View Full Version : player history after loan - bug?

25-11-2009, 17:01
Hi Guys,

Just noticed that NO players that have been away on loan have any stats or that they have gone on loan to a team in their player history....

do people know about this bug??

any way of fixing it? or do we need to wait for the patch?

26-11-2009, 16:36
has anyone else noticed this? is it a known bug? any fix?

26-11-2009, 16:42
If a player has been on loan, then it shows in their history on my game :confused:

26-11-2009, 18:02

here you can see there are no history for the last season (i noticed it is now for EVERY player in the last season NOONES stats have been saved or shown......

30-11-2009, 14:31
has anyone had this or is this just me?? Its driving me mad!!