View Full Version : SOMEONE HELP!!!the saved game cannot be loaded

25-11-2009, 15:34
here goes

i bought the game and activated via steam after numerous issues with it crashing or
the screen freezing i uninstalled and activated via the disc:mad:

started a new game with man utd played a season then it crashed i lost most of the month as it was saved on a monthly basis so i took it on the chin reloaded and saved every week

in season 5 now after winnin the prem 4 times, winning the champions league the last 3 times in a row, 2 fa cups, supercups and world club cups, i have assembled a fantastic squad with brilliant youngsters coming through.....i also took the vacant england job and guided us through qualification for the 2014 world cup with a 100% record the draw for which is 1 month away

finished playin a champions league game clicked continue and screen froze:confused:..i was annoyed but thought o well i'll prob only have to play that game again and be up 2 date....so shut everything down and went to load last game only to read "the saved game cannot be loaded":eek:

it is still there but i dont kno what to do:confused:....i have spent so much time on this united game and really dont wanna start a new save can anybody HELP!!!