View Full Version : newbie question!!

24-11-2009, 23:42
What is PA and CA that everyone talks about???? ppl talk about 80PA, 120CA, what is that?

Brian Shanahan
24-11-2009, 23:53
CA = current ability, or the sum total of all his current stats.

PA = potential ability, the maximum ability the player can reach.

Both these values are hidden, they are scored out of 200. If you want an idea of what they mean in general look at Bojan if you can, he's marked as wonderkid, which means he is under 21 his CA is over 140 and his PA is over 170.

PA will never change, but CA will change due to age, training, game time, mentoring (if the player learns something), and injuries (a 6 month lay off can bring CA down by 20 a big chunk off a player's stats). It is rare for a young player to realise all his PA points, but with good training, mentoring the right loans and game time a 16 y.o. high PA player will get 90% of them.

If you want to see the CA/PA numbers you'll have to either access the editor (for start of game values) or download a tool like FMRTE.

P.S. if you are unlucky a player can reach his full potential in the wrong stats, e.g. a defender with striker abilities.