty to lose the match. We also lost Gonzalez, Larossa and Fernandez to injury – that’s three of our back four! We lost to Independiente in similar fashion as they scored with 10 minutes to go; San Lorenzo were just too good for us, although we had our chances; and we ttook and early lead against Arsenal and dominated the play only to be hit by two unstoppable free kicks. We really need Gonzalez and Velasquez back in the side as soon as possible...
v. Argentinos Juniors (a), 1-0 loss
v. Independiente (a), 1-0 loss
v. San Lorenzo (h), 4-2 loss
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (a), 2-1 loss

05-02-2010, 15:27
Bolivia September 2015 Update

International Friendlies
Two freindlies gave me one last chance to assess some of the players before World Cup Qualifying gets underway in October. The Sint Maarten game was a bit of a waste as anybody in the national pool could have played well gainst such weak opposition. Panama provided a slightly sterner test but we played well and got a deserved win. We should have scored more with the chances we had though and I’ll need my strikers to be in better form if we are to compete with the rest of the continent.
v. Sint Maarten (a), 4-0 win
v. Panama (h), 3-0 win

That pair of wins enabled up us to climb up the world rankings to 68th, a massive 1 place leap! :p At least it’s in the right direction...


Olimpo September 2015 Update

Primera Division Opening Stage
The month started with a familiar feeling as we quickly went a goal down at Tucaman. Ome inspired half tim substitutions did the trick though as new boy Maserio made one and scored another as we grabbed our first win. Basement boys Chubut offered the chance to get two wins in a row, which we took comfortably. Alas, our mini-run ended in the next game as two early goals at Lanus proved too much to recover from. Even worse in the next game, three defensive error allowed Central to race into an early 3-0 lead. We pulled it back to 3-2 but our defence let us down again and we ended up getting beaten comprehensively.

v. Atl. Tucaman (a), 2-1 win
v. C.A.I. de Chubut (h), 2-0 win
v. Lanus (a), 2-1 loss
v. Central (h), 5-3 loss

The two wins lifted us away from the bottom of the table but, with relegation decided by average points over three seasons, we are in serious trouble. We have to start picking up more points or our stay in the top flight will be brief. To make matters worse, wonderkid Mazzoni and youth product Hernandez will miss the next 3 or 4 games as they are off to India at the U20 World Cup.

05-02-2010, 16:38
Tough start to the season DodgeeD but if anyone can save them, it's you. :p

How are you finding the Primera Division?

05-02-2010, 21:00
I wish I shared your confidence. :p

The Primera Division is a big step up but I don't think the problem so far has been with my first teamers. It's the fact that my squad is seriously lacking depth. If a first teamer is out, I have to bring in youth players either because they are the only cover or becuase the cover is foreign and I need to put Argentinian players in the team elsewhere. After player sales, I had 275k to spend but nobody decent was available for less than 500k...

Oh well, if it all goes wrong, I can always retreat to La Paz and wait for the next big job offer to come up. ;)

06-02-2010, 00:17
Olimpo October 2015 Update

Primera Division Opening Stage
A tough start to the month as we went away to Boca. The scoreline was depressingly predicatable although we did have two goals disallowed. After the international break, we faced 3rd placed Velez at home but, with the likes of Granero and Larossa back from injury, we were much better and got a well-earned point. Hernandez and Mazzoni were back for the Racing game with the latter instrumental in our shock lead. We held onto that lead for most of the game before Racing’s relentless pressure told but it was another good point. Our good form had to produce a win sometime and that’s what happened in our last game of the month as we scored an easy victory over Estudiantes, despite their late comeback attempt.

v. Boca Juniors (a), 4-1 loss
v. Velez (h), 1-1
v. Racing Club (a), 1-1
v. Estudiantes (LP) (h), 3-2 win

Boca aside, much better stuff this month. These are the kind of results we need if we are to survive this season. The win over Estudiantes helped lift us to 17th in the apetura table:

| Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1st | | Boca | | 12 | 11 | 0 | 1 | 27 | 8 | +19 | 33 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2nd | | River | | 12 | 7 | 5 | 0 | 26 | 7 | +19 | 26 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3rd | | Vélez | | 12 | 7 | 3 | 2 | 22 | 8 | +14 | 24 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 4th | | Independiente | | 13 | 6 | 5 | 2 | 14 | 8 | +6 | 23 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5th | | San Lorenzo | | 11 | 6 | 3 | 2 | 16 | 10 | +6 | 21 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 6th | | Lanús | | 13 | 6 | 3 | 4 | 25 | 26 | -1 | 21 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7th | | Central | | 12 | 5 | 3 | 4 | 20 | 17 | +3 | 18 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 8th | | Arsenal de Sarandí | | 11 | 5 | 2 | 4 | 16 | 18 | -2 | 17 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9th | | Racing Club | | 11 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 16 | 12 | +4 | 16 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 10th | | Ferro | | 13 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 22 | 20 | +2 | 16 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 11th | | Newell's | | 12 | 3 | 6 | 3 | 16 | 13 | +3 | 15 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 12th | | Tigre | | 12 | 4 | 3 | 5 | 16 | 15 | +1 | 15 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 13th | | Banfield | | 12 | 3 | 6 | 3 | 17 | 17 | 0 | 15 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 14th | | Atl. Tucumán | | 12 | 4 | 2 | 6 | 14 | 19 | -5 | 14 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 15th | | Argentinos | | 12 | 4 | 1 | 7 | 13 | 24 | -11 | 13 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 16th | | Chacarita | | 12 | 3 | 3 | 6 | 17 | 20 | -3 | 12 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 17th | | Olimpo | | 12 | 3 | 2 | 7 | 17 | 24 | -7 | 11 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 18th | | Gimnasia (LP) | | 11 | 3 | 1 | 7 | 10 | 18 | -8 | 10 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 19th | | Estudiantes (LP) | | 12 | 1 | 3 | 8 | 15 | 24 | -9 | 6 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 20th | | C.A.I. de Chubut | | 13 | 0 | 3 | 10 | 5 | 36 | -31 | 3 |
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| However, the important table in relegation terms is the average points table. This divides the total points over the last three seasons by the number of games played (as one of the newly promoted sides, we have fewer games obviously). The bottom two go straight down and the 17th and 18th placed teams go into a play-off with the 2nd Division sides. This is how that table looks at present:

Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2015averagepoints.jpg) (for some reason, the print screen option doesn't work with this table)

At the moment, our aim is to at least increase our average enough to get into one of the play-off spots.

In other news, Hernendez and Mazzoni helped Argentina to the semis of the U20 World Cup, where they lost 14-13 in a penalty shoot-out with Mexico! :eek: They went on to finish 3rd, beating a South Korean side featuring many of the stars from my Asian U19 champşonship winning side in the play-off. Mazzoni made enough of an impression to finish 2nd in the Golden Ball (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015U-20WorldCupGoldenBall.jpg) (best player) award. :thup:

06-02-2010, 00:22
Ooh! Gimnasia (LP) just sacked their manager and I'm hot favourite to take over! As you can see from the table above, they are having a rough season but in the average points table they are safe. It's tempting as they have money and top notch facilites but I denied the speculation in the press. Nice to be linked though. :)

06-02-2010, 03:24
Tough start DodgeeD but you always knew it was going to be in that division. It's a big step up especially with teams like Boca, River and San Lorenzo. As long as you accumulate enough points to keep you ok in the average points table, you'll be fine. As rancer said, I have full faith in your ability to keep them up :D.

06-02-2010, 09:18
Thanks for the vote of confidence Raware (not the dreaded chairman-style vote of confidence I hope). Following our recent form, I believe we can move up the table but the mid-season transfer window will be key. I need 4 cheap but good Argentinian players!

After I distanced myself from the Gimnasia job, I realised they were in the latter stages of the Copa Sudamericana - maybe I should have gone for it and taken a short cut to a first continental trophy. ;) :D

06-02-2010, 15:21
Oct/Nov 2015 International Update: The Road to Russia

FIFA World Cup CONEMBOL Qualifying Section


A tough start as we faced the team ranked #1 in the world and featuring such footballing luminaries as Kaka, Pato, Vagner Love, Robinho and Liverpool legend Lucas. :p Could my team cobbled together from the second tier leagues of Mexico, Uruguay and Turkey pull off an upset? Short answer: no, although we did take an early lead thanks to a screamer from DM Ortega struck from about 30 yards. That lasted 2 minutes before Pato equalised, adding another soon after with love wrapping things up in the 2nd half.

An arguably tougher match a few days later as we travelled to Argentina, ranked #2 by FIFA to face the likes of Messi, Higuain, Tevez, Agüero, Mascherano and Liverpool legend Insua. :p Messi, Agüero and Yevez ripped us apart in the first half, each scoring fine goals. However, the 2nd half saw a turnaround as we suddenly remebered how to play and Argentina relaxed a little bit too much. Garcia came up from defence to head in a corner on 60 minutes and on 75 Ajax playmaker and star of the team Suarez tapped in after a great team move. Game on! Argentina were rattled and we had chances to level the game with Suarez going one-on-one with the keeper twice in quick succession. Alas, his finishing let him down on both ocassions and we ended up with a narrow defeat.
v. Brazil (h), 3-1 loss
v. Argentina (a), 3-2 loss

After a decent showing against Argentina, we took a step back in the next game at Uruguay, not helping ourselves as my right-back Saavedra got sent off and we went down 3-0. Against Colombia, we were terrible. We weren’t helped by the home side’s tough play with two players going off injured and three more picking up knocks but no excuses. We were poor.
v. Uruguay (h), 3-0 loss
v. Colombia (a), 5-2 loss

Not a great start then. :p Amazingly, we are not bottom! Venezuala occupy that position having not even scored a goal so far. At least there’s some hope of us getting a point!

| Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1st | | Argentina | | 4 | 4 | 0 | 0 | 12 | 5 | +7 | 12 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2nd | | Peru | | 4 | 4 | 0 | 0 | 6 | 0 | +6 | 12 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3rd | | Brazil | | 4 | 3 | 1 | 0 | 11 | 3 | +8 | 10 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 4th | | Chile | | 4 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 8 | 3 | +5 | 7 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5th | | Colombia | | 4 | 2 | 0 | 2 | 9 | 7 | +2 | 6 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 6th | | Ecuador | | 4 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 4 | 5 | -1 | 5 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7th | | Uruguay | | 4 | 1 | 0 | 3 | 7 | 7 | 0 | 3 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 8th | | Paraguay | | 4 | 1 | 0 | 3 | 6 | 12 | -6 | 3 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9th | | Bolivia | | 4 | 0 | 0 | 4 | 5 | 14 | -9 | 0 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 10th | | Venezuela | | 4 | 0 | 0 | 4 | 0 | 12 | -12 | 0 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

06-02-2010, 15:31
Hmm could have been a better start with Bolivia but it was always going to be an uphill struggle. Hope you can pick up a few points :thup:

06-02-2010, 15:32
Liverpool legends :D. Not the worst start for Bolivia really, performed well against Argentina and Brazil, shame about the other two games. Poor, poor Venezuela..

06-02-2010, 15:52
Thanks for the comments iacovone and TaylorB. :thup: Qualifying through the South American group must be the toughtest route - 5 of my rivals are in the World Top 20! :eek: Peru have also been a surprise so far - I would have expected them to be keeping me company at the bottom.

Forgot to mention this earlier but the Bolivia are set to host the U20 World Cup in 2017. I might sack the U20 coach just before hand and have a crack myself. ;)

06-02-2010, 16:24
...and I'm now being linked with the vacant managerial post at Argentinos, the club that gave the world Maradona. :thup:

06-02-2010, 20:25
Nov/Dec 2015 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

Our good form carried over to this month as we raced into a 2-0 lead against Tigre. Unfortunately, they pegged us back to 2-2 but that’s a result I would have been happy with before the game. Next up, Gimnasia, who we should have beaten but poor finishing meant just one goal for us and luck gave them a goal from their only decent chance. We finally got the win our recent play deserved against Chacarita (although it took two late goals to get it). Against Banfield, we were lucky to get a point with an error from the home side’s keeper giving us a late equaliser and we finished the month poorly against Newell’s, blowing a 2-0 half-time lead and losing 3-2.
v. Tigre (h), 2-2
v. Gimnasia (LP) (a), 1-1
v. Chacarita (h), 2-1 win
v. Banfield (a), 1-1
v. Newell’s (h), 3-2 loss

Just two games in December as the apertura came to its conclusion. Away to River Plate should have been a tough game but somehow we came out 4-1 winners! :eek: River were just shocking at corners with Cavallo scoring a hat-trick of far post headers. However, the bonus 3 points were wasted in the next game as we lost at home to one of the weakest teams in the division, Ferro.

Cavallo’s hat-trick earned him the December Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2015PotM.jpg) award.
v. River (a), 4-1 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2015RivervOlimpo.jpg)
v. Ferro (h), 1-0 loss

So that brings the apertura to a close. We improved after a slow start and we finish the campaign in 15th place. More importantly, our recent form has lifted us out of the automatic relegation slots in the average points table.

Apertura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015TorneodePrimeraApeturaTable.jpg)Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015TorneodePrimeraApeturaTable.jpg) | Average Points Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2015AveragePoints.jpg)

And finally, as 2015 drew to a close, Mazzoni was voted 3rd in the Argentinian Young Player of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015ArgentinianYPoftheYear.jpg) poll.

06-02-2010, 22:56
Jan/Feb 2016 Olimpo Update

Transfer window summary
A fairly quiet transfer window as I raised some cash by selling a few reserve players and bought a much needed keeper. Beyond that, I was only able to make a couple of loan deals to add some depth othe squad.

In (Transfer)
Armando Martinez (GK) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016newsigningArmandoMartnez.jpg) – a member of the national U20 side and good enough for the first team straightaway. :thup:

In (Loan)
Ramiro Fassi (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016loansigningRamiroFassi.jpg) – I could have signed him permanently but as he is 33, I decided to go for a 6-month loan instead. He’ll provide much needed cover in defence.

José Luiz Lopez (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016loansigningJosLuisLpez.jpg) – a familiar face as one of my first loan signings when I arrived here two years ago rejoins on a 12 month deal, this time with a ₤2mil future transfer option.

The only other news of note from the transfer window was that Velez made a series of bids for my young right back Larossa. They started at ₤750k, which was flatly refused but gradually bid more until the end of te transfer window when they offered ₤3.4mil. I would have accepted it but there wasn’t enough time in the window left to spend the money. Maybe next time. ;)

Primera Division Closing Stage

Only one game in January as the clasura began amd it was a tough one against Idependiente. They led at half time but we came out fighting and scored on 50 minutes. They re-took the lead on 52 mins and we equalised again on 53!
v. Idependiente (h), 2-2

February may be the shortest month but we had a packed schedule. We started with a very credible draw at San Lorenzo before Mazzoni took centre staged as we thrashed Argentinos with the 17 year-old scoring two and making two. We seemed to be heading for defeat in the next game at Arsenal until a red card reduced our opponents to ten men and two late goals earned us a win. Easy wins against Tucaman and Chubut followed before the bubble finally burst as we were on the wrong end of a Lanus scoring spree.

Our good form was recognised by the powers that be as Mazzoni got 3rd place in Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2016PotM.jpg) and I got 3rd in Manager of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2016Manageraward.jpg).
v. San Lorenzo (a), 1-1
v. Argentinos (h), 5-1 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2016OlimpovArgentinos.jpg)
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (a), 3-2 win
v. Atl. Tucaman (h), 3-0 win
v. C.A.I. de Chubut (a), 3-0 win
v. Lanus (h), 5-3 loss

That run of 5 wins has catapulted us up the clasura table into 4th place. :eek: Even better, we are 12th in the average points standings, well clear of the danger zone. :thup:
Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2016Table.jpg)Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2016Table.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2016Averagepoints.jpg)

06-02-2010, 23:07
Dodgee, could I see a screen shot of Mazzoni? Hopefully you can keep up this form but knowing FM you've probably got a string of games with the top 5? :(

06-02-2010, 23:14
Just saved and exited the game but I'll get a screenie up for you tomorrow. Central and Boca coming up so a dip in form is coming... :(

07-02-2010, 10:49
At TaylorB's request, here is a current screenie of teenage star Rodrigo Mazzoni (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2016RodrigoMazzoni.jpg).

The coaches gaive him a CA star rating of 3.5 and a PA star rating of 4.5 and he's already classed as a good Primera Division player. For me, he's got a great base of all-round techncial stats to build on. Natural fitness, jumping and strength are a bit low but the latter two can be excused by his height and age. Mental attribute wise, bravery, determination and teamwork are three keys for me for the central midfield role and he ticks all the boxes.

Another great thing is that he's been in the game for just over 18 months and clocked up nearly 60 league apperances and nearly 20 youth caps with no injuries whatsoever, not even a knock. :) (If I was iacovone, I'd be worried about a 'forum curse' right now :p)

07-02-2010, 11:55
He looks amazing for his age. A great set of attribute to build on as you say. Shame you've just ruined his career with saying he hasn't had an injury :(

07-02-2010, 12:07
He looks amazing for his age. A great set of attribute to build on as you say. Shame you've just ruined his career with saying he hasn't had an injury :(:D Well, no injuries in the games I've played so far today but he has said for the first time that media attention is getting to him.

07-02-2010, 14:52
March 2016 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

A very tough month as we faced the other form sides in the division. Defeats at the hands of runaway leaders Boca and away to Velez were inevitable but our performances in the other games were superb as we shocked Central away, grabbed a well-earned point off Racing and got a helping hand from the ref to beat Estudiantes as he sent off one of their players, gave us a penalty and ruled out a late equaliser for offside. ;)
v. Central (a), 2-1 win
v. Boca (h), 3-1 loss
v. Racing (h), 1-1
v. Velez (a), 3-1 loss
v. Estudiantes (LP) (a), 3-2 win

Much to everyone’s surprise (especially mine), we sit 3rd in the clasura table. Our good form has put us in a comfortable position in the average points table too. Only a complete collapse/forum curse would drag us down now!
Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2016ClasuraStandings.jpg)Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2016ClasuraStandings.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2016AveragePoints.jpg)

07-02-2010, 16:45
Oh DodgeeD, now you're just asking for the forum curse to occur! :p

But very good work so far, keep it up. (well try to anyways ;))

07-02-2010, 19:06
April/May 2016 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

Draws were the flavour of the month and they came in two varieties: the sweet points earned against Tigre and Chacarita and the slightly sour points dropped against Gimnasia and Ferro. The most bitter moment of the month came at home to Banfield though when we cooked up a 3-1 lead before getting roasted... :p Enough with the culinary puns – quite a disappointing month when you consider that we had led in every single game.
v. Tigre (a), 1-1
v. Gimnasia (LP) (h), 2-2
v. Chacarita (a), 1-1
v. Banfield (h), 4-3 loss
v. Ferro (a), 1-1

Two tough games remained in the clasura starting with a trip to Newell’s Old Boys. We were neer in it and only some great goalkeeping and a last minute goal made the scoreline llok respectable. The reality was, with only 4 points from 6 games, we had plumetted down the average points tables (fewer games played means that our points, won or dropped, have more of an effect – complicated, I know :D) and we needed to get a result against River to avoid the relegation play-offs. We got a boost as I looked at River’s line-up: either they were resting players ahead of an upcoming Copa Libatodores game or they were underestimating us as they fielded a weakened team. I told my players to go for it and they did. We dominated and somehow broke into a 4-0 lead! :eek: River were reeling but suddenly remembered how to play on 85 minutes and made us sweat as they scored 3 quick goals. The fourth was beyond them however and we held on for our second big win over River this season.
v. Newell’s (a), 2-1 loss
v. River (h), 4-3 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016clasuraOlimpovRiver.jpg)

We finish a very respectable 10th in the clasura table and, more importantly, that win over River pushed our average up suffieciently to stay clear of the danger zone. :thup:
Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016Clasurafinaltable.jpg)Final Table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016Clasurafinaltable.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016AveragePoints.jpg)

07-02-2010, 19:13
That's an amazing result against River! Bet you were worried at the end! That's a very respectable season, are you looking to move on soon? Your rep must be at least Continental?

07-02-2010, 19:31
My rep is national. I'm not sure about moving on - Mazzoni is a good reason to stay but I'm also wary of the fact that we can't compete financially with the other teams in the league, especially when it comes to buying decent domestic players. I was linked with the jobs at Argentinos and Gimnasia (LP) during the season so I think I could also get a top division job in Uruguay or Mexico if I wanted. We'll wait and see - if a job at a club with enough money to buy Mazzoni comes up, I'll take it. ;)

07-02-2010, 20:12
2015/16 Season Review




Opening Stage: 15th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015TorneodePrimeraApeturaTable.jpg)

Closing Stage: 10th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016Clasurafinaltable.jpg)

Overall: 13th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016OverallTable.jpg)

Average Points: 14th (1.26) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016AveragePoints.jpg)

The aim was survival and that was achieved. We had a slow start but once the players got over the awe of playing in the top division, we started to win and our run over the last few games of the apetura and the first 11 games of the clasura was what kept us up.

Key Players

Victor Cavallo (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016VctorCavallo.jpg) – had a solid season as the best part of a leaky defence and also got up the other end or a few crucial goals as well including his hat-trick of headers at River’s stadium.

Hernan Fernandez (DL) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016HernanFernandezOlimpoYP1.jpg) – struggled a bit to adapt to the higher level and was sometimes found out by opposition wingers but more good progress from the youngster as we build for the future.

Martin Larossa (DR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016MartnLarrosa.jpg) – another season of good development for an Olimpo homegrown player. He’s the subject of intense transfer speculation with some of the top Argentinian clubs declaring interest so it may be hard to keep him here.

Martin Granero (DM) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016MartnGranero.jpg) – his experience was exactly what we needed as he did a great job in the deep holding role.

César Sanchez (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016CsarSnchez.jpg) – the Colombian played very well when called upon but his chances were restricted by foreigner limits. A shame as he deserved to play more often.

Rodrigo Mazzoni (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016RodrigoMazzoni.jpg) – our best player by far. 7 goals and 16 assists made him an important part of most of our victories. As he approaches 18, the European club are starting to sniff around with Rubin and CSKA Sofia already expressing their interest.Christain Garcia (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016CristianGarca.jpg) –a surprise package as he had been my back-up striker in the 2nd Division but took centre stage here as Velasquez had a poor season and the Uruguayan forwards didn’t settle. Finished the season with 17 goals, our only player to reach double figures.

The Season Ahead...
Consolidation. I’ve got my scouts ready to scour Argentina for players to add depth to the squad. I’ll ony buy foreigners who are young and in need of development (two years in the youth team/on loan will get them citizenship) as I haven’t got room for anymore in the first team squad. Hopefully, with an improved squad, we can stay safe in mid-table.

07-02-2010, 20:54
June 2016 International Update: The Road to Russia

FIFA World Cup CONEMBOL Qualifying Section


After a 7 month break, it was time to get back to the international scene. Having scouted the Bolivian clubs in the continental competitions as well as the players based ina ctive leagues across the globe, I felt I had a clearer picture of who should be in the first team squad and I picked a couple of youngsters my scouts had spotted (see below). First up, a trip to Paraguay, also struggling. We had a blistering start as we went two goals up inside 8 minutes. The only problem was, that gave Parguay 82 minutes to get back in it and that’s what they did, scoring 3 second half goals much to our devastation. Next up, we hosted botom side Venezuala. Surely we would finally get a win here... even better than that – we thrashed them as we took out all our frustrations scoring 8 goals in the process, a new national record!
v. Paraguay (a), 3-2 loss
v. Venezuala (h), 8-0 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017BoliviavVenezuela.jpg)

Table (after 6 games)

| Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1st | | Argentina | | 6 | 6 | 0 | 0 | 18 | 5 | +13 | 18 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2nd | | Brazil | | 6 | 5 | 1 | 0 | 13 | 3 | +10 | 16 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3rd | | Peru | | 6 | 4 | 0 | 2 | 6 | 6 | 0 | 12 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 4th | | Chile | | 6 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 10 | 4 | +6 | 10 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5th | | Uruguay | | 6 | 3 | 0 | 3 | 12 | 7 | +5 | 9 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 6th | | Colombia | | 6 | 2 | 1 | 3 | 9 | 9 | 0 | 7 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7th | | Paraguay | | 6 | 2 | 1 | 3 | 9 | 14 | -5 | 7 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 8th | | Ecuador | | 6 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 10 | -6 | 5 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9th | | Bolivia | | 6 | 1 | 0 | 5 | 15 | 17 | -2 | 3 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 10th | | Venezuela | | 6 | 0 | 0 | 6 | 0 | 21 | -21 | 0 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

When the new season starts, we face Ecuador and Peru. If we get results in those games, we might be back in with a shout of 5th. Might. :p

Key Performers:

Jorge Garcia (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017JorgeGarca.jpg) – solid at the back and a threat from corners too. Scored aginst paraguay and Venezuala.

Daniel Suarez (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016DiegoSuarez.jpg) – can play pretty much anywhere in midfield or attack and most of our play goes through him.

Juan Carlos Arce (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017JuanCarlosArce.jpg) – hat-trick hero against Venezuala and topscorer in South American qualifying so far.

Recent Debutants

Fernando Arroyo (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017FernandoArroyo.jpg) – found a good way to get my attention by coming to play in Argentina. Looks like a decent prospect.

Daniel Vaca (DM) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017DanielVaca.jpg) – this guy was first noticed by the Olimpo scouts (he wasn’t even in the Bolivian national pool :rolleyes:). I tried to sign him but he opted for Santos Laguna (Nolberto Salano’s team) in Mexico instead. Nevertheless, I forgave him and handed him two starts in the recent games.

And this guy (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016Bolvia.jpg) is not really a key player but he is aptly named! :D

07-02-2010, 20:56
Haha that is excellent. And he's not even a regen :D

07-02-2010, 21:10
I also have a back-up player in the squad called Angola. :D He is a regen though.

07-02-2010, 21:25
I love regens :D

07-02-2010, 21:45
Over here, there's a CFL (Canadian Football League, similar to NFL) player named Canada. :D

Best of luck with Bolivia, you're need quite a bit of that to get to 5th. :p

08-02-2010, 00:54
Someone should cobble together a side named purely after the nation of their birth. That would be great :D

08-02-2010, 19:15
I don't know about anyone named after their native country but I've seen a couple of players called China popping up in the Brazilian leagues - you could always get them to play in China long enough to take citzenship. ;)

I'm hoping Bolivia (the player) has a MoM performance one day so I can get the headline 'Bolivia on form as Bolivia win' :D

08-02-2010, 21:16
The new season is almost upon me when disaster strikes! Mazzoni (midfiled dynamo), Larossa (first choice right back) and Martinez (first choice keeper) have all been called up for the Olympics and will potentially miss the opening three matches of the season, which include a home game with Boca and a trip to River. :mad: And to make it worse, I finally conclude protracted negotiations to sign a hot shot 18 year-old centre back and a young striker on loan only to find that they've been called up as well :mad:

09-02-2010, 22:01
2016 International Round-Up

Just two tournaments of note over the summer:

Euro 2016 - hosts: Norway; winners - Croatia (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015AFCFinal.jpg)
Surprises in the group stage as France, Italy, Germany and Holland are all elimianted as are Georgia who provided a shock by qualifying at all! :D England were knocked out by the hosts in the quarter-finals, who were in turn knocked out by Croatia, who would go on to beat Spain in the final on penalities.

2016 Olympic Games - hosts: Brazil; winners - Argentina U23s (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015AFCFinal.jpg)
At least the absence of Mazzoni, Larossa, Martinez and Cisneros wasn't completly pointless as they return with Gold medals. :thup:


Former Club Watch: Tai Po
Tai Po's success since my departure continued for a while as they won the 2015 Asian Confederation Cup (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015AFCFinal.jpg) and then stormed through the Asian Champions League qualifiers to reach the group stage! :eek: Their adventrue ended there but it was still some achievement. They suffered in the league, however, drawing an incredible 11 of their first 13 games and flirting with relagtion before winning 4 of the last 5 and finishing 5th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2015AFCFinal.jpg). That has put the manager's job under question - I'm not tempted to go back though! ;)

09-02-2010, 22:03
2016/17 Season Preview: Olimpo


Notable departures:
I sold a few reserve players, none of whom were up to much and that was reflected in their measly transfer fees. The main loss was last season’s topscorer, Cristian Garcia, who walked at the end of his contract. He would have signed a new deal but that all too familiar sticking point of the signing on fee reared its ugly head. To make it worse, since he left the board have been criticising me in monthly reports about letting him go – he only left becasue they wouldn’t cough up the ₤160k he wanted!

Notable arrivals:
I was really stuck for signings this summer as my scouts turned up hardly anybody in my price range who was worth it. I managed to get a couple of bright prospects and a couple of loans to provide cover but we are no better off than last season really :

Claudio Cisneros (DRC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016newsigningClaudioCisneros.png) – spent most of the ₤1mil transfer budget to bring this one in from Allianza Lima (he has Peruvian 2nd nationality). Already rated as a decent Primera Division player at the tender age of 17, I have high hopes for this one.

Leozinho (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016newsigningLeozinho.jpg)– with 5 foreigners already competing for 4 spots in the first team, I wasn’t going to sig anymore foriegners unless it was too good an opportunity to miss. That’s what Leozinho was as I nabbed him on a free transfer. He’s been farmed out to feeder club Alte. Brown for now but I hope to bring him into the first team next season.

With time running out in the transfer window and the other clubs demanding silly money for anyone who can kick a ball without falling over, I had to resort to a couple of loan deals to plug the holes in the squad:

Cristian Frederici (DM) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017loansigningCristianFederici.jpg) – with Granero and Sardella the wrong side of 30, cover at DM was a priority. Comes in from Boca with a future fee of ₤2.5mil, which I’ll probably never be avle to afford even if he turns out to be a good player.

Rafael Gil (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017loansigningRafaelGil.jpg) – ₤85k loan fee and ₤1mil future fee, this one turned out to be the most affordable cover I could get.

One more spark of hope for the future – Martin Ayala (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016MartinAyalaOlimpoYP3.jpg) came through the ranks into the youth team in the summer and seems to have high potential. As always, you can get a more detailed look at my youth projects in my latest post in Neppo’s Youth Player Project (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=4789576&postcount=259) in CSE. :thup:

It looks like a long, hard season beckons. The board only expect a brave fight against relegation and we have a decent tally of points to carry into the average ponts table but lack of depth is a real worry. With 4 players called up to the Olympics, we are in for a tough start and we can expect a similar scenario when the South American U20 tournament starts in January. We need to stay injury free as much as possible...

....and I’ll be keeping an eye on the job situation in case the going gets tough (I was linked with Seattle Sounders and Defensor Sporting over the summer). ;)

10-02-2010, 20:30
August/September 2016 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

A terrible start to the season! We had the excuse of missing 4 players because of the olympics for the first three games but the loss to Ferro was poor as we led for most of the match before a spectacular collapse in the last 20 minutes. The loss to Boca was to be expected but I was livid after the River game as they had a man sent off when just 1-0 up but we still conceded three after that. Even when our players returned for the Central game, we were still not good enough and we are now firmly rooted to the bottom of the table. :(
v. Ferro (a), 3-1 loss
v. Boca (h), 2-0 loss
v. River (a), 4-0 loss
v. Central (h), 3-1 loss

We were so close to our first point against Newell’s as Velasquez was clean through on goal in injury time with the keeper out of position and the score at 2-1. He was then cynically hacked down by the defender just outside the area meaning a red card but no goal and no penalty and a wasted free kick. :( :mad: We decided it was time to play dirty for our next game and it paid off as we got a 2-1 win courtesy of a Cordoba dive winning a penalty and 17 year-old debutant Cisneros pushing his marker in the back Ballack-style to head in the winner. ;) We carried our momentum over to the next game just two days later as we overcame Banfield with ease. The next game was a tad disappointing as we only drew against Lanus, who played for 75 minutes with only ten men. Nevertheless, We were happy to make it three games without losing ahead of a trip to table toppers Racing. There we lost as expected but again put in a good performance to round off a decent month.
v. Newell’s (a), 2-1 loss
v. Independiente (h), 2-1 win.
v. Banfield (h), 2-0 win
v. Lanus (a), 1-1
v. Racing Club (a), 2-1 loss

Following our poor start, we are at the wrong end of the table. The poor form of our fellow strugglers is just about keeping us safe in the average points table though.
Apertura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/sept2016averagepoints.jpg)Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/sept2016averagepoints.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/sept2016averagepoints.jpg)

10-02-2010, 21:06
October 2016 International Update: The Road to Russia

FIFA World Cup CONEMBOL Qualifying Section

Disappointment in the first game as we played well an as we chased an equaliser late on, Ecuador hit us with a coutner attack to take a 2-0 win. We again out in a good performance against Peru, taking the lead twice but pegged back each time. Overall, I’d say we were unlucky to only get a draw.
v. Ecuador (a), 2-0 loss
v. Peru (h), 2-2

A tough test against world #1 Argentina finished with a good result as we somehow got a 1-1 draw despite our opponents dominating the match. Messi’s first half goal aside, we just soaked up the pressure and hit them on the break with Moreno equalising early in the 2nd half. Strangely, we played much better against Chile, creating more chances and having more possession but we ended up getting thrashed 5-1! :o
v. Argentina (h), 1-1
v. Chile (a), 5-1 loss

Table (after 10 games)

| Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1st | | Brazil | | 10 | 8 | 1 | 1 | 19 | 6 | +13 | 25 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2nd | | Argentina | | 10 | 7 | 2 | 1 | 23 | 9 | +14 | 23 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3rd | | Chile | | 10 | 6 | 2 | 2 | 19 | 6 | +13 | 20 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 4th | | Peru | | 10 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 10 | 11 | -1 | 15 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5th | | Paraguay | | 10 | 4 | 2 | 4 | 16 | 21 | -5 | 14 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 6th | | Uruguay | | 10 | 4 | 1 | 5 | 17 | 12 | +5 | 13 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7th | | Colombia | | 10 | 3 | 2 | 5 | 15 | 15 | 0 | 11 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 8th | | Ecuador | | 10 | 2 | 4 | 4 | 10 | 16 | -6 | 10 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9th | | Bolivia | | 10 | 1 | 2 | 7 | 19 | 27 | -8 | 5 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 10th | | Venezuela | | 10 | 1 | 1 | 8 | 4 | 29 | -25 | 4 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Don't think you'll be seeing us at the World Cup anytime soon. :D

10-02-2010, 21:51
A few more games to play before my next update but here's a sneak preview just for TaylorB (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016ItalianovOlimpo.jpg). ;)

11-02-2010, 16:26
Must have replayed that game over and over again :(. Things aren't going well with Bolivia tbh :eek: Still, you're well clear of the average points relegation so don't worry about being dragged into the average points battle :thup:

11-02-2010, 19:37
The poor form of Italiano and Godoy Cruz has helped a lot in the average points situation as they seem unlikely to claw their way out.

As for Bolivia, at least we are not bottom! However, I am a bit disappointed that we have been unable to nick more points of the likes of Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay. Still, it's all about gaining experience. ;)

11-02-2010, 20:44
On the bright side DodgeeD, at least you're not Venezuela! :p

It's looking tough so far in the league. But you can turn it around. ;)

12-02-2010, 12:16
When the new season starts, we face Ecuador and Peru. If we get results in those games, we might be back in with a shout of 5th. Might. :p

Famous last words DodgeeD :D

12-02-2010, 15:17
Excellent concept for your thread DodgeeD. :thup: Can I ask where you got your manager facegen thing?

12-02-2010, 20:02
Excellent concept for your thread DodgeeD. :thup: Can I ask where you got your manager facegen thing?Cheers Gundo. Glad you like it. :) Czech Republic and Turkey are included as tributes to your challenge. ;)

I found the manager pictures last year through a thread in the graphics forum. Through there, you can find quite a few of them on photobucket, download the one you like and just add it as your manager profile pic when starting a new game (or make a config file for it if your game's already started). Anyway, here's the link to the thread (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=27758&highlight=facegen).

EDIT: and the direct link to the photobucket album (http://s251.photobucket.com/albums/gg300/duccio_fm/).

12-02-2010, 20:03
Famous last words DodgeeD :DI did say might :p

12-02-2010, 20:20
Thank you for links DodgeeD, also would be nice to see you manage in those countries eventually.:thup:

12-02-2010, 20:32
I'd like to go for one of the big clubs there like Sparta Prague or Galatasaray and see what I can do with them in Europe. :thup: But for now, we struggle in South America! :D

Will we be seeing your thread up soon? It's becoming one of the most anticipated threads of the year so far. ;)

14-02-2010, 21:19
October 2016 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

We started October with a rip-roaring game against Argentino, which we (luckily) managed to win. We then scored 4 again as we thrashed divisional whipping boys Italiano. José Cordoba, my Colombian AMC was the one to watch over as he scored 5 goals in the two games, which made the next piece of news all the worse: he picked up a training injury that would keep him out for two months. Without him, we put on a good showing against Arsenal, battering them in the second half but, with the scores at 1-1 on 85 minutes, they scored on the break and we came out of the game with nothing. Another good performance at Chacarita ended the month with Mazzoni revelling in his temporary AMC role but, once more, we couldn’t captalise for the win.
v. Argentinos (h), 4-3 win
v. Italiano (a), 4-1 win
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (h), 2-1 loss
v. Chacarita (a), 1-1

14-02-2010, 22:06
Just got my first job offer from a European club (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/joboffer.jpg). A look at the liga adelente table (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/LigaAdelante.jpg) confirms they are in trouble and there's no money to spend but it could be an interesting project to try to revive their fortunes. I'm saving the game and stopping for today there so your opinions are welcome. :)

14-02-2010, 22:23
Personally, I wouldn't take it. There's no way of getting Mazzoni to join the club and it's not a top division club, which then would mean I'd take it to get a started in Europe.

15-02-2010, 11:23
It really depends on whether you're willing to sacrifice short term success for big potential gains in the long term. It could go very well and you could be offered a job at a La Liga team or Premier League team within 2 years, but then again you could fail miserably and end up wasting a few years of your career with a team destined to nothing more than bounce between La Liga and Liga Adelente.

Personally, i'd stay at Olympia for the time being and see if another good job offer comes in within the next year or two, and also because i see it as a less risky route into one of the top leagues in Europe.

But as i said above, it's about whether you're willing to risk wasting a few years of your career, but you could potentially be in a top job quicker if things go well in Spain.

15-02-2010, 16:35
Hmm, thanks for the comments guys. It would take me off my intended path (I originally said I'd like to win a non-European continental trophy before moving to England or Spain). Maybe if I stick around, I'll get the chnce to manage a big South American team like Boca or Corinthians. ;) I'll make a final decision when I load up the game later on this evening.

16-02-2010, 02:04
Im of the opinion of TaylorB and hamilton and think you'd be better off staying where you are. But it's your decision and whatever you decide i'm sure it'll be the right one in the long run. Nice to see the bigger European clubs taking note of you :thup:. It's a long way from Tai Po ;)

16-02-2010, 12:42
Stay .

21-02-2010, 21:30
December 2016 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

We started the month with two hard-fought draws before José Cordoba marked his return to fitness by bagging 4 of our 5 goals against newly promoted Godoy Cruz. Our goalscoring form continued into the next game as we hit three but a goalkeeping error and a soft penalty meant, after establishing a 3-2 lead, we lost 4-3.
v. San Lorenzo (h), 1-1
v. Gimnasia (LP) (a), 2-2
v. Godoy Cruz (h), 5-0 win
v. Estudiantes (LP) (a), 4-3 loss

We got an easy finish to the opening stage campaign with two home games. Against Tigre, virtually every attack produced a chance as both sides got amongst the goals. Luckily, we had the edge to win 5-3 with Velasquez back to his old form with a hat-trick. Velasquez was on target again along with Mazzoni and a first Olimpo goal for young loanee Gil as we trotted out 3-1 winners over Vélez to wrap the opening stage up.
v. Tigre (h), 5-3 win
v. Vélez (h), 2-1 win

After a shaky start, we recovered well to put ourselves into th place in the standings. The average points table is looking good but we’ll still have to be careful during the closing stage.
Apertura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016openingStage.jpg)Final Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016openingStage.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016AveragePoints.jpg)

Noteworthy Performers So Far:

José Cordoba (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016JosCrdoba.jpg) – having a storming season in the AMC role and is the club’s 2nd topscorer at present.

Rodrigo Mazzoni (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016RodrigoMazzoni.jpg) – still playing beyond his years in the middle. A couple of MLS teams have been tracking him but he has repeatedly expressed his loyalty to his current club and boss. :cool:

César Verdera (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016CsarVerdera.jpg) – settled into his second season at the club and has been a solid midfield partner for Mazzoni.

Claudio Velasquez (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016ClaudioVelsquez.jpg) – rediscovered his form after a poor season last time out. 4 goals in December allowed him to pass Cordoba as the club’s topscorer.

Claudio Cisneros (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016ClaudioCisneros.jpg) – another youngster making great strides and now pushing his way into the first team as a regular starter.

30-03-2010, 21:28
After an incredibley busy month of March, I've finally had time to play FM again and I intned to make the most of it as, after Easter, I'll be swamped until the end of May with conferences, presentations, assignments and my regular job. :eek: It seems a lot of the threads I was following when I was last able to post regularly here are also inactive now but hopefully those following before will still do so now.

I'll have an update ready tomorrow and I'll hopefully get to the end of my current seaosn before I get swamped again. Time to resurrect the career of Mazzoni and co. :thup:

31-03-2010, 06:39
February 2017 Olimpo Update

As the New Year chimed in, we heard news of some Olimpo players in the December 2016 and end of year awards:

December 2016 Torneo de Primera Manager of the Month – David Dodgson (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016MotM.jpg)
December 2016 Torneo de Primera Player of the Month – Claudio Velasquez (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Dec2016PotM.jpg)
Torneo de Primera Team of the Year – Rodrigo Mazzoni (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016ArgentinianPremTeam.jpg)
Torneo de Primera Goal of the Year – Rodrigo Mazzoni (2nd) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016ArgentinianPremGoal.jpg)
Argentinian Young Player of the Year – Rodrigo Mazzoni (2nd) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016ArgentinianYP.jpg)

A shame Mazzoni just missed out on the Young Player of the Year award but no surprise really – the winner Cristian Belforti is an absolute beast (read the February league update for an example of his skill) who will surely be a world star one day.

The transfer window was frustrating as nobody who could improve the squad was availiable for less than ₤2.5mil, 8 times our transfer budget. As the kick off of the closing stage approached, we were hit by call-ups to the South American U-20 Championships. Just as we had lost players to the Olympics earlier in the season, we would now be without Mazzoni, Cisneros, Larossa, Barrera and Hernandez (that’s my midifield dynamo, one of my first choice centre backs and all of my full backs!) for the first few games, including matches with River and Boca.

Primera Division Closing Stage

Only the one game at the end of January as we faced Ferro, fast becoming our bogey tem. Despite the absentees, we were 2 goals up at half-time. Ferro pulled one back but we were still cruising until Cordoba foolishly got sent off for diving and our opponents took full advantage with 2 late goals. Just to rub it in, however, the winner came on 90 +3 minutes (only 2 minutes had been added on) and it was offisde, a fact confirmed by the lack of punsihment for my post-match rant.
v. Ferro (h), 3-2 loss

We faced a tough long month (even though, technically, it’s the shortest one). Good performances but inevitable defeats away to Boca and Central came either side of a home shocker against River as we got torn to shreds and lost 7-1, with Argentinian Young Player of the Year Belforti netting 5 (why wasn’t he called up to the U20 tournament? :mad:)... For the game against Newell’s, all our young hotshots were back with their South American U20 Championship (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017SAU20Final.jpg) medals hanging round their necks – would they make a difference? Short answer – no. :( Same as before, we played fairly well but came out on the wrong end of a defeat. Another spirited performance couldn’t prevent defeat in a tough game away to Independiente. 3 days later, we were up against 2nd placed Racing and, although we were at home, defeat seemed unavoidable. Transfer news on the eve of the game that my chairman had let hotshot left back Barrera go to Levski Sofia didn’t help our preparations. The ₤4.8mil will be handy for summer spending but we must now play out the season with just 1 left back. All the more surprising then that we ran out 4-0 winners!! The Colombian pair of Cordoba (1 goal, 2 assists) and Sanchez (2 goals, 1 assist) were outstanding with Velsaquez putting the icing on the cake with a late 4th. Perhaps there’s hope for the rest of this season after all....
v. Boca (a), 2-0 loss
v. River (h), 7-1 loss :eek:
v. Central (a), 3-2 loss
v. Newell’s (h), 3-1 loss
v. Independiente (a), 1-0 loss
v. Racing Club (h), 4-0 win!!

Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2017Table.jpg)Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2017Table.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2017AveragePoints.jpg)

31-03-2010, 10:17
Good to see you back DodgeeD, hopefully the win against Racing Club will spark the team back into life!

mag man
31-03-2010, 10:31
7-1 loss :D

The Argentine leagues looks complicated but fun. Good luck with the rest of the season :thup:

31-03-2010, 15:38
Not the best of months there to say the least DodgeeD!

Hopefully you can build on that win at the end of the month, which should have increased morale a little :thup:

31-03-2010, 21:50
Thanks for the comments guys. It was a tough month (and may have contributed to my slow playing a bit :p) but the month of March was much better, as you'l see shortly ;)

31-03-2010, 22:06
March 2017 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

We were obviously bouyed by the win over Racing as we turned in two good wins in our next two games with José Cordoba starring with a goal in each. The only downer was an injury to Vélasquez, which left me lacking in options up front.

Wherever people stand on the match-by-match report debate, the next game deserves its own write up. Lanus came to play us with both sides in good form. We had to come from behind twice in the 1st half as our opponents took advantage of poor marking on crosses but first Maserio and then Cordoba pegged them back. The 2nd half was a role reversal as Lanus were the team coming from behind. Maserio made sure Velasquez’s absence was not felt as he put us into the lead only for us to concede another header shortly afterwards. Maserio then broke the offside trap to grab his hat-trick and put us 4-3 up but Lanus equalised with a deflected shot straight from the restart. Cordoba then scored the pick of the goals with a delightful lob and it seemed like that would seal it. However, there was to be one more twist as Lanus grabbed a dramtic equaliser following a goalmouth scramble. The game could have easily finished 6-7 as Lanus had two goal disallowed (one crucially with the scoreline 2-1 in their favour and one with the score at 3-3) and we had a goal ruled out (also with the scores at 3-3).

We returned to our winning ways and to more sensible defending in the next game as we stunned Argentinos on their own turf with a 3-0 win, Cordoba and Maserio amongst the goals again. Our unbeaten run ground to a halt in the next match at the other Arsenal. Injuries meant Cordoba was my only fit player capable of playing up front (ironically moving him from the AMC to ST slot ended his scoring run of 6 goals in the previous 5 matches) and we lacked the firepower to threaten our opponents. Cordoba returned to his AMC position and his goalscoring ways with a brace in the next game but some sloppy defending and a stoppage time goal denied us a win. Still, a good month after our poor start to the clasura. :thup:
v. Banfield (a), 2-0 win
v. Italiano (h), 3-1 win
v. Lanus (h), 5-5!! (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2017OlimpovLans.jpg)
v. Argentinos (a), 3-0 win
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (a), 2-0 loss
v. Chacarita (h), 2-2

Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2017Table.jpg)Current Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2017Table.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2017AveragePoints.jpg)

The March Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2017PotM.jpg) was no surprise as Cordoba was in sensational form. This message from the board (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/April1st.jpg) would have been a surprise but SI have tried to get us with this one before (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Aprilfool.jpg), haven’t they? :rolleyes:

01-04-2010, 10:18
A much better month there DodgeeD :thup: Cordoba is on fire!!

Good to see you steering Olimpo closer to safety in the average points standings :)

01-04-2010, 13:40
Oh yes, Cordoba has been immense. Add in the goal against Racing at the end of February and he's got 8 in the last 7 and all from an AMC position. :cool: One of those players who took a season to settle and then really found his form big time. :)

06-04-2010, 20:27
April/May 2017 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

The month started with a return to our form of Febraury as we played well against tough opposition in the shape of San Lorenzo but, despite a brace from Cordoba, lost out 3-2. We got the win in our next game, this time Velasquez providing the goals with a late consolation for Gimnasia making it look closer than it was. Basement boys Godoy Cruz were up next and a drab match apperaed to be heading for a 0-0 result until Maserio scored a piledriver from 25 yards with just a couple of minutes to go. We rounded off the month with our final home game of the season, thrashing Estudiantes 4-1 thanks to Cordoba, Velasquez and a pair of penalties from Mazzoni, right little Fabregas that he is!
v. San Lorenzo (a), 3-2 loss
v. Gimnasia (LP) (h), 2-1 win
v. Godoy Cruz (a), 1-0 win
v. Estudiantes (LP) (h), 4-1 win

Bad news to start the month as José Cordoba picked up a knock against Estudiantes that would keep him out for the remaining two games. Up stepped Figueroa, a 33 year old I signed as cover on loan, to score in the first ten minutes of our game against Tigre. The final result would not go our way though as Tigre drew level before half time and the scored an 89th minute winner. To make it worse, just before the goal, we had a penalty shout turned down and post-match replays showed the ref had clearly got it wrong. Nothing to play for in the last game as we were safe from any threat of relegation and that’s how we played as we never really got going and lost 2-0.
v. Tigre (a), 2-1 loss
v. Velez (a), 2-0 loss

Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017Clasura.jpg)Final Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017Clasura.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017AveragePoints.jpg)

Despite the closing two defeats, we had a good end to the season, safe from relegation with games to spare. :thup:

End of season report to follow.

07-04-2010, 10:50
A mixed couple of months there DodgeeD, good to see that you avoided relegation though :thup:

Do you reckon now's the right time to jump ship and move to somewhere in Europe perhaps, seeing as Olimpo aren't really going anywhere?

07-04-2010, 12:43
I'm not sure. I'll have money to spent this summer but it probably won't be enough. I already need a good young striker and a new left back as well as a fresh pair of legs in the holding midfield position and now my backup goalie has announced his retirement...

It's all a matter of where to go - I've been linked with a move to Mallorca, who are likely to sack their manager for missing outon promotion so returning them to the top flight in Spain could be interesting. Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague are other possibilities. We'll see ;)

07-04-2010, 19:54
June 2017 International Update: The Road to Russia

FIFA World Cup CONEMBOL Qualifying Section

I haven’t updated on Bolivia yet this season so here goes. :thup:

One of the toughest games, Brazil away, went to the script as they were simply too good and a Pato brace wither side of a Santos strike consigned us to defeat.
v. Brazil (a), 3-0 loss

Another toughie as we travelled to Montevideo and lost by two goals to a strong Uruguyuan side.
v. Uruguay (a), 2-0 loss

Two home games to finish the season off and I was looking for something out of them. We matched Colombia well but their quality up front was decisive as they made more of their chances and eeked out a 2-1 win. If we lacked luck in that game, the next game more than made up for it as Paraguay dominated for 89 minutes and we scored on 90. ;)
v. Colombia (h), 2-1 loss
v. Paraguay (h), 1-0 win!

Table (after 14 games)

| Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1st | Q | Brazil | | 14 | 12 | 1 | 1 | 33 | 10 | +23 | 37 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2nd | Q | Argentina | | 14 | 10 | 3 | 1 | 30 | 11 | +19 | 33 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3rd | | Chile | | 14 | 9 | 2 | 3 | 27 | 9 | +18 | 29 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 4th | | Peru | | 14 | 6 | 3 | 5 | 17 | 18 | -1 | 21 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5th | | Colombia | | 14 | 6 | 2 | 6 | 22 | 20 | +2 | 20 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 6th | | Uruguay | | 14 | 6 | 1 | 7 | 27 | 16 | +11 | 19 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7th | | Paraguay | | 14 | 5 | 2 | 7 | 21 | 30 | -9 | 17 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 8th | | Ecuador | | 14 | 2 | 5 | 7 | 14 | 25 | -11 | 11 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9th | | Bolivia | | 14 | 2 | 2 | 10 | 21 | 34 | -13 | 8 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 10th | | Venezuela | | 14 | 1 | 1 | 12 | 5 | 44 | -39 | 4 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Brazil and Argentina have already qualified then. We have no chance but wit games aginst Ecuador and Venezuela to go, we have a chance of 8th. :p

07-04-2010, 20:17
2016/17 Season Review




Opening Stage: 11th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2016openingStage.jpg)

Closing Stage: 11th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017Clasura.jpg)

Overall: 12th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017OverallLeagueTable.jpg)

Average Points: 13th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017AveragePoints.jpg)

We had a couple of terrible runs of form but some good form midway through both the opening and closing stages saved us. In the end it was comfortable but without Mazzoni and Cordoba, it would have been a lot harder.

Key Players

Victor Cavallo (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017VctorCavallo.jpg) – ever present and ever solid at the back.

Martin Larossa (DR) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017MartnLarrosa.jpg) – another good season and we missed him when he was away at the Olympics and the South American U20 tournament. Currently being linked to several Eastern European clubs. I don’t want to let him go but if the rumoured offers of ₤8mil surface, I will reconsider.

Rodrigo Mazzoni (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017RodrigoMazzoni.jpg) – a great season in which he picked up the Fans’ Player of the Year award, Olympic and a South American U20 Championship medal.

José Cordoba (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017JosCrdoba.jpg) –the only surprise about the fans choosing Mazzoni as Player of the Year was that they overlooked this guy who scored and provided in plentiful supply and placed 3rd in the Torneo de Primera Player of the Season (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017BestPlayer.jpg) poll as well as 3rd in the Top Goalscorer charts (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017TopGoalscorer.jpg).

Claudio Velasquez (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017ClaudioVelsquez.jpg) – 20 goals made him second top scorer at the club and a key part of the team.

The Season Ahead...
Who knows? I’m getting itchy feet here and my contract is up on June 30th. If I stay, it will most likely be on a 1-year deal.

08-04-2010, 21:25
Nearly done with pre-season but no time to do the transfer update tonight. In the end, I decided to sign a new 1-year deal at Olimpo as Mallorca decided to give their manager another chance and there was nothing else tempting on the job market.

I raised some funds by selling a couple of squad players and I've actually ended up spending 8million over the summer! :eek: All I need is for Cordoba, Ivanildo and Masrio to get their Argentinian passports and we're set! There was a slight scare over the summer as Mazzoni expressed his desire to move on. However, he was soon backtracking and declaring his love for the club before signing a new 4-year deal. :cool:

I'll try to get a full update with my new signings over the weekend. In the meantime, here's the link (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5145798&postcount=396) to my latest Youth Player update.

13-04-2010, 17:42
Glad to see you turned it around after February :thup: All in all I'd say you had a very good season, shame about not picking up a good YP for this year, and all the best in what could be your final year (gathered from the way you've written your posts) lets hope its a good one!

14-04-2010, 12:58
Thanks for the comment LCFC. You're right - I'm angling for a move as I don't want to get too attached to one club/squad. This is supposed to be a roaming career after all! Having said that, I want to make sure that the next club is a step up and not a step backwards so I'll bide my time for now. I'm happy with the new players I've signed so this season could be a good one. :thup:

14-04-2010, 13:53
2017/18 Season Preview: Olimpo


Notable departures:
After letting some players go, I decided to sell a few squad players who brought in good funds: Montagnoli was unhappy about being out of the team and getting old so I was happy to accept any bids for him; César Sanchez was out of form towards the end of the season and I had my eye on a couple of extra midfielders so I had no hesitation in accepting a ₤4.5mil offer from Dnipro; the major sales finished with the departure of Alejandro Gonzaléz, who was third choice in central defence anyway and ₤2.5mil was good money for a player the wrong side of 30. I also arranged a deal for an Ecuadorian striker in my reserves who wasn’t anywhere near the first team but he won’t move to his new club in Peru until their transfer window opens in late August.

Notable arrivals:
I had a couple of players arriving on frees but the money from the sales of Sanchéz and Gonzaléz meant I was able to snap up a few hot talents my scouts had spotted over the course of last season:

Gabriel Merlo (AMRC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017newsigningGabrielMerlo.jpg) – the first of the freebies. He will provide cover in the centre of midfield (his natural position) and in the attacking midfield slot.

Julinho (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017newsigningJulinho.jpg) – another freebie and will provide much needed cover for the strikers.

Oscar Gonzalez (GK) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017newsigningOscarGonzlez.jpg) – my 2nd choice goalie hung up his gloves at the end of last season so this Chilean youngster comes in as back-up.

Milton Ramirez (DLC/DM/MLC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017newsigningMiltonRamrez.jpg) – with my two DMs nearing the end of their careers, Ramirez will add some youth to my options there. His versatility will be useful for cover if we have another injury crisis (or lots of call-ups to the U20 World Cup :rolleyes:).

I also managed to snap up two bright young Argentinian talents (although I had to dig a bit deeper into the finances to do so):

Diego Colella (DL) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017newsigningDiegoColella.jpg) – a bit pricey this one but he is being touted as one of Argentina’s future stars and I only had one left back at the club prior to signing him.

Cristian Vasquez (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017newsigningCristianVzquez.jpg) – I’ve been tracking this guy for a couple of seasons now and he’s been scoring a lot in the Nacional B. Seeing he was after a move to a bigger club, I made my offer and signed him. Here’s hoping he can step up to the top flight.

One more new face arrived on loan as I hadn’t got enough money left to sign him outright! However, I inserted a future fee clause and I’ll be activatig it as soon as the sale of my aforementioned Ecuadorian reserve goes through:

Valery Onana (AMC/FC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017loansigningValeryOnana.jpg) – not sure how usual it is for a Cameroonian teenager to be playing in Uruguay but this one was. With Jose Cordoba out for the first six weeks, he’ll be straight into the first team. If his friendly appearances are anything to go by, he’ll be a star for us!

Transfer summary: Players in

| Date | Person | From | Fee |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Merlo, Gabriel | Colón | Free |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Julinho | Defensor Sporting | Free |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7.7.2017 | Becerra, Aníbal | Villarreal | £100K |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 11.7.2017 | González, Oscar | Universidad de Chile | £140K |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 18.7.2017 | Vázquez, Cristian | Unión | £1.9M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 19.7.2017 | Ramírez, Milton | La Equidad | £875K |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 24.7.2017 | Colella, Diego | Banfield | £4.5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5.8.2017 | Onana, Valery | Defensor Sporting | Ln Fee £375K |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| | Total | | £8M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Players out

| Date | Person | To | Fee |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Hernández, Lisandro | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Solari, Mario | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Morales, Ezequiel | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Sampaoli, Rodolfo | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Cobián, Rodolfo | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | Marini, Fernando | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1.7.2017 | García Fernández, Enrique | | Free |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9.7.2017 | Martínez Montagnoli, Facundo | Juventud de Las Piedras | £100K |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 14.7.2017 | Sánchez, César | Dnipro | £4.5M |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 15.7.2017 | González, Alejandro | Wanderers | £2.5M |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| | Total | | £7M |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

mag man
14-04-2010, 13:55
Collela looks good. Would happily have him in my side :D

15-04-2010, 20:43
August/September 2017 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

We got off to the wrong start as, despite a hat-trick from Mazzoni, several defensive errors led to a 4-3 defeat at the hands of Chacarita. Things then picked up with a resounding win over Velez before a decent draw away to Gimnasia. Mazzoni was the star of the month with 4 goals but new boy Merlo made a big impression as well with 5 assists.
v. Chacarita (h), 4-3 loss
v. Velez (h), 4-1 win
v. Gimnasia (LP) (a), 2-2

A cracking start to the month as we thrashed Argentinos on their own turf before securing a home win over Estudiantes. The usual heavy defeat at the hands of Boca followed but we bounced back just two days later by stuffing 6 goals past Newell’s with Onana scoring a hat-trick on his first start. The month ended with a hard fought game and unlucky defeat at Lanus but we are in a good position in the league and I’m hoping we can stay in the top half for the rest of the season.
v. Argentinos (a), 4-1 win
v. Estudiantes (LP) (h), 2-1 win
v. Boca (a), 5-0 loss
v. Newell’s (h), 6-2 win
v. Lanus (a), 1-0 loss

Apertura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2017Table.jpg) Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2017Table.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2017AveragePoints.jpg)

A tough month lies ahead though as no fewer than 5 of my players (all Argentinian) have been called up for the U20 World Cup and I’m still waiting on paperwork for Cordoba and Ivanildo to get citizenship.... Time to give some youngsters a runout!

24-04-2010, 20:21
October 2017 International Update: The Road to Russia

FIFA World Cup CONEMBOL Qualifying Section


The gruelling South American qualificaiton process is finally over. Here’s how Bolivia’s last few games panned out:

We started the qualifiyng run-in with a chance to move ahead of Ecuador into 8th place but my players failed to rise to the ocassion as we were outplayed and deserved to lose with a late consolation goal making he scoreline respectable. Against Peru, we were equally poor and lost without putting up much of a fight.
v. Ecuador (h), 2-1 loss
v. Peru (a), 2-0 loss

Our poor form continued in the next game but we got lucky with our only two decent chances of the game to get all 3 points from Venezeula. We finally remebered how to play in the final game against Chile as we raced into an early two goal lead. Alas, Chile scored just before half-time to get back in it, before equalising on the hour and grabbing a sickeningly inevitable late winner.... :mad:
v. Venezeula (a), 2-0 win
v. Chile (h), 3-2 loss

Final Table – not even close in the end but at least we didn’t finish last. The Bolivian FA were pleased with the overall performance but, having completed the qualificaiton round, I decided the time was rigt to move on and I quit. Who knows? Maybe I can find an alternative route to the World Cup next summer... ;)

| Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 1st | Q | Brazil | | 18 | 15 | 2 | 1 | 40 | 12 | +28 | 47 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2nd | Q | Argentina | | 18 | 11 | 5 | 2 | 36 | 15 | +21 | 38 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3rd | Q | Chile | | 18 | 10 | 4 | 4 | 33 | 16 | +17 | 34 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 4th | Q | Peru | | 18 | 9 | 3 | 6 | 24 | 23 | +1 | 30 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5th | Pl | Colombia | | 18 | 8 | 3 | 7 | 30 | 24 | +6 | 27 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 6th | | Paraguay | | 18 | 7 | 3 | 8 | 27 | 35 | -8 | 24 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 7th | | Uruguay | | 18 | 6 | 3 | 9 | 30 | 22 | +8 | 21 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 8th | | Ecuador | | 18 | 3 | 7 | 8 | 20 | 31 | -11 | 16 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 9th | | Bolivia | | 18 | 3 | 2 | 13 | 26 | 41 | -15 | 11 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 10th | | Venezuela | | 18 | 1 | 2 | 15 | 8 | 55 | -47 | 5 |
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

26-04-2010, 21:35
Just got a message that the Houston manager travelled south from the USA to watch one of my players in action. Who exactly is in charge of the MLS side these days (November 2017)? None other than England's finest Emile Heskey! :D

27-04-2010, 21:30
December 2017 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Opening Stage

A poor start to the month as we scraped a draw against rock-bottom Huracan. We then lost to Independient at home but for both games we could point to the fact that 5 first team squad members were at the U20 World Cup, leaving us with no left back and short of cover in central defence and midifield. No such excuses against Ferro though as all those players had returned. It was just was of those game where, despite higher possession and more chances, everything they tried paid off and we got thrashed. :(
v. Huracan (h), 1-1
v. Independiente (h), 2-1 loss
v. Ferro (a), 5-1 loss :eek:

I’d given my players a good dressing down after the Ferro game and they responded well with an impressive away win at Tigre, coming courtesy of a brace by Velasquez. We suffered another defeat at the hands of Arsenal de Sarandi, disappointing as they were a lowly 18th before the game. That proved to be just a blip though as we stuffed San Lorenzo in the next match before recording wins over bottom side Tiro Federal and, much to everyone’s surprise, River Plate (who you may recall thrashed us 7-0 last season). A key performer in those last three games was summer signing Julinho, who made his first starts after a few unremarkable sub appearances (and some critcism as a ‘poor signing’ from the fans) and repayed my faith by scoring and providing an assist in each match. :thup: Indeed, he ended up with the Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2017PotM.jpg) award while I took second in the Manager of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Nov2017MotM.jpg) poll.
v. Tigre (a), 2-1 win
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (LP) (a), 3-1 loss
v. San Lorenzo (h), 6-1 win!!
v. Tiro Federal (a), 3-1 win
v. River (h), 2-0 win

Riding on a high from our victory over River, we came back down to earth with a bump as we fell 3-0 down to Central inside 30 minutes. We managed to make the score respectable but we were never really in it. We suffered another defeat in the next game at Banfield, the only highlight for us being Velasquez scoring his 100th goal for the club. A bad month was capped by a spectacular late collapse at Racing as we were tied on 80 minutes but ended up getting thrashed.
v. Central (a), 4-3 loss
v. Banfield (h), 4-2 loss
v. Racing Club (a), 5-2 loss

Apertura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017Apetura.jpg) Final Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017Apetura.jpg) | Average Points (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017AveragePoints-1.jpg)

A bit disappointing in the end as we were 6th in the table after the win over River but those last three games saw us drop to 10th. At least the average points table means we should be safe from relegation. :thup:

28-04-2010, 19:37
January 2018 Olimpo Update


Rodrigo Mazzoni had a cracking year in 2017 and as a result got the nod as the Argentinian Young Player of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017ArgentinaYPoftheYear.jpg). He also featured alongside the equally excellent José Cordoba in the Premier Division Team of the Year (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017TorneodePrimeraTeamoftheYear.jpg).

I wasn't planning any transfer activity in January beyond making Onana's loan move permanent. However, events (or should I say the chairman?) conspired to force my hand. Claudio Cisneros and Hernan Fernandez (YP1) both started to make noises about moving to bigger clubs and Dudu, Ivanildo, Julinho and Mazzoni were all subject to widespread interest and media speculation. Luckily, they all either resisted moves or were persuaded to stay. Alas, as the end of the transfer window came, bids for my main centre back Victor Cavallo started to come thick and fast. Eventually, Red Star Belgrade offered 7.5 million for him and my chairman accepted. To be honest, I would have probably taken it anyway as it was good money. However, my chairman wasn't done there, the following day accepting a bid of 7.75mil from Swiss outfit Young Boys for Collela, a left back I had only signed 5 months ago.

That meant I had to bring in two defenders with only 24 hours of the transfer window left. Fortunately, I found these guys:

Dario Navarro (DC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018newsigningDaroNavarro.jpg) - only 18 but looks a great prospect. Rated as almost as good as Cisneros with 4* potential.

Ever Ripamonti (DR/L) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018newsigningEverRipamonti.jpg) - not ready for the first team just yet but one for the future who will provide cover for Fernandez at left back for now.

On the job front, I was offered jobs with Juventude in Uruguay, Veracruz in Mexico and Argentinos in Argentina but all those sides are struggling and seemed like a step down. I was also linked with Mallorca again and Sivasspor of Turkey so it looks like finding a new job at the end of the season shouldn't be a problem. However, with the money we now have for transfers, maybe I can be tempted to stay! ;)

28-04-2010, 21:17
February 2018 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

A good start to the clasura campaign saw us record big wins over Velez, Gimnasia and Estudiantes. Especially encouraging was our improved form on the road with 2 wins and a draw from 3 matches. Our only defeat of the month came at home as Argentinos scored a late winner. Once again, Mazzoni, Cordoba and Velasquez have been the stars, scoring 11 of our 16 goals.
v. Velez (a), 5-2 win
v. Gimnasia (LP) (h), 4-2 win
v. Chacarita (a), 1-1
v. Argentinos (h), 2-1 loss
v. Estudaintes (LP) (a), 4-1 win

Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2018table.jpg) Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Feb2018table.jpg) – an impressive 5th so far. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

Job news again – I kept a keen eye on the African Nations Cup hoping for a big nation to slip up, sack their coach and offer me a shot at the World Cup. Ghana and Ivory Coast fell at the Quarter Final hurdle but only the Ivory Coast job became available. I was just about to take on the role when I realised they hadn’t actually qualified for the World Cup having finished behind Egypt in their qualifying group so I passed the chance up.

29-04-2010, 21:45
March 2018 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

A frustrating start to the month as we lost two games we should have got points from: we outplayed Newell’s only to lose out to a late goal that should have been offside; and against Boca, we were a minute away from a point until a clumsy challenge from Cisneros gave away a penalty from which there was no time to come back. We then bounced back with back-to-back wins over Lanus and Huracan before we came unstuck once more against our bogey team Ferro. A tough match came up next away to leaders Independiente but we pulled off the shock win, with Jose Cordoba, back in the side after 3 games out injured; grabbing a brace. Cordoba was central to our win in the final game of the month as he scored one and set one up against Tigre.
v. Newell’s (a), 2-1 loss
v. Boca) (h), 2-1 loss
v. Lanus (h), 4-1 win
v. Huracan (a), 3-1 win
v. Ferro (h), 2-1 loss
v. Independiente (a), 2-1 win
v. Tigre (h), 2-0 win

Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2018Table.png) Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/March2018Table.png) – sitting pretty in 4th at the moment. :cool: İt’s tight below us though and we have to play most of the top teams in our last 7 games....

30-04-2010, 20:13
Looking tight at the top there DogeeD. A slip up from each of the teams above you & you're right in the mix for the title. :thup:

30-04-2010, 21:22
Not sure about the title but a continental qualification spot is a realistic aim. :thup:

01-05-2010, 07:54
May 2018 Olimpo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

A tough run in faced us with Tiro Federal the only side we would be favourites to beat. A bit of a disappointment against Arsenal as we were 2 goals up but ended up drawing 2-2. We made up for it in the next match against high flyers San Lorenzo as we came back from 2 goals down to draw. An expected easy win over Tiro Federal followed before a trip to face River. We nearly snatched a point as Julinho scored with our first on target attempt of the game with 12 minutes to go but River really piled on the pressure after that and got the winner with 5 minutes to go.
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (h), 2-2
v. San Lorenzo (a), 2-2
v. Tiro Federal (h), 2-0 win
v. River (a), 2-1 loss

Coming into the last three games, we still had a chance of qualifying for next season’s Copa Sudamericana. A home victory over Racing left us third with two games to go but only 3 points clear of 8th. We took the lead in the next game against Central only for Onana to get sent off and let Central back in it. Defeat there meant we had to get something out of the game at Banfield but we couldn’t despite having more chances as we went down 2-1.
v. Racing Club (h), 2-1 win
v. Central (h), 3-2 loss
v. Banfield (a), 2-1 loss

Clasura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Clasura.jpg) Final Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Clasura.jpg) – 9th is our highest finish to date but it was a little disappointing as we were 3rd with two games to go....

Season round up to follow. :thup:

01-05-2010, 09:44
2017/18 Season Review



Opening Stage: 10th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2017Apetura.jpg)

Closing Stage: 9th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Clasura.jpg)

Overall: 10th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018LeagueOverall.jpg)

Average Points: 13th (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018AveragePoints.jpg)

We acheived our highest league positions to date and this season relegation was never a worry. We did end both the opening and closing stages with poor runs that cost us even higher finishes but this is a young side, particularly in defence and the players can only continue to get better.

Key Players

Rodrigo Mazzoni (MC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018RodrigoMazzoni.jpg) – consistently our best performer. Another outstanding season with a career high assist total. Won the Argentine Young Player of the Year award to boot. The most surprising thing about him is that no other clubs have expressed interest in signing him!

José Cordoba (AMC) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018JosCrdoba.jpg) –a goalscoring and goalmaking machine once more. And to think, I signed him a few seasons back for a mere ₤2,000!

Matias Maserio (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018MatasMasiero.jpg) – spent the first half of the season on the sidelines as he had a couple of injures and I decided to give my new strikers a chance. However, he worked his way back into the team and his experience was vital later in the season as he went on a scoring streak of 6 consecutive games and won a few matched sor us.

Claudio Velasquez (ST) (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018ClaudioVelsquez.jpg) – a second season with 20 top flight goals as Velasquez enjoys a purple patch late in his career, earning him the Fans' Player of the Year ahead of Mazzoni and Cordoba. He turns 33 next season but I’m sure he can continue to find the net.

The Season Ahead...
Again, my contract is up so it’s all a matter of what’s out there. I feel I can get Olimpo even higher up the table next season but the longer I stay, the harder it gets to leave. Pumas of Mexico and Sparta Prague of Czech Republic are both considering their managers’ positions after disappointing seasons so I’ll be keeping an eye on those posts....

My latest Youth Player update from Neppo's Youth Player Project FM10 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=162249) can be read here (http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=5276324&postcount=431).

01-05-2010, 15:54
Tribute World Tour, Part 3: Almagro's Strongmen Dare You....

Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro


I was mulling over the option of one more year at Olimpo, tempted by a hotshot new striker in the youth team and 5mil to spend. Just before I had to decide though, San Lorenzo came along and offered me a 2 year-deal on 3.3k a week (nearly double what Olimpo were willing to give) and 8mil to spend in the transfer market. I figured with that money, I could tempt Mazzoni and a couple of others to follow me so I took the offer. Another bonus of going to San Lorenzo is that they are in the Copa Sudamericana and so I get my first taste of South American continental competition.

The club are one of the top sides in Argentina behind Boca and River Plate. They have several titles to their name, the most recent (in this game of course) coming in 2015. Since then, they haven't finished higher than 4th though so I have been charged with mounting a serious title challenge.

That may not be so straightforward as the squad is lacking depth and some of the players are getting old. The prices being quoted for the best young players around are steep so I may have to sell if I want to bring in more than a couple of new faces.

Some basic info on the club:
We are nicknamed El Ciclon (The Cyclone) and our fierce rivals are Boca, River, Idependiente, Racing Club and Huracan and Vélez are listed as 'other rivals' so we should have some intense games!

The stadium is called El Neuvo Gasometro and has a capacity of about 44,000. However, there are only only 15,000 seats. 25,000 season ticket holders mean we should have some vocal home support.


Now, if the board later claim stadium expansion is impossible due to 'lack of space', I'll know they are lying. :p

More info on the club here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_Atl%C3%A9tico_San_Lorenzo_de_Almagro), including an interesting story of the club's origins as a street gang! :D

01-05-2010, 16:54
2018/19 Season Preview: San Lorenzo


Notable departures:
After reviewing the squad, I decided major changes were needed. Many of the players were over 30 and there were several youngsters who, while decent, were not of the standard I was looking for. I oversaw a clearout of 12 players from the first team squad and reserves, bringing in funds of ₤30mil+. :cool:

| Date | Person | To | Fee |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 30.6.2018 | Chávez, Juan* | Audax Italiano | Ln Fee £35K |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 5.7.2018 | Lobos, Ezequiel* | CSKA (Sofia) | Ln Fee £1.5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 19.7.2018 | Cabrera, Emiliano | Siena | £2M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 19.7.2018 | González, Mauricio | Seongnam | £4M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 19.7.2018 | Bianco, Guillermo | Murcia | £1.5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 20.7.2018 | Brunelli, Sebastián| Universidad de Chile | £3M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 21.7.2018 | Adriano | Chacarita | £1M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 21.7.2018 | Jairo | Tigres | £1M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 21.7.2018 | Torres, Daniel | Rocha | £2M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 21.7.2018 | Antônio | Basel | £2.5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 22.7.2018 | Montero, Jefferson | ADO Den Haag | £3M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 22.7.2018 | Gallardo, Alex | Lens | £2M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 31.7.2018 | Núñez, Enrique | Tigres | £5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 3.8.2018 | Juárez, Axel | Basel | £5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| | Total | | £33.5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
*Denotes deals concluded by the previous manager.

Notable arrivals:
Just as well, because anyone who was half-decent was going to cost me a lot. I scouted my favourite players from Olimpo (Cordoba, Cisneros, Fernandez etc) but I was told it would take upwards of ₤8mil for each of them. To my delight, however, I negotiated the asking price for Mazzoni down to ₤6.25mil and he followed me to San Lorenzo! :thup: I also returned to Olimpo to sign Carlos Serrizuela, who had just come into the youth team before I left. He has serious potential and so was worth the outlay for the future.

Aside from that pair, I brought in a couple of holding midfielders, one from Chile (Quieroz) and a Nigerian who was playing in Uruguay (Lawal). Another Nigerian (Festus) came in from Brazilian side Gremio, a much needed signing as we had no recognised left-backs in the squad. I also brought in a Brazilian striker (Baiano) and a Chilean keeper (Cayazaya) – all expensive but necessary.

| Date | Person | From | Fee |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 27.6.2018 | Vavá* | Vitória | £3.8M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 28.6.2018 | García, Félix* | Cienciano | £1.3M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 20.7.2018 | Quiroz, Alejandro | Everton (CHI) | £750K |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 21.7.2018 | Mazzoni, Rodrigo | Olimpo | £6.25M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 28.7.2018 | Carlos Serrizuela (Olimpo YP5) | Olimpo | £3.6M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 29.7.2018 | Lawal, Emmanuel | River Plate (URU) | £4M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 2.8.2018 | Fernando Baiano | Racing de Montevideo | £5.75M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 13.8.2018 | Cayazaya, Carlos | Santo André | £4.2M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| 15.8.2018 | Festus, Obinna | Grêmio | £1M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| | Total | | £30.5M |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
*Denotes deals concluded by the previous manager.

I also made several changes to the backroom staff, bringing in a few coaches who quit Olimpo after I left. Hopefully, all the changes won’t cause too much upheaval!

01-05-2010, 21:01
August 2018 San Lorenzo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage
A great start to my new job as we won our opening three games. Victory over Argentinos came courtesy of a header from Brazilian defender Vava and a brace from Paraguayan international striker Arnaldo Cabral. Cabral got another brace in the next game which, togther with an own goal, helped us earn a huge win at rivals Velez. Cabral was not amongst the goals for the next match but no matter as 35 year-old Peruvian and club legend Roberto Jiminez smashed two goals past Tigre to give us 9 points from a possible 9.
v. Argentinos (h), 3-0 win
v. Velez (a), 3-0 win
v. Tigre (h), 2-1 win

Apetura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Aug2018Table.jpg) Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Aug2018Table.jpg) – A perfect start sees us top. :) Early days though...

Cabral’s form in front of goal earned him the Player of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/AugPotM.jpg) and Goal of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/AugGotM.jpg)awards and I got the Manager of the Month (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/AugMotM.jpg) gong as well. :cool:

Copa Sudamericana Preliminary Round
As seems to be the norm, all the Argentinian and Brazilian sides were paired together in the draw and we were drawn against Velez (meaning three games in the space of two weeks with them including the league match). We got off to a great start in the home leg, scoring in the opening minute before going on to win comfortably thanks to a hat-trick from Arnaldo Cabral. We fell behind early in the second leg but goals from new boy Quiroz (penalty) and Brazilian attacking midfielder Denilson put the tie beyond doubt before Velez scored a late equaliser.
Leg 1 v. Velez (h), 3-0 win
Leg 2 v Velez (a), 2-2
Aggregate score, 5-2 win

02-05-2010, 12:46
September 2018 San Lorenzo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage
Our fine start to the season continued with 3-0 the score of choice for the first three games. Cabral and Mazzoni were on fine form as well. Our run ground to a halt though when we played rivals Racing. We outplayed them over 90 minutes but one slip up gave them a penalty and that was that. We returned to winning ways in the last game though as Lanus were brushed aside.
v. Godoy Cruz (h), 3-0 win
v. Gimnasia (LP) (a), 3-0 win
v. Estudiantes (h), 3-0 win
v. Racing Club (a), 1-0 loss
v. Lanus (h), 3-1 win
Apetura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2018Table.jpg) Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Sept2018Table.jpg) – still top after the win over Lanus but yet to play Boca, Central, Idpendient or River.

Copa Sudamericana: 1st Round
The first round draw paired us with Bolivian side The Strongest, marking a return for me to Hernando Siles stadium, home Bolivia’s national side. The Strongest didn’T really live up to their name as my team of reserves and youht players recovered from conceding an early penalty to breeze to a 4-1 win, Serrizuala scoring a hat-trick. The second leg takes place in October.
Leg 1 v. The Strongest (a), 4-1 win

03-05-2010, 14:02
October 2018 San Lorenzo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

Ferro were always a bogey team for me when at Olimpo and so it proved here as my defence had a ‘mare and we let a lead slip to lose to a late comeback. We set things right though with a thumping win away at Central in the next match before a tough pair of home games with River and Arsenal de Sarandi. The atmosphere was heated for the visit of crosstown rivals River but we soon poured cold water on them with a deserved 4-1 win, Cabral grabbing two and Denilson also scoring a brace from midfield. We made hard work of the Arsenal game as we gave away a goal early on. We dominated after that but it took a while for the winning goals to come (we also had 3 goals ruled out!).
v. Ferro (a), 4-3 loss
v. Central (a), 4-1 win
v. River (h), 4-1 win
v. Arsenal de Sarandi (h), 2-1 win
Apetura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2018Table.jpg) Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/Oct2018Table.jpg) – still top. Boca have a game in hand, however.

Copa Sudamericana
1st Round
Again, the reserves and youth players did a great job as we stuffed our opponents and reached the next Round with ease.
Leg 2 v. The Strongest (h), 6-0 win (10-1 aggregate win)

Quarter final
Only Brazilian and Argentinan sides were left by this stage but we managed to avoid the bigger sides as we were drawn with Bahia. A drab first half was punctuated by a slip up in the Bahia defence allowing Baiano to score. We added a second early in the second alf but that fired Bahia up and they pulled one back before levelling the score. The return leg takes place next month.
Leg 1 v. Bahia (a), 2-2

04-05-2010, 14:38
November 2018 San Lorenzo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

We started the month with a third home game in row but failed to take advantage as Chacarita held us to a draw. I then had my first return to Olimpo, who had fallen into disarray since my departure, with just one point all season. We did them no favours but kept the scoreline respectable. Mazzoni was the man on his return as he set up both goals. :thup: An easy win over basement boys Atl. Tucaman followed before we faced 3rd placed Independiente, another of our local rivals. We appeared to be heading for a goaless draw until defender Gold Betig (yes, that’s his real name!) powered in a late header.
v. Chacarita (h), 2-2
v. Olimpo (a), 2-0 win
v. Atl. Tucaman (h), 8-0 win
v. Independiente (a), 1-0 win
Apetura Standings (silly me! I forgot to take a screenie :o – Boca have played their game in hand and our dropped points against Chacarita mean they are now 4 clear of us. Frustratingly, on the same day we scored a last minute winner at Idependiente, Boca scored a winner against arch-rivals River 5 minutes into stoppage time. :rolleyes: Our next game is against Boca so that’s a must win if we are to stand any chance of catching them.

Copa Sudamericana
Quarter final
With the away goals from the first leg, we just did what we had to do and shut our opponents out after grabbing a first half goal.
Leg 2 v. Bahia (h), 1-0 win (aggregate score, 3-2)

Semi Final
A tough tie as we faced local rivals River for a spot in the final. My players got a bit awestruck in front of 60,000 screaming fans at River’s stadium and we were soon 2 goals down. A second half comeback led by Cabral saw us level the score only to lose to a late winner. That set up a tense return leg which we would have to win. A clash with the international calender meant we were short of a few players but the call-ups left River worse off so we still had a chance. Indeed, it was 16 year-old Serrizuela who gave us the advantage with 2 first half strikes. We added a third in the second half after a shot rebounded off the post and hit the keeper for an own goal. River scored in injury time but it was too late for a comeback and we were through to the final!
Leg 1 v. River (a), 3-2 loss
Leg 2 v. River (h), 3-1 win (aggregate score, 5-4)

05-05-2010, 22:09
December 2018 San Lorenzo Update

Primera Division Closing Stage

A must win game against Boca was made tougher as it was sandwiched between the two legs of the Copa Sudamericana final (see below). However, we brought our A-game and sneaked the win courtesy of a second half Cabral strike. The win put us just a point behid Boca and was made all the more special by the fact we had inflicted Boca’s first defeat in 14 months. Furthermore, we were the first team to score against them in 7 games! A tight 2-1 over Banfield kept us in it but we were our own worst enemy in the last game as we giftd Newell’s two goals and couldn’t muster a reply. Not that it would have mattered as Boca won their last game and took the title...
v. Boca (h), 1-0 win
v. Banfield (h), 2-1 win
v. Newell’s (a), 2-0 loss
Apetura (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Apertura.jpg) Final Standings (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Apertura.jpg) – runners up but with a couple of January signings, I reckon we couıld push for the clasura title.

Copa Sudamericana
The chance for a perfect start to my time at San Lorenzo with a continental cup final just 5 months after taking the job. Sao Paulo of Brazil were are opponents and we got off to a great start when veteran defender Wescley put us ahead. However, Sergio Mota of FM08 wonderkid fame soon levelled the scores and that’s how it stayed. That meant we faced a hard task for the away leg in Brazil. Sao Paulo were all over us at the start of the game but we got the lucky break as, midway through the first half, their keeper slipped when dealing with a backpass and Baiano pounced to score. Sao Paulo levelled just before half-time and again dominated us in the second half. We hung on though and it was Baiano again who restored a lead with a goal on the break on 77 minutes. Sao Paulo equalised almost immediately and went all out in search of the winner. We held our nerve though and agin made a quick break with Franco scoring a screamer from 25 yards out right on full time to secure the win and the trophy!!! :cool:
Leg 1 v. Sao Paulo (h), 1-1 (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018CopaSudamericanaFinalLeg1.jpg)
Leg 2 v. Sao Paulo (a), 3-2 win (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018CopaSudamericanaFinalLeg2.jpg) (aggregate score, 4-3)

07-05-2010, 20:31
This is a brilliant read DodgeeD, great win in the Copa Sudamericana Final. Good luck with the rest dude.

08-05-2010, 07:25
Cheers AcidBurn. I was delighted to get the tricky away win in the Copa Sudamericana final (although it was one of those where the board responded by saying 'we always expected to win') :rolleyes:

December 2018 Update: Key Players

It just occurred to me that I am yet to show screenies of any of my squad so what better time than the mid-season break with a continetal trophy and a 2nd-placed opening stage finish under our belts?

Fernando Meza (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018FernandoMeza.jpg) - his preferred position is centre-back but I've had him out on the right side of defence all season and he's performed very consistently.

Claus Gold Betig (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018ClausGoldBetig.jpg) - a standout name and a standout performer in central defence. Won us a couple of games with Steve Bruce-esque late headers as well.

Vava (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Vav.jpg) - signed by my predecessor just before he was given the boot. Has turned in performances of a high standard in defence so far and, at just 19, should have a long career ahead.

Obinna Festus (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018ObinnaFestus.jpg) - signed late in the August transfer window. At first I wasn't expecting much as he was signed due to lack of other affordable options at left-back but he has done very well and earned his first cap for Nigeria as a result.

(http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018EmmanuelLawal.jpg)Emmanuel Lawal (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018EmmanuelLawal.jpg) - another Nigerian signing. Quickly made the DM slot his own and contributed in attack with several assists in our Copa Sudamericana run.

Carlos Franco (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018CarlosFranco.jpg) - the central midfielder has been one of the most highly-rated performers in the Argentinian league over the last few seasons and I'm lucky to have him in my squad. His form earned him a call-up as one of just 3 domestically based players in the last Argentina squad. Although he didn't play, it's another encouraging sign of things to come.

Rodrigo Mazzoni (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018RodrigoMazzoni-1.jpg) - as you know, Mazzoni was my best player at Olimpo and has not disappointed at his new club. Already a fan favourite and seen as an 'inspired' signing despite the 6.25mil price tag.

Denilson (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018Denilson.jpg) - has turned in some top notch performances as attacking playmaker. May not be with us for much longer though as several European clubs are interested and if the rumoured bids of 14mil materialise, they would be difficult to turn down.

Arnaldo Cabral (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn64/DodgeeD/FM10%20Career/2018ArnaldoCabral.jpg) - previously used as a winger, I decided to stick Cabral upfront and it paid dividends as he banged in 15 goals from 17 starts and got 4 more in the Copa Sudamericana. The Paraguay manager took notice and also started to play Cabral as a striker resulting in 5 goals in 4 appearances for a layer who had never scored for his country before in 8 previous outings!

I'm not planning any major transfers in January apart from a couple of youth prospects I've been tracking. I may spend, however, if there is a a major sale such as Denilson.

12-05-2010, 07:26
A Return to the International Arena: Africa's Indomitable Lions



After many years in the job, Paul Le Guen left Cameroon at the end of his contract and the job offer came my way. It seemed an attractive prospect as Cameroon are currently ranked 15th in the World and are reigning African Cup of Nations Champions. However, a closer look at the squad reveals more of a challenge awaits with many of the players in the squad aged over 30 and approaching retirement.

We have one year to prepare for the next African Cup of Nations (already qualified as holders) so I have got plenty of time to bring in some youngsters and put them through their paces in friendlies. :)

Time to rack up some more airmiles!

12-05-2010, 15:54
An excelent move DogdeeD. :thup: I wish you every success with Carmeroon, and hopefully you can achieve more than you did whilst at Bolivia ;)