View Full Version : Talking To Retired Players

25-11-2009, 05:21
I would like to have the option to have some sort of contact with retired players so that you could try and talk them into making a comeback with your team. I have seen talented players retire early between 21-30 and I think it would be nice if you could try and convince them to make a comeback. Obviously players who are 40+ wont fit into this category but any player under around 35 might. Most of the time the retired players just disappear from the database but maybe they could be left on the database until they reach 35 and have a screen where you can view the recently retired players and contact them if you choose too, you never know, some players might like to play part time at a lower league club. What do you guys think?

25-11-2009, 05:43
i would like them not to dissapear too fast as well and talk with them
but not to comeback, just to be into my team staff

25-11-2009, 05:54
Yeah even to come back as a staff member.

25-11-2009, 07:03
I believe I've seen in interaction option in previous version for the player with 'ret" icon a line that said Reconsider retirement. CMIIW. Haven't check with FM10 though,but I will tonight.

25-11-2009, 20:54
Its not so much reconsider retirement but bring them out of retirement say a year or so after they have retired.

25-11-2009, 21:05
This would esspecially be cool for clubs in danger of relegation etc.

It has happened IRL in Denmark a couple of times if I recall correctly. A players favourite team, or the team he played for at the start of his career, is in real danger of relegation, and the player decides to come out of retirement to help the team for just that one season.

25-11-2009, 22:58
I basically would like to have some sort of interaction with retired players without having them disappear forever straight away, I know that retired players come back as coaches but a lot of younger retirees are lost to the game forever, we should have the opportunity to offer them a job or at least start talks with them. The point im trying to make is that you dont get enough time with recently retired players, they need to be kept in the database for atleast 2 years after they retire.