View Full Version : Should i feel bad

25-11-2009, 18:03
Playing 5 seasons
starting again and buying the same players young and cheep instead of forking out 30-50 mill 3 years later

25-11-2009, 20:58
Good idea I think then you can sell them at a later date for a massive profit.

25-11-2009, 21:00
Not at all mate learning from experience is not a bad thing at all using something like genie scout is though but that is why we have the good player forum- to help people so no you shouldn't

25-11-2009, 21:36
Its your game, play it your way. :p
I do the same if i signed some one good on a previous save, Ill try and sign them when they are younger on a new save. (trouble is, I always forget the names of players that i signed who were good)

Its just the same as going in the good player forum and asking to see screen shots of how players look further in the game. Don't feel bad, Just enjoy your game. :thup:

Wee Aja
25-11-2009, 22:04
Its your game, play it your way.

What he said. No you shouldn't feel bad at all - you should just smile a crafty smile and carry on playing... :D

25-11-2009, 22:24
I think it is equivilent to having a time machine :D